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 maasim the hedgehog
sour the hedgehog
age:14 female

likes:shadow,silver,amy,candy bars,rouge,sonic *sometimes*tails,knuckles,cream and cheese.

dilikes:dr.eggman,robots,evil,when shadow gets mad at her,amy when she gets mad,sonic*4 reason*,when some one hurt shadow,not 2 watch TV,

theme songs:omg sa pamamagitan ng ucher and,dangerously in pag-ibig 2 sa pamamagitan ng beyonce',walking sa pamamagitan ng mary mary,angei in disguise and have u ever? sa pamamagitan ng brandy

sour is from the future.
she loves candy.
bffs shadow and lune the hedgehogs.

"I luv u guys!"~sour 2 lune and shadow
"what do u want sonic?"~sour mad at sonic
"I am maasim the hedgehog and I am awesome!"~sour going 2 super...
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