The bayani Of Olympus: Make Your Hero Make your own demigod!!

penguin098 posted on Jun 18, 2011 at 07:02PM
Because we NEED one here...

Please fill out the following!
Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion)
How long have you been at Camp Half Blood/CCS?
Home town
Year-Rounder? (Yes/No)
Short (or long) story
Picture (optional)

Please take note that this is where you make a demigod, if you wish to post a fanfic, here is not the place, make your own forum or post an article. Happy Creating!

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas greekmyths18 said…
Name: Victoria (Tori) Ladron
Age: 16
Godly parent: Hermes
How long have you been at camp half blood: 9 years ( she was eight when she got there)
Hometown: Washington DC
Year-Rounder: yes
Personality: Tori is fun-loving and mischievous, but she is also nice, loyal, and brave. She is like Travis Stoll, because she likes to prank people and she loves to pickpocket people.
Description: Tori has elfish features, sandy blond hair, blue eyes that have a mischievous glint in them, she is tall, and she is slim.
Boyfriend: Andrew Sol, son of Apollo
Story: When Tori was growing up in DC she was always getting into trouble, but her mom never got mad at her. When she was eight there was a new kid who had like a walking problem. He would always hang around her either though nobody would 'cause they didn't want her to take anything from them, she knew the kid was different but it didn't bother her so she asked him what his name was he said Nick, so in the middle of the year a monster attack and Nick saved her. He took her to her house and then he took her to Camp Half Blood and she met Travis and Connor Stoll, when she was unclaimed. The next day she was at sword fighting when the symbol of Hermes was floating above her head. She always would hang out with the Stolls and help them with their pranks. When she was 10 there was a new boy named Andrew, and she had to show him around camp and he happened to also be 10. He was later claimed by Apollo and they would hang out. Her and Andrew started dating when they were 14.
Rutgers38 commented…
Awesome character. good job:) sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas sparkles3 said…
Name: Kiki Makia
Age: 15
Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion): Nyx, Goddess of Night
How long have you been at Camp Half Blood/CCS? 5 years
Home town used to live in Chicago, now CHB
Year-Rounder? (Yes/No)yes
Personality: nocturnalish, walking guide to things that go bump in the night, shy
Description: pale face, onyx eyes, red lips, long curly black hair, crescent moon tattoo on her forehead like her mom, tall, thin
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: no boys talk to her cause she creeps them out
Short (or long) story: she was at her school and a new kid came to her class. her fifth grade teacher turned into some kind on freaky demon thing, and the new kid threw her a spear of some sort. she stabbed her teacher in the eye and it turned into dust. the kid took Kiki to CHB, and she was claimed right away.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas VKlover99 said…
Name: Ophelia Roberts
Age: 14
Godly parent: Hades, God of the Underworld
How long have you been at Camp Half Blood? 3 years
Home town: Born in England, now lives in California
Year-Rounder? Yes
Personality: Ophelia is shy .She is clever but quite lazy.She has the tendancy to get really angry with people when they disagree with her opinions.
Description: Ophelia has pale skin, she has hazel coloured eyes and hardly ever smiles, She has straight, dark black hair with a full fringe.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Because of the fact she has not that many friends boys dont class her as "popular" so not so many boys talked to her.
Short (or long) story: When Ophelia was born her mother died of chlidbirth and according to the rule any demi-gods god parent has to leave as soon as the baby is 11 months, straight away she was put into care.She grew up with no friends and was bullied all the way up to secondary school until she met Chris, a boy who was bullied all the way until secondary school too then he had a friend. One day Ophelia's class went to swimming lessons, a giant sea monster emerged from the water, one of the teachers who was a dear friend to her mother gave her a hair slide there was a button on the slide so she clicked it and then it suddenly it transformed into a bow and arrow. It took a while but Ophelia slayed the sea monster, it was soon annouced to her that she was daughter of Hades and went to CHB.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Clancy1312 said…
Name: Gabriel Walker (Hates to be called gabe)

Age: 16

Godly Parent: Hades

How Long At Camp Half Blood: 5 Years

Home Town: Pitsburgh

Year-Rounder: Yes

Personality: Gabriel is a very quiet person and stands up for his friends. Likes to come out at night alot. Hes very confident when going into battle but his confidence often overcomes him causing him to lose the battle. Hes kind to his friends but very aggresive on his enemies.

Description: Gabriel has short, messy, black hair and green eyes. He often has a straight face but likes to smile when a smile is needed.

Girlfriend: A girl named Emily from Hermes cabin (Also made her up) She is the only one who realizes how kind he is.

