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It was a warm, bright, and sunny araw in west mobiuos. Diva the cat, the leader of a team of bounty hunters, was taking a walk down 'Love sight forest' (because thats the qickest way to town). She desided to take a break and sat down, she looked up at the sky that was atop of the green lefted trees. She sighed and looked to her left, she saw a tall green line run past her. Then when she looked over to the right the line stoped revieling it to be Scourge. 'Oh no! Not him!' She thought, then right after that thought Scourge ran over to her. "Hey sweet stuff!" He greeted, "...Hi..." Diva replied,...
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posted by silverstruelove
7 years ago
Me:hey lun did you hear about the new kid
Luna: yeah i hope he's cute or she will be our friend
Me:yeah me too
(Just then we see a white hedgehog)
Luna:cool lets go and talk to him (pulls me to him)
Me:(blushes and shakes head) umm i can i hear my mom calling me (turns around)
Luna:(grabs my arm) ohh no you dont you're coming to say hi
Both: (walks towards the hedgehog, but i stand behind luna)
Hedgehog: hi
Luna:come on magic say hi
Hedgehog: ohh is she your sister?
Luna:i wish but no she's my friend ( pulls me in front of her) here she is
Me:(looks down and blushes) hi
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posted by hot-mess13
I saw you in the garden I wanted you so much
I really thought that you were different
oh I couldn't get enough

I tried to save you from yourself
I felt every high and low
But the lows have drowned the highs away
Now there's no where else to go

Black rose your thorns are cutting into me for the last time.Black rose i saw your petals wilt away
I couldn't bring you to life!

You were always where the sun could never go
I never wanted you to have to be alone
But I couldn't find away to help you grow
Black rose

You never tell me how you feel
and your moods they always change
I really tried to make it real
but you...
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 me with Ashley and Megan
me with Ashley and Megan
An oras earlier:
Me:(sitting on the sopa at my house) i should tell(picks up cellphone and dials a familiar number
Luna:oh uy magic whats up
Me: nothing uy can you meet me at the park
Luna:sure see you in five minutos
Me:me too (hangs up and grabs sweater) uy silv im going to the park
Silver:(hugs me and kisses my cheek) just be careful
Me:i will see you later
At the park:
Luna: uy
Luna:(eyes widen) woah
Luna: your stomach
Me:(looks my bloated stomach and smiles) yep
Luna:are you pregnant
Luna:did silver do this
Me: yes
Luna:(turns dark) he'll face...
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posted by sexyluna34
it was on friday afternoon after school:

luna: come on magic.. itll be fun.

magic: {on the phone} i dont know... what would i bring?

luna: anything..if ya froget anything... i have extras...right mom?

sarabi: yes luna.

luna: is it okay if magic sleeps over?

sarabi: i dont have a reason to decline... lets just think about her parents descision.

magic: mom.. dad can i have a sleepover at lunas?

sonic: sure .

amy: as long as you come tahanan safe.

magic: r-really? thank you i pag-ibig you both!!

* magic gets back on the phone*


magic: im in..

luna:awsome... bring whatever you need.

* after magic got her...
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