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posted by HorrorFan101
Sam nodded in agreement and joined up with his brother in the middle of the road to go towards the other roadside. Dean split from Sam slightly as he went to the Impala again to retrieve his phone.
Sam gave him a questioning look.
“Okay,” Dean confessed, “one: I’m expecting a call from a hot chick from the vampire hunt last week; you know, Stacey? And two, phone cameras can sometimes detect spirit activity because of the frequency, right? We might be able to see something through it.”
Sam scoffed and shook his head at Dean.
“Nice save.”
Dean grinned as his brother...
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Cas rubbed his eyes and looked at his friends. “I understand you’re a little overwhelmed” he started. “But I would really like to sleep now”
“Yeah, okay, we can talk tomorrow” Meg sinabi with a warning look at Dean.
Cas walked to the single kama and started to undress. Then he realized the amount of eyes staring at him. “Are you all going to watch me sleep?”
“No, of course not” Sam sinabi quickly. He put a hand on Claire’s shoulder. “We’ll take this young lady back home. Come on” he sinabi Claire, but Claire pushed his hand away. She walked towards Cas.
“You killed my...
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posted by BURITOES
I remember the smell as I walked into the sick room, we call it that, but it’s madami correctly a war casualties room, it pagtunaw like cauterized flesh, and feces, no matter how hard we scrubbed it, it still withheld the scent, poor Judy had stay in there, she was the one that had to tend the wounded, but she did it brilliantly, she was the type of women that would make you glad that you were hurt, just so you could lie there and stare at her the whole time, she had waist length honey colored hair, that she pulled up into a bun, her waist was slim, and the rest of her was equally petit, she is...
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ok everybody heres the just,first we had to wait for our litrato ops which we were last in line,by the time it became my turn I had a splitting headache because they were playing bidyo which dont get me wrong I lov but the audio was extremly loud ,so anyway when I saw jared I forgot about that lord hes so handsome,so when I went to have my pic done I walked up to jared & introduced myself he did same we had the pic ,but when I went to walk away the photographer called me back he wispers somthing in my ear and motions for me to take a segundo shot ,when I walk back up to jared he leans down...
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Female Demon: Then no deal.
Dean: Fine.
Female Demon: Fine. Make sure you bury Sam before he starts stinking up the joint
Yellow-Eyed Demon: If you're gonna open that crypt for me, you're gonna need a key.
Jake: A gun?
Yellow-Eyed Demon: Oh, this isn't just any gun, Jake. This is the only gun in the whole universe that can shoot me dead.
Jake: Is that so?
Yellow-Eyed Demon: Yep. Here, take it. Oh my. I'm shocked at this unforeseen turn of events.
Sam:I kinda can't believe it, Dean. I mean our whole lives, everything has been prepping for this and now I... I kinda don't know what to say.
Dean: I do.That...
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posted by HorrorFan101
Let’s face it, Sam hasn’t exactly had the normal, pleasant life that he was at first hoping for when we met him in the Pilot episode. In fact, poor Sam has had quite the opposite of a peaceful and normal life these past six years. We’ve laughed with him, cried for him and wanted to manuntok him various times through the seasons...but it occurred to me that he has gone through much madami than your average Joe would. Muuuch more. And most of them are actually almost or completely unique to him...
1.    Getting addicted to demon blood: Okay, this wasn’t the smartest thing...
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 ..the underground cult won' be leaving the road so far.
..the underground cult won' be leaving the road so far.
Hello SPN mga manliligaw and welcome to the new, great and wonderful get to know better the fans fun time. The first winner is our one and only Kiaya, who has been adding countless stuff about the ipakita so the rest of us can enjoy the world of Supernatural more. Congrats on the winning and keep adding!

And now, on with the questions!

1. Is Supernatural an underrated show? And why you are part of the underground cult that follows it? :D

Yes, I think it is considered a underrated show. Because it’s a great ipakita and always leaving you wanting madami :]

2. If Supernatural was to receive an Oscar, which category...
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After season 8's finale left us with not one but several jaw-dropping cliffhangers and with the long summer hiatus almost coming to an end, Supernatural is less than a buwan away from its season 9 premiere. Based on everything that we have read and seen, let us take a look at what we can expect from the new season!

6. Exploring Men of Letters – Last season introduced the Winchesters and the audience to the Men of Letters which was an elite group of scholars who studied the supernatural, gathered arcane knowledge and stored all their information in a secret, hidden underground bunker which...
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posted by shomill
 Season 5 pamagat Card
Season 5 Title Card
Supernatural is a TV horror series about two brothers who travel around the country, killing vampires, ghosts, demons, and every other nightmare creature that’s ever been mentioned in any myth, legend, book, or movie. So far, the series has lasted five seasons and is preparing for a sixth. Throughout the first five seasons, the brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, played sa pamamagitan ng Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, embarked on an adventure of endless surprises. At first, it seemed simple- kill the demon that killed their mother and instilled in the family an urge t hunt the evil things of the night....
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Hey, Supernatural fans! You've been waiting...are you ready for it? There's pie for everyone, pull up a chair and let's have a chat with Dean-girlx!!

1. Hmmm...your name is Dean-girlx...that should be telling me something...:D Tell us what sparks your passionate pag-ibig for Dean!