Story: Gabriel lives with his mom and is very poor. His mother is often grumpy but when she's not in a mood she's very kind. Gabriel keeps finding treasures like diamond and gold and is acused of stealing them. The treasures often give other people bad luck if they are found. His only friend at school is a curly haired kid with some kind of leg problem named Casey. One day at school Gabriel was attacked by a man with one eye. Casey saved him and taked him to Camp Half-Blood. He stayed in the Hermes cabin for a week where he met Emily. One day he was at the amphitheater and out of nowhere he was claimed by Hades. (P.S. If you didn't get the treasure part Hades is the god of the underworld and the earths treasures eg. Diamonds. The same thing happened to Hazel.)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas BlakeBeldane said…
Name: Blake Beldane
Nickname: Blakey
Age: 15
Godly parent: Athena
How long have you been at Camp Half Blood/CCS?: 5 years
Home town: Kentucky
Year-Rounder?: Yes
Personality: Blake is very easy to temper, she can be shy the first few times when meeting someone new, although when on a quest and she needs answers, she's disrespectful to anyone, even the Gods and Goddesses.
Description: Blake stands at 5ft3, rather short for someone her age. She has black shoulder length hair straight with a side fridge hiding her left eye. Her eyes are grey just like her mother's, and has a creamy skin tone. She is often seen in black, grey and silver, she even rip up the bright orange shirt the camp gave her and made her own black one. She has a straight face and doesn't really understand the need of emotions.
Relationship?: Blake doesn't have any love life. She feels there is no need for this useless emotion (Aphrodite doesn't think she's telling the truth and tries to get her in love.)
Story: She was abused verbally and physically by her father who died when she reached 4 years old, within the year she was 3 he married a woman who Blake thinks looks like a pig. This woman carried out what her biological father started. She ran away having taken too much emotional and physical pain and so she decided to lock away her emotions at 10 years of age, as she ran away she came across camp, they felt she was a half blood and took her in with open arms. She has spent five years training and learning with Annabeth two or three years older than her, she views her as an older sister, even if they were half siblings, she didn't like to show people that she was capable. With in the year when she was 12, her emotions started to come back, causing her to become confused and fusrated. In result to this when in battle and she feels the need to burn her prey she attacks with blind rage.
Other details: Artemis has requested she join her hunters many times, but denied the requests each time, much to the maiden Goddess's annoyance. She sees her Godly parent often in her dreams, mostly to be lectured to about attacking in blind rage when fighting monsters, and ignoring her older sister's lectures. Annabeth normally scolds her when she skips weapon classes and other classes, and when she's disrespectful. Her favorite line to say when someone demands respect is 'Respect is earn't, not given. So shut up.'
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas forger56 said…
godly parent:hephaestus
how long have you been at camp halfblood:7 years
year rounder:yes
personality:he is hepful but gets angry when people act like they cant listen.
description:dark chocalate skin, muscular from working in the forge all day, 5ft7 and black hair.
relationship:doesnt have time for love life.
story:came from a broken home.his mother died because of monsters so with no other relatives he makes his lifee out of killing day a satyr finds him and helps him to camp his father claimed him as sone as he walked in the big houseso now he forges weapons for demigods.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas EpicMoos said…
Name: Ethan
Godly Parent:Poseidon
How long have you been at camp?: 3 years
Home town: Rochester MN
Year rounder?: No
Personality: Nice,daring,athletic,and helpful
Description:Black hair,long,light skinned,muscular.
Story: Came from Minneapolis. Had to move to Rochester. Lived in a apartment with my mom,and my step dad. Bob,he works at...You dont wanna know. Was attacked by a Fury. Didnt know what was going on. It was at a History museum i had to find a wrecked sword to kill it. But it didnt die it turned to dust. Now hes at camp and was claimed.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lucasHills said…
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lucasHills said…
Parent: (has mortal parents)Blessed by Hades , Athena , Poseidon .
Curly brown hair Brown eyes (when mad turn Gold/orange color)
Weapon: Stygian iron Kopis (type of Greek sword), a trident , and throwing knives.

Pet:A red tail boa (birthday present)
Personalty: Funny , easygoing , very strong willed, stands up for what I believe in , nothing harms my friends or family without going through me.

I woke up one morning to find somebody standing outside my house so I called for my parents but my voice was muffled . I walked out and the stony figure spoke like 5 people talking at once then a mans voice spoke in my head encouraging me ( Poseidon ). Then a iron sword appeared in my hand ( from Hades ). The figure came rushing toward me and I slashed but the monster tackled me and I pulled up with all my might and threw him . He got up and charged again and a belt with throwing Knives appeared around my shoulder. I grabbed Two with each hand and threw them One hit him in the shoulder the other in his bicep and he crumbled into dust. Then a centaur appeared and took me to camp half blood.He got his own personal tree house .p.s I was bitten by lycanoas
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas izzysunshine159 said…
Hazel Sourfield.
blessed by:all the gods&goddesses
Weapon:dagger close to the one annabeth owns
pet:a cat named Binx
Personality: complete tom-boy ; daredevil; a strong fighter; & a good heart.

