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Title: Books and Half-Bloods
Rating: C (the characters snap at each other and have goes, but not much)
Type: Adventure, hopefully humour, a bit of romance…
Characters: Piper McLean, Jason and Thalia Grace, Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Connor and Travis Stoll, Chiron, Grover Underwood, Tyson and Clovis
Synopsis: What happens when the PJO characters get only a brief synopsis of the Son of Neptune and during the scramble for more, find out how much they can actually find a bizzare way of keeping connected?
Disclaimer: If I was RR these guys would be pagbaba the whole thing, not chapter 1.
A/N: To...
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Who are the seven? I mean THE seven (no, not the seven dwarfs) that the whole series is gonna be about? Well, this is gonna be a tiny little artikulo about who I figure it will be. :-)

As far as I'm concerned, Rick Riordan has all ready ibingiay us 6/7:

1. Percy (Well, this one is PRETTY much a ibingiay :/ )
2. Piper
3. Leo

^ The 3 Greeks

4. Jason
5. Roman #2
6. Roman #3

^The 3 Romans.

Now, the tanong is: who is #7? Annabeth (or Nico?) COULD be it- OR another roman camper, for that matter. Every time I write out a listahan though, my brain screams, "MUST BE EVEN NUMBER OF GREEKS AND ROMANS!!! STUPID ODD NUMBER!!!"...
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The bayani of Olympus the house of hades


As long as we're together…

They were still together, but for how long, Percy didn't know.

Percy's free hand grappled at the air, while his other hand clung to Annabeth's sweaty, pale hand, as the world around him got darker and darker, and the light above them, marking his friend's silhouettes got smaller until it was only a tiny pin point, and then it was gone.

A feeling of freefall was not a new to him. But the feeling of freefalling into Tartarus, the endless cesspool of evil, was entirely new. Percy wasn't one of those daredevils that went sky...
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video starring Logan Lerman and Dean Collins that reminded me of Jason and Percy XDD
percy jackson
bayani of olympus
jason grace
logan lerman
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