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ruby: ......nothing to do eilly: yeah wai-(hears someting) what was that!? ruby: i dont know lets go! (both find out what was the sound) both: holy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (seens a big bag of coins ginto and sparckles) whoo! eilly: ruby this might be a trap! ruby: trap! it doesnt look like a trap to me! (runs to it all) eilly: (talking to self) like ruby........she likes all ginto gems and other things because its in her name so never mind................... ruby: woo! this is gre-AHHH!! IT IS A TRAPP!!!!!! (FALLS IN A DUNGEN) eill: ugh like i tell her everday never go to a place with ginto gems and others and this is what i get............A FALLING SEASHELL IN A DUNGEN! UGH! (goes in dungen) what happens to eilly and ruby find out next
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My life of pain..evil..and Redemption was hard for going to tell you a story of an young blue and purple hedgehog's life...why are you asking me if its my life...well your in luck it is... let me begin with the start of my life..

I was born in the old town of Soleanna in 1895 While the era was in the Frontier age, I was born but didnt really have a family...all i knew about them was that my mum died sa pamamagitan ng forced rape and my dad left her with a black eye...where was i..O yea.

I was sent to an orphanage where i was raised sa pamamagitan ng some strangers i called mom and dad, i made mga kaibigan along the orphanage...
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pervoisly on bayani in time the epicsode the savers of silver!..................eilly and flame found krisha crying And wanting to find her bf silver......................... but then this happens........ eilly and flame also krisha: (walking and finding silver and the kampanilya then hears someone) ??? eilly: what was that guys!? flame: IDK! krisha: it sounds like....................SILVER!!! LETS HURRY!!! (all go into the forest and they find silver) silver: uhhhhhh help!!!! eilly: silver u ok? silver: eilly? flame? krisha??? eilly: yes! flame: yes! krisha: yes! eily: wait a min (seens some untied)...
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