I went to school one day when I was about 6 only to find my best friend Annabeth wanting to run away. I said I'd go with her. We made our way to a hotel across town. When we were there the hotel worker said we were not old enough to get a room. I got realty mad and the ceiling burst into flames. Me & Annabeth were so scared we hugged each other to stay safe.The hotel worker turned into a minotour. Annabeth screamed" do what you did with the ceiling!". I replied " I don't know what I did with the ceiling!" I decided this happened when I got mad so I thought of something that mad me mad. BOOM! The minotour exploded! Through the flames two people apeared.
"My name's Thalia & this is Luke you guys are special".

They explianed everything and escorted us to a place called Camp Half-Blood.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rain12345 said…
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Demigodspwn12 said…
Godly Parent:Artemis and Hades(blessed by him he calls me his daughter cuz Im kinda close to it)
Years at CHB:5
Personality: Kinda popular selfless always loves to be alone(except a few) brave brainy and one of the best fighters( I can use any wepon)Also weird like Luna Lovegood
Description:Silvery blonde hair silver eyes thin always has a bow that turns into a hair tie and I can't lose it but always seen in black
Boyfriend:Matt Jones
Story: I was traveling with my dad all the time. Being home schooled. We were in Philidelphia when some flying lion attacks me and my dad so I finally shoo them all off. So I checked on him, and he wasn't hurt. But I could see that I was a hot mess. He said something about a griffin... and a camp.... and me in danger. So I took him to a hotel. A couple days later he died. And before that he told me to pray to my mother... then said something about a goddess... and hunting. Then I did what he said and prayed to my mom. Then a couple minutes later I went down to the lobby thinking I was delusional and found a little girl with aburn hair who looked about 12 with a bunch of other girls around that age. She said "Hello my dear".I said "And who are you?!?!". "Why I am your mother, Kim", Well, she explained that I was a demigod. I was her daughter and the grand-daughter of Hades. Then things got even weirder. My 'mom' asked me to join her 'hunt'. Then she explained what that was, which is me hunting monsters with a bunch of 12 year old girls. I said 'No thanks'. Then she said I had another option: to go to Camp Half-Blood. My mom said that if I don't join the hunt she would like me to at least go to the camp. So I said alright. she said she would transport me to CHB.

P.s. Visiting mom and she lets me go to libraries that's how I got on here
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Artemis117 said…
Name: Jess
Age: 13
Godly Parent: Zeus (blessed by Artemis)
Weapons: magic bow and never-ending quiver of silver-tipped arrows, and a Celestial bronze dagger like annabeth's
Years at CHB: 3
Hometown: Detroit
Year-Rounder: Yes
Personality: nice, funny, confident, very smart,nimble and, will take revenge
Description: Has electric blue eyes, wavy, silvery, blond hair, is thin and a little short, and strong with weapons.
BF/GF: none
Story:I lived with my mom who was a movie star. Then one night we were attacked by a monster and my mother was killed. I escaped and headed to New York, because my mom told me about a camp there that would take care of me. Halfway there the Hunters of Artemis found me and discovered I was a demigod and explained the whole 'Camp Half-Blood' thing. She even asked me to join her hunt, but i said no. Then she said she would take me to Camp Half-Blood. Along the way I became very skilled with a magic bow and arrows that turned into a bracelet. When we got to camp Artemis blessed me so that I never miss when I shoot an arrow. At camp I learned to use a dagger and sword.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas squirrelpaw23 said…
big smile
name:amber hardwing
godly parent:posidon, blessing from appolo
wepon:sword named tidal my father gave to me turns into hairpin also will use bow and
arrow appolo had given to me
years at camp:7
hometown:las vagas
persinality:nice short temper fun-loveing loyal
description:sea-green eyes wavy brown hair with natural highlihgt that comes out in
sun tall and fast loves to swim cant surf
story:ran away from home when i was 3 and managed to atrackt monsters,just
before they could finnish me off arrows sprung from their necks and they
disindigrated.walking up was appolo and he took me under his wing. after two
years of training with him he sent me to camp, a five year old wearing full body
armor and weilding a bow and a endless supply of arrows.then after two more
years i was about to give up hope that my father loved me he sent me a hairpin
and on it a note said"i love you amber this turns into a sword when you touch the
right side of it good luck"that renewd my faith and iv been here ever since
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Atherax1212 said…
Name - Jake Wolf (The Purple shock)

Age - 19

Godly parent - Zues

Weapon - Polearm (Kind of like a spear, but with large blades on both sides) that has lightning
swarming aroundit, that also shoots lightning, i like lightning by the way, :p. I found it frozen in an iceberg, in antartica. I was also given a bow by artemis, that shot firery arows.

Years at camp - 5

Year rounder - No, i only go to camp in september, october, and november. The rest of the time, i am off doing quests.

