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The Tama-Go is the latest Tamagotchi that was ever made, It combines elements of V6 and TMGC+C. It has been released in August 2010 in the US.
The Tama-Go disensyo contains a shell similar to the Tamagotchi iD. The bottom of the toy is flat, and a tuktok portion of the shell can be removed to insert one of the Gotchi Figures. The screen is covered with a plastic casing, which is easily removed. The decal around the screen can also be removed and replaced with other designs.TrainingEdit
Catching the Tamagotchi about to use the bathroom and activating the toilet icon will help to raise...
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tamagotchi series
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It's time for.. Tamago,tamago,tamagotchi, it's a word that means were friends. Tamago, tamago, tamagotchi.Tightly totally very muchi.Tamago,tamago,tamagotchi, everyday's a lucky day.tamago,tamago,tamagotchi, tamago tamago tamagotchi. Here we go! Come with us! Tamagotchi! (Yeah) (Buildings dance for 16 seconds) Everyday we play alot, Tama mga kaibigan are all around, there so many funny things were sharing here. Everyday we sing aloud, as the world goes round and round. Like a flying circus bring joy and happiness... and everyday we see our dreams..like letters written in our hearts, even when were feeling down, it's a perfect time to know that we are not alone... It's time for Tamago,tamago,tamagotchi it's a word that means were friends, Tamago,tamago,tamagotchi. Tightly totally very muchi.Tamago,tamago,tamagotchi,everyday's a lucky day.Tamago,tamago,tamagotchi, tamago, tamago, tamagotchi. Here we go! Come with us! Tamagotchi! TAMAGOTCHI!!
I've decided to spread my tribute works of Tamagotchi. This one is part of them.
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Read the paglalarawan in YouTube.