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me:this story is about tails and cosmo's love
tails:hi cosmo,want to go for a walk
cosmo:i'd pag-ibig to
tails and cosmo walked through the woods
tails:everyone says you like me,is it true
cosmo:you want the truth
tails:of course i do
cosmo:well,of course i do,but...
slowly,cosmo grabbed tails hands
tails:what are you doing
without saying a word,cosmo bent over halik tails
tails:i pag-ibig you,cosmo
on cosmo's doorstep
tails:good night
cosmo:good night,see you tommorrow
tails:for sure
cosmo leans over,giving him a halik goodnight
cosmo goes inside
at tails lab,the susunod morning,sonic shows up
sonic:did you have a good time last night
tails:if you only knew
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It took me a while to notice what she sinabi at the end.At the end it looks like she was thinking "what did I just tell this kid" lol
I didn't make this.
me:this is about shadow and sally
shadow:[talking to self]choosing sonic over me
while walking,shadow sees someone in the distance
he gets up closer and sees sally
sally:[talking to self and crying]oh sonic,why did you do this to me
shadow:ummmm....are you okay
sally:[feeling better]i'm fine,i'm fine
shadow:it's late,i'll give you a ride home
sally:i was going to the beach
shadow:okay,i'll take you to the beach,then
meanwhile at the beach
sally:i always feel better at the beach
sally:can i ask you a question
sally:did you really pag-ibig amy
shadow:of course i...
sally:i want the truth...
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me:this is about knuckles and rouge
rouge was walking tahanan and eggman kidnapped her
meanwhile,knuckles is in a cafe' beside where she was
at eggman's hideout
eggman tied rouge on a rope above a pool[she can't swim
he lit huge candels
eggman:cut the rope
robot:prepare to die
knuckles slamms through the door
knuckles:prepare to get your faces rearanged
two robots run toward him on the bridge to the room
knuckles slips and falls off the bridge
when he gets up one of the big candels falls and
makes a fire
rouge gets free and falls[with her wings not tied she dodged the pool
eggman and his robots locked all...
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