He won’t hesitate to kick some major asno and raise a little hell but he also has a soft, vulnerable and insecure side. He just wants his family to need him like he needs them, he would truly do or give anything for Sam & although most of the time he tries to hide it he has an incredible heart. ♥

2. Has...
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posted by Lucia322
Dean:Dude, you fugly.
Dean: I hope your mansanas pie is freakin' worth it!
Dean: You're a selfish bastard, you know that? You just do whatever you want. Don't care what anybody thinks.
Sam: That's what you really think?
Dean: Yes, it is.
Sam: Well, then this selfish bastard is going to California.
Dean: Actually, I'm on my way to the local community college. I got an appointment with a know, since I don't have my trusty sidekick geek boy to do all the research!
Dean: Sam, you were right, you gotta do your own thing, you gotta live your own life.
Sam: Are you serious?
Dean: You've always...
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Season Seven being filled sa pamamagitan ng a unique storyline of a new being, challeges and well-rehearsed amount of action, fantasy, romance as well as numerous old and new faces. However, being tailed sa pamamagitan ng tragedy and triumph makes this season ipakita its true mga kulay ever so more, being closely dissolved into a very good season.
With this, it brings out even madami than we'd expect, including new facts, ideas and know-how of its characters. And because of this, I've made a listahan of these items that we've seem to have never learned that I'm about to teach you:

 Sam and Dean arguing about licorice in 'Death's Door'
Sam and Dean arguing about...
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posted by tinkymel
Original Incidents:
Several people go missing in 1936. In 1982 eight people vanish and the authorities blame it on madala attacks. Most recently two hikers went missing this past April and were never seen again. There is only one known survivor of these attacks, Mr. Shaw.

In 1959, a local boy survives a suspected grizzly attack in the Blackwater Ridge woods, in the Nawawala Creek area. The attack claimed the lives of both of his parents. The Shaw family had been camping
in a cabin in the Blackwater Ridge area when the strange attack occurred. The small boy had been sleeping sa pamamagitan ng the apoy place when...
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Evan waved with the DVD.
“This is where it’s all about. Without this DVD Mr. Castiel wouldn’t be sitting here and no one would make him take responsibility for his actions. Your honor, if you allow me I would like to ipakita this DVD to you and the jury”
Daphne’s laptop was standing on a table.
“Objection!” Craig shouted for the segundo time. ‘Daphne Allen is a woman suffering from a mental illness. Inspector Roberts took advantage of Daphne’s ignorance and though she didn’t have a paghahanap warrant she still searched the house, which means the DVD doesn’t count”
The request to...
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So Did it ever crossed your mind while watching a supernatural episode " i would totally do different if i were you" or you think since we all know so much about SPN now . we can totally survive what ever supernatural that comes with the guys ofcourse .
i mad a little listahan about how to survive in supernatural and i would pag-ibig if you have any adds.
( got your chips ? ok lets start)
1- we all know this one but must be added:
Always keep holy water, silver , salt in the house
specially for the low sodium freaks!.
2-If two unreasonably handsome men ipakita up at your door claiming to be FBI (or any other...
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What really makes a Supernatural Fan, a Supernatural fan? Is it our taste in mythology? Is it our strange "profound bound" with other fans? Or is it the fact that there are brothers to be watch 24/7? Well some may agree upon with at least one of those tanong but some may agree upon all of them and that my mga kaibigan is what decides what really is a Supernatural Fan. But, does it decide on our flaws as well?
The truth is, not really. However, those who believe in leaving the ipakita due to its "lack of brother storyline","apocalyptic nakakita sa pamamagitan ng adding angels" or "it died along time ago" are all jerks...
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Sam: That kutsilyo you had... you can kill demons with that thing?
Ruby: Sure comes in handy when you have to swoop in and save the damsel in distress.
Sam: Where you get it?
Ruby: Skymail.
Dean:Is that Humphrey? The one that needs to lay off the burgers?
Ben: You know who else thinks they're awesome? Chicks! It's like hot-chick city out there!
Dean: What? Someone had to teach him to kick a bully in the nads
Sam: How many dying wishes are you going to get?
Dean: As many as I can squeeze out.
Sam: Why are you following me?
Ruby: I'm interested in you.
Sam: Why?
Ruby: Because you're tall. I pag-ibig a tall man!...
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posted by Lucia322
Dean: And the lunar cycles?
Sam: Uh-huh. buwan after buwan all the murders occur in the weeks leading up to the full moon.
Dean: Which is this week, right?
Sam: Hence the lawyer.
Dean: Awesome.
Sam: Dean, could you be a bigger geek about this?
Dean: I'm sorry man, but what about a human sa pamamagitan ng day, a freak animal killing machine sa pamamagitan ng night don't you understand? I mean, mga asong lobo are badass. We haven't seen one since we were kids.
Sam: Okay, Sparky. And you know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland!
Madison: You get a few scotches in him and he starts hitting on anyone in a five mile radius. You...
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posted by debie24
this is for all the spn fun araw players if you arent a player what are you waiting for?jump in !the fun araw is septmber 10th everyone is welcome to play,we want you to sumali us!if you need any kind of information there are post all over this page in the forums and on the dean girl & sam girls spot as well as the sam girls spot and many others !we will have games ,contest,and discussions lots of other stuff as well so come sumali in the fun!we,will post our bidyo have comments time,then chat play games ,contest.......make sure you check out all post if your a player so you dont miss any info....
This is an exclusive interview with our fellow tagahanga Donna (aka DeanandSam).I've got a scoop that may startle some of you guys!So, let's get started for an awesome ride on a ''Highway to Hell''!

Introduce yourself.

Hi my name is Donna and Im 26 years old and a BIG tagahanga of the show! :)

When and why did you start watching Supernatural?

I started watching SPN after I had a walang tiyak na layunin dream about Dean sitting naked on my sopa with just a cushion covering his modesty. That was back in March this taon and at the time it was was halfway through Season 4 on TV so I finished watching that while catching...
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