Personaltiy - Nice, impatient, loveing, loyal, funny , but has big anger issues.

Discription - eyes : Metallic blue, dark brown mid length hair, very strong, and have a scar on the left side of my chest.

Story - Parents left me when i was 1 year old, I was found by a mortal who took me into a foster home. A mysterious man,came into my room at night, and stabbed me with a dagger, in the left side of my chest where my hart should have been, thats how i got the scar on my chest, and found out my heart was on my right side. I found out i could bend lighning in my hand, when i was 11 years old, when i was playing with my foster friends at the local park in new york. I was playing tag with myfriends, as i touched one of them, lightning surrounded my hand, and zapped him, knocking him out, and putting him in the hospital for 2 days. When i was 12, I was saved by a man you all know, named perceus, when there was an attack on my foster home,by the hydra. He took me to camp half blood, and told me, the gods were real, i was a demigod, etc. I was trained by Perceus and Artemis, they tought me how to fight, and survive. I was given the task to defeat a monster called dreanor, he was large, the size of the hydra, and had bloody red eyes, and was all green. I defeated him with my bare hands, when i was just 14 years old. The gods were very impressed, then they wanted to meet me, i then found outmy father was Zues, I was very happy, butfor some reason, he wasnt, he never even said hi to me, he never did, from then on, i startd to resent him, more an more.

I met my best friend when i was 15, Shaun Brown, the son of poseiden, when i was assigned a mission with him. But then when we were on a mission, just 4 months ago, i greifed very much for him, and took revenge on the man who killed him,Hades....

I am known as the most powerful demigod ever born,and more powerfull then lots of gods, and that is how I killed hades, It was a near death situation for me, but i JUST managed to live, I was then later granted the opportunity to become a god, I became who you know know as Aethrix, the god of lighning....

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas JohnnyDeppLuvr said…
Name Anahid Mirhosseini
Age 13
Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion) Posiedon
How long have you been at Camp Half Blood/CCS? Just started
Home town Long Beach
Year-Rounder? (Yes/No) No Only Summer and winter Breaks
Personality Kind, Brave, shy, Heroic, Loveing, funny, and willing
Description Hair- Brown Layered to breast, Eyes- Brown changes color from Dark brown to light brown Extra- 5'4 skinny, beautiful, strong, long eyelashes
Boyfriend- Has a bf in appolo's cabin
Short (or long) story - My mom and father divorced but when i reached age 12 i found out my father wasn't my real father. I was taken to camp half blood by a satyr charmaine also my best friend. I was confused. i did not know what was going on my brother came along too he was son of mr.D we where taken to camp half blood where they gave me weapons and taught me to fight With a sword and a shield I had a cabin mate Percy, Percy Jackson He was my step brother we became friends instantly we stook together and he helped me trained I found out i had another step brother Tyson but he was at the forges couple months later a monster attacked camp half blood the fleece's powers where fading Percy, annabeth (my other very kind friend i met) Grover (another great friend) and charmaine (best friend) where sent on a quest to find certain ingredents all over the Us for the fleeces power to regain. from the underworld to mudusa's layer to lymbrinth and lastly the antartic ocean to find 4 ingrdents for a mixture to regain the fleeces power, (like said earlier).
Picture (optional)- file:///C:/Users/Anahid-PC/Desktop/anahhid­­lu­v­z­u.­­jpg
 Name Anahid Mirhosseini Age 13 Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion) Posiedon How long h
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas forger56 said…
Name: Daquanta Whitesides
Godly parent: Hephaestus
How long have you been at CHB: 10 years
Year rounder:No
Personality: Dark eyes ( you can tell something bad happend in his past) kind and jerk at the same time but for some reason he is always cheerful.
Description: tall muscular( from working in the forge all day) dark skinned black long hair and a slight resemblance to dwain wade.
Bf/GF: a girl in Demeters cabin
SHORTSTORY: mother died he sliced some canaidians and a satyr brought him to camp THE END.

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas percyjacksonTB said…
Name Sky Parker
Age 18
Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion) Poseidon
How long have you been at Camp Half Blood/CCS? 10 years
Home town Manhattan
Year-Rounder? (Yes/No)
Personality Good, brave, so smart, strong, friendly, romantic, fast, can use all of weapons
Description Tall, muscular, black eyes, black short hair, light skinned, handsome
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Single
Short (or long) story He run away from house for his mom and two Hephaistos son find him and take to the camp
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ivor696 said…
Name- Lafayette Black
godly parent- Hades
how long have you been at CHB -5 years
home town- Walsall
Year-Rounder? - Yes
personality- anti-hero,brave,daredevil,strong,loner, angry a lot , quite smart.
description-dark pitch black hair, yellow or red when mad eyes , tanned skin , wears clothes that look like van hel sing`s in the movie van hel sing.
girