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posted by silverstruelove
 Me in the robotizser
Me in the robotizser
At Eggman's base:
Me:(wakes up and sees that im in a glass container) hmmmm where im i? Where's luna and (blushes) silver
Eggman:(evil Santa laugh) you're in my base and in the robotizer
Eggman:your dad never told you about the robotizer
Eggman:it's a magnificent machine. And with a push of a button i could turn you into a robot
Me:oh. Eggman please let me go.
Eggman:no way not until your father comes and rescues you
Me:(see a familiar outline) Dad!
(Steps out of shadows)
Eggman:(laughing) that's not your father that's Metal Sonic. He's like your father but better
Me:you look a lot like...
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it was a horrid thing.....death....was this the last time to see magic?.....what about jake?.....what would god think?.........ill tell you of my death.

luna: we were fighting and i-...lets just get on with the story:

magic: *looks up and sees scourge with a sword*

magic: *screams*

luna:*hears scream and turns around and sees whats going on.....she then turns super and dashes towards them: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! SCOURGE: DIE YOU BRAT!!!!!


magic: *looks up......horrified*

luna: *grunt* turns to magic* r-run.....go n-now....

magic: l-luna!!!

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Me: luna!!!
Five hours earlier:
Me: happy 16th b-day luna
Luna:magic (hugs me) you remembered
Me: not only that i got us tickets to Twinkle Park (pulls out tickets)
Luna: OMFG I can't believe you got tickets
Me: i got these one for you and the other for me.
Luna:well lets go ill race ya
Me:(smirked) you're on
Luna:(smirked) ready set go!!!!
Both:(race off)
????????: ill soon have you magic rose and get revenge on luna
At Twinkle Park:
Luna: lets go on that roller coaster
Me: sure
Both:( rides the roller coaster 29 times)
Luna:woah up for round 30 magic
Me:(turns green and runs to nearest trash can)...
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posted by sierradawn9
"Rouge?!"I screamed.I got up and ran. She followed.
"Blade...I'm..."I ran faster so she couldn't finish her sentence.I ran to the girls bathroom. She didn't.My best friend apparently followed. Her name is Mary. She is a black and white cat that has a speech problem.
"What be wrong Blade?"she asked,clearly seeing my tears.
"I don't wanna talk about it Mar,"I said.I left the bathroom,drying my tears.I didn't wanna be late for class,so I made myself have a positive additude.I sat down in my normal seat.There was a note passed to me.I read it and it said;
I heard what happened.I feel so...
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when i turned 16 i was so happy!!!heres what happened:

luna:oh my god!!!*looks at hammer that rosy gave me*

luna:thanks!!! now i wack people! *evil look*

rosy:glad ya liked it :3

amy:heres my gift: *gets a giant box:

luna:daaang! *opens box*

*silver gets out*

silver: *sigh*..i am the amazing blah blah...can i go now?

amy:you have to see her future.

silver:sigh* fiiine!!! *sees into lunas future*

silver:0_0 HOLY SHIT!!!!!


silver: you rule all of the dimensions....and you have black clothing!!!


magic:me next! *hands me a box*

luna:thanks! *opens it*....wheres the gift?...
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posted by tailsfan8987
Kayla and Tails ran around in paghahanap for the Emeralds. “There they are!” Kayla cried, pointing. Tails flew and picked them up. Kayla picked up the Green Chaos Esmeralda and ran away. “Come on!” she called over her shoulder. Her sister, Cinyella, was sitting around, listening to her iPod. “This mine of loss that you’re making, your pag-ibig is mine for the taking. My pag-ibig is just waiting to turn your tears to roses. I will be the one that’s going to hold you. I will be the one that you’re onto. My pag-ibig is a-burning considering fire. No, you’ll never be alone. When darkness comes,...
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posted by shadowluvgirl
 maasim the hedgehog
sour the hedgehog
age:14 female

likes:shadow,silver,amy,candy bars,rouge,sonic *sometimes*tails,knuckles,cream and cheese.

dilikes:dr.eggman,robots,evil,when shadow gets mad at her,amy when she gets mad,sonic*4 reason*,when some one hurt shadow,not 2 watch TV,

theme songs:omg sa pamamagitan ng ucher and,dangerously in pag-ibig 2 sa pamamagitan ng beyonce',walking sa pamamagitan ng mary mary,angei in disguise and have u ever? sa pamamagitan ng brandy

sour is from the future.
she loves candy.
bffs shadow and lune the hedgehogs.

"I luv u guys!"~sour 2 lune and shadow
"what do u want sonic?"~sour mad at sonic
"I am maasim the hedgehog and I am awesome!"~sour going 2 super...
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posted by silverstruelove
It started with the ark
The 4th of July:
Sonic/Dad:this is great. Im spending time with my mga kaibigan and my family
Magic:hey look at that (points to the sky, and there was a redish light heading towards the Earth like planet)
Dad:oh no. Not again.
Magic:ok im ready to help
Dad:magic youre going to stay here
Magic:dad i want to go with you,shadow, and silver
Dad:magic i dont want you to get hurt
Magic:but dad
Dad:no buts. I want you to promise me
Magic:fine (crosses fingers behind her back)
On the Tornado:
Tails:ok we're almost at the ark
Dad:ok do we have the Chaos Emeralds
Tails:yes so you...
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posted by silverstruelove
Silver:funny Mags be serious
Magic:who's mags
Silver:im going to find the doctor (leaves the room)
Luna:mags can you remember anything
Magic:hmm. Oh im mags?
Magic:i remember falling from the sky and landing in the arms of that white hedgehog
Luna:do you remember anything before that
Magic:what's you're name
Luna:it's luna
Magic:luna, how did i know you
Luna:we were best mga kaibigan
Magic:for how long
Luna:since kindergarten
Luna:yeah and see this (takes out a silver broken puso necklace) you gave me this for my sixth birthday
Magic:i did?
Luna:yeah. You have one too
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posted by CaseyMiller101
 Chrismas Casey. :D
Chrismas Casey. :D
Full name: Cassandra Lynn Miller
Nickname: Casey
Age: 14
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: [obviously] Female
Guardian(s): Mr. and Mrs. Bruce (aunt and uncle)
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Miller (exploring Feegee)
Sibling(s): Grace (5, fox, sister) and Blake Miller (2, squirrel, brother)
Likes: Dancing, green, flying, having fun, cooking, coffee
Dislikes: water, swimming, Bliss the soro (her arch enemy), Bingo, old stuff
Theme Song (even though I don't really care for them): Wild Ones

Casey was born in Towns Square of Mobius on March 2nd, 1998. At age of 11, with her siblings already born, her parents were sent to Feegee...
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posted by silverstruelove
Luna:how did you get your memory back?
Magic:i dont know. I think it was the necklace.
Luna:the necklace?
Magic:yeah. I think it because it's something that symbolizes our friendship.
Luna:yeah. Maybe it is personal objects like the necklace, that jets up your memory.
Silver:(comes into the room) so the doctor sinabi that she might have amnesia.
Magic:(whispers into Luna's ear) who is he
Luna:that's silver. He's another close friend of yours. All 3 of us had been mga kaibigan since he was 10, and we were 9
Luna:yeah. You had a crush on him ever since we met him.
Magic:(blushes) really?...
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posted by CosmoLuvsTails
Kylie the Hedgehog was Amber's best friend until about a taon ago. She swore an alligence to the Evil side, and kept it a secret until two weeks later.

She works as a 'henchman' to Gwendoline (Dark Amber)
and is a double act with Satara. She hasn't told him yet, but she is secretly in pag-ibig with Shadow.

Although Kylie is a bad guy, she decided ages nakaraan that she really actually prefered being good and having fun, but she knew it was too late to do anything about it. She hates picking on her former best friend, but she's got too much peer pressure to do anything about it.

She loathes working for Gwendoline and who can blame her? She's having to work for a bossy, bad tempered 11 taon old. Satara hates it too.
posted by sexyluna34
leo: (picks up luna) now my princess you and i will be happy!! (evil look)

luna: huh wha??

leo: (teleports)

at leos:

leo: here we are my dear.... (holds luna tighter)

luna: stop!!!

leo:why should i? i know you like this! (kisses her) mmmmm

luna: mmmmph!!!! (blushing)

leo: (teleports to his room)

leo: (puts luna on the bed) are you ready my dear?

luna: ) 0_0 no,no,no,no!!! i dont want this!! (gets out cootie stick) i gonna hit ya!!!

leo: -__-, babe,dont be difficult! (grabs her chin) all i you.....nothing more....(smiles)

luna: meep! 0_0


magic: (goes into lunas house) uy lun!

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posted by silverstruelove
At The hedgehog's house:
Magic:(reading a magazine)
Shadow:(watching Magic) (thinking) why does my puso beat increase each time i see her? Is it because i pag-ibig her? I cant be this is so wrong. She's my sister.
Magic:(feeling her brother's confusion, she puts down magazine and looks at him with purple eyes) Shadow are you ok?
Shadow:(blushing) yeah, im ok
Magic:(sees Shadow's blush and puts her hand on Shadow's forehead) your head is a little warm
Shadow:um Magic
Shadow:what does it mean when your puso beats rapidly when you see someone
Magic:(smiles and giggles) it means you pag-ibig them silly...
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posted by silverstruelove
 baby magic
baby magic
Five days earlier:
Day 1:
Eggman:why I
s she crying?
Metal Amy:(sighs) thank you for giving me a female brain and other things woman need to have, do, or know (picks me up and starts to change my diaper)
Day 2:
Me:(plays with the other robots)
Bokkun:it's funny how she can be so destructive and it's hard to stay mad at her
Decone:that's very true
Becone:will you guys help me?! So which is better the purple dress or the blue?
Day 3:
Decone:(hiding his face with his hands) where's the baby? Where's baby
Decone:(uncovers his face) there she is!
The others...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
uy guys! I have an anouncment to make! I'm putting some of my recolors up for adoption! I still like recoloring, but some of my pics are kinda... gathering dust! So I will be giving them away, but you just have to tell people you adopted them from me if you down load them somewhere! Well here's the list:

Jennifer the cat
Natlie the ubas fruitrian
Karima the daisy
bituin the galixrian
bahaghari the squril
Poker the cat
Fytra the witchrian
Zero the echidna
Julia the bat
Kallie the paruparo bugrian
and Zaynon the demon

If you want any of them tell me please! And you can only have one, you can't adopt two sorry, any one who wants one, will only get one, sorry!
posted by sexyluna34
name: luna the fox

age: 16

likes: scourge, amy,sonic, shadow,silver. magic. pizza, soda,beating up people, being badass, hanging out with scourge.bean the dynamite.

hates: mephiles, eggman, fiona, when people call her names. when pervs try to hit on her. nack the weasel.

powers: hammer{ looks like rosys hammer... but its purple and pink.

clothes: brown jumpsuit.

fur/eye color/ pupil: pupils: black. eyes: red. fur: purple.

fave song: sexyback.. justin timberlake.

backstory: luna was born in moebious.... she never knew much about herself..... ... all she ever did was beat the shit out of people who got in her way.... or annoyed the hell outta her... she left moebiuos to destroy mobius.... she tagged with scourge and his destructix.... she hates fiona.... but luna is scourges boyfriend......... for madami info...... there will be none...

catchprase: come on babe..... ill leave you choking on my dust.

posted by CosmoLuvsTails
Age: 13
species: fox
Family: Miles Prower (Anti-Tails)
Likes: Teasing/beating up Amber, bossing around Kylie and Satara, horror movies.
Dislikes: Meg.A.Coola''Lucie-Lu'', Romance, history.
Mobius X Version?: Yes
Theme: 'What I've Done' sa pamamagitan ng Linkin Park

Gwendoline is pretty much a bully's nightmare, she's that bad. She is Amber's evil counterpart, and she takes it really seriously. She's violence's biggest fan, and always practices being mean on Amber. But...If she gets seriously hurt,(and she always stays conscious) she's pretty nice. But it's pretty hard to get her! She's the most flexible of my fan...
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posted by Vivi-the-Hedgie
Full Name:: Princess Victoria Elizabeth Blackheart
Nicknames:: Vicky, Princess Purple, The Purple Princess, PP, Princess Poopy (by Shadow)
Birthday:: 15th April
Homeworld:: Unknown
Age:: 14
Powers:: Shape-Shifting, Mind Control, Runs 10 times faster than Sonic
Favourite Book:: Harry Potter
Favourite Drink:: tsokolate Milkshake
Favourite Colour:: Purple
Favourite Food:: Ice Cream with Milo, tsokolate Cake
Favourite Song:: World is Mine sa pamamagitan ng Hatsune Miku
Friends:: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Chris, Chip
Rivals:: Shadow, Blaze, Jet
Enimies:: Eggman, Sally, Amy, Rouge
Crush:: Sonic the Hedgehog
Likes:: Sonic, Drawing, Running, Adventure, Watching TV, Sleeping, Racing Sonic, Shape-Shifts into Sonic and tells Amy that Shadow is going to kill himself
Dislikes:: Violence, Pizza, mga tigre
Worst Nightmare:: Having sex with Eggman :(
posted by silverstruelove
It's been 3 years since the Metarexs had attacked and almost destroyed the universe.
Let's see how everyone's life is now.
Sonic:i wonder how Tails is doing
Amy:(walks sa pamamagitan ng not looking at Sonic)
Sonic:that's weird (runs after Amy) uy Ames!
Amy:(looks at him angrily) what!?
Sonic:Ames why are you mad at me
Amy:Maybe because we had a petsa yesterday, and you never showed up
Sonic:Amy im sorry
Amy:i finally get it now. You hate me that's why you run away from and keep ditching me on our dates
Sonic:no Amy i do like you
Amy:as a friend heck im probably a little sister to you. Im finally going to do what you...
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