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posted by silverstruelove
Silver:funny Mags be serious
Magic:who's mags
Silver:im going to find the doctor (leaves the room)
Luna:mags can you remember anything
Magic:hmm. Oh im mags?
Magic:i remember falling from the sky and landing in the arms of that white hedgehog
Luna:do you remember anything before that
Magic:what's you're name
Luna:it's luna
Magic:luna, how did i know you
Luna:we were best mga kaibigan
Magic:for how long
Luna:since kindergarten
Luna:yeah and see this (takes out a silver broken puso necklace) you gave me this for my sixth birthday
Magic:i did?
Luna:yeah. You have one too
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 Chrismas Casey. :D
Chrismas Casey. :D
Full name: Cassandra Lynn Miller
Nickname: Casey
Age: 14
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: [obviously] Female
Guardian(s): Mr. and Mrs. Bruce (aunt and uncle)
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Miller (exploring Feegee)
Sibling(s): Grace (5, fox, sister) and Blake Miller (2, squirrel, brother)
Likes: Dancing, green, flying, having fun, cooking, coffee
Dislikes: water, swimming, Bliss the soro (her arch enemy), Bingo, old stuff
Theme Song (even though I don't really care for them): Wild Ones

Casey was born in Towns Square of Mobius on March 2nd, 1998. At age of 11, with her siblings already born, her parents were sent to Feegee...
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