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Daphne was cooking hapunan and Cas was putting the table. He was doing it with so much caution it made Daphne giggle. He looked at her and frowned. “What? Am I doing it wrong?” he asked concerned.
“No, honey, but it’s called putting the table. You don’t have to put so much effort to it”
The door opened and Zoey walked down. She raised her hand. “Wait…Just hear me out” she said. “I’m sorry. I totally overreacted. I didn’t mean to be such a bitch. It’s just that I’m worried. I’m trying to look out for my little sister”
Daphne smirked. “And I pag-ibig you so much for it” she said.
“And you know, maybe I’m just a little jealous” Zoey admitted. “I’d like to keep you to myself, but since that would be a little dysfunctional, maybe I should give Emmanuel a chance”
Daphne blinked; she was getting emotional. She embraced her big sister. “I’m so happy to hear that, Z. Thank you so much for supporting us” she sobbed.
Zoey looked aside at Cas and waved. “Come on, Em, sumali in. Group hug”
Cas understood he had to get up and do what the women were doing. The group hug only lasted for two seconds. After Cas had joined them, Zoey didn’t know how fast to let go.
“Heeeyyy” she sinabi with a grin. “Why don’t I grab my camera and shoot some photo’s of the two of you. Then you can post them on facebook”
Daphne looked at Cas. “You’re okay with that?” she asked.
Cas frowned. “Is this book of great importance to you?” he asked serious.
For an instant Zoey forgot about her scheme. What the hell??? Okay, sure, not everyone knew how to work with it, but sure everyone had heard of Facebook and kind of knew what it was, right?
“It means the world to her” Zoey replied. She grabbed her camera, which she apparently had put somewhere nearby. She must’ve been confident.
“Okay, smile at the camera” she said.
Daphne conjured a big smile, Cas looked rather insecure. Zoey let out a deep sigh, but didn’t say anything and pushed the button.
Jensen Ackles? An AMAZING actor!!
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