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Source: She can apear in dreams and has vistions of the past,presint,and future.
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 Me in the robotizser
Me in the robotizser
At Eggman's base:
Me:(wakes up and sees that im in a glass container) hmmmm where im i? Where's luna and (blushes) silver
Eggman:(evil Santa laugh) you're in my base and in the robotizer
Eggman:your dad never told you about the robotizer
Eggman:it's a magnificent machine. And with a push of a button i could turn you into a robot
Me:oh. Eggman please let me go.
Eggman:no way not until your father comes and rescues you
Me:(see a familiar outline) Dad!
(Steps out of shadows)
Eggman:(laughing) that's not your father that's Metal Sonic. He's like your father but better
Me:you look a lot like...
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it was a horrid thing.....death....was this the last time to see magic?.....what about jake?.....what would god think?.........ill tell you of my death.

luna: we were fighting and i-...lets just get on with the story:

magic: *looks up and sees scourge with a sword*

magic: *screams*

luna:*hears scream and turns around and sees whats going on.....she then turns super and dashes towards them: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! SCOURGE: DIE YOU BRAT!!!!!


magic: *looks up......horrified*

luna: *grunt* turns to magic* r-run.....go n-now....

magic: l-luna!!!

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Me: luna!!!
Five hours earlier:
Me: happy 16th b-day luna
Luna:magic (hugs me) you remembered
Me: not only that i got us tickets to Twinkle Park (pulls out tickets)
Luna: OMFG I can't believe you got tickets
Me: i got these one for you and the other for me.
Luna:well lets go ill race ya
Me:(smirked) you're on
Luna:(smirked) ready set go!!!!
Both:(race off)
????????: ill soon have you magic rose and get revenge on luna
At Twinkle Park:
Luna: lets go on that roller coaster
Me: sure
Both:( rides the roller coaster 29 times)
Luna:woah up for round 30 magic
Me:(turns green and runs to nearest trash can)...
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"Rouge?!"I screamed.I got up and ran. She followed.
"Blade...I'm..."I ran faster so she couldn't finish her sentence.I ran to the girls bathroom. She didn't.My best friend apparently followed. Her name is Mary. She is a black and white cat that has a speech problem.
"What be wrong Blade?"she asked,clearly seeing my tears.
"I don't wanna talk about it Mar,"I said.I left the bathroom,drying my tears.I didn't wanna be late for class,so I made myself have a positive additude.I sat down in my normal seat.There was a note passed to me.I read it and it said;
I heard what happened.I feel so...
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