The Doors Did you like the movie "The Doors"?

Pick one:
Yeah! Val Kilmer actually looks like him too!
No. It was lame.
Absolutely...its my porn...lmao
Added by lizardqueen
Yes and no
Yes and no
Added by frogprince
i didn&# 39; t see it :(
i didn't see it :(
Added by lilykaz
Unfortunately Jim Morrison wasn't in it
Added by HWY
Totally exaggerated, inaccurate; follow Ray...
Totally exaggerated, inaccurate; follow sinag Manzarek's advice: see "When You're S
Added by stefalex23
it was a total load of c** p ! although val kilmer...
it was a total load of c**p ! although val kilmer was good to look at
Added by ruthw14
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 GabrielleMN posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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