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 Midnight Stormcloud
Midnight Stormcloud
(They had just begun their quest)
Midnight:I cant believe we did this!
Platinum:Im just glad we get to do this together!
(5 hours later)
Platinum:Im really tired.
Midnight:Me too,lets go to sleep.
(They wake up)
Platinum:Midnight,do you see that thing over there
Midnight:Yeah I do,lets see what it is.
Platinum:Hi!Im Platinum And this is Midnight
Silver:Im Silver.Nice to meet you ladies.
Midnight:Platinum come with me.NOW!
(Midnight whispers she likes Silver)
Midnight:Dont tell anyone!
Platinum:I promise.
Silver:Is something wrong?
Platinum:No!We were just talking about our quest to find the chaos Esmeralda on Chaos Mountain.
Silver:Oh.I see.I have to go,I'll see you again.Goodbye Platinum and Midnight
Midnight:Ummmm...Bye Silver.
 Platinum Silverburst
Platinum Silverburst
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Following the trend of Pagsulat those 'WHO KNOWS THE FUCK THEY'RE DOING?!" stories.

Tee hee.
Stupid brother. His face is a'bein' on mah punching bag.  The sebra hopping around my garahe like a gay little bastard just continued to do so. It licked my monggus bike. Gaywad. 
 There was a knock at dah door. My brother peeked his head in. MephilesTheDark tackled him and beat the living shit out of him. She received a cookie.... And she swallowed it in one bite.
 Afterwards, in repeatedly jumped on Raymond's head, crushing it in about 3 seconds...
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Murderer woke up at the crack of dawn. He jumped down from tree, tring not to step on Carter nor Kat. He pulled out his kutsilyo and walked into the forest and collected soem pagkain for the afternoon meal. He came back late and his two combations were still asleep. "Well they sure like their sleep." He joked to himself while giving a short, homurless laugh. Then he herad voices in the distance. One sounded like a girl the other was a little boy. He turned at the sound of the little boy's voice thinking it sounded familar. Then it hit him. "Zac..." He sinabi softly. He ran over and shook awake Carter...
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