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Written sa pamamagitan ng Kat (

Jonathan watched as T'Pol hovered inside the door to the Captain's mess. He was unable to stop the sigh that echoed through the room. She was uneasy and uncertain and it was all his fault because he had needed to halik her. He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she straightened her shoulders and came in, sitting quietly in her normal spot. He waited until she was served before saying anything. "I'm sorry I stepped over the line last night T'Pol. I would never deliberately do anything to make you uncomfortable...
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Written for the drabblefest at where_no_woman@LJ for the prompt “I swear, when it’s appropriate”.

At about midnight on a warm summer's evening, Amanda Grayson was facing a remarkable dilemma, one that had occupied her attention for most of the past seventy-two hours.

It wasn't the fat pile of student essays on her desk, detailing the finer points of Vulcan dialects—though they were certainly cause for concern—but Ambassador Sarek, and his…proposal; which concerned marriage, immigration, and general partaking in intergalactic biological,...
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