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We start our fanfiction with a pan through a desert, where bizzare rock formations, tumbleweeds, and cacti can be seen. After we get to see some of the beautiful, yet hot scenery, two blurs, coloured brown and blue respectively, zipped down the road leaving cacti to pull up.

The blue blur froze in mid-run, revealing itself to be a tall, ostrich-like bird. It had a light-blue body, neck, tail feathers, a purple head, head plumage, wings, and a yellow beak and legs. Below the bird, his Latin name, "Road Runner - Zippicus Birdius", appeared in a Western-style font. The assumed-to-be-frozen creature...
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Orange: I am annoying in my heart,
Hey, knife, you look so sharp,
And you would like to chop me, easy,
But mister, uy that you know what, you're dull just like a butt [laughs],
Knife guy, you can't chop me, juice me.

Pear: If I didn't have you, there would be nothing left,
The skin of a peras who could never be his best,
Despite your annoyingness, I'm still your best friend,
Orange, please, now don't be dead, yeah.

Little Apple: All my life, you're a great prize,
Called me a midget, you made me get angry,
And you made fun of my size,
But despite that, nobody can chop you down.

Marshmallow: All my life,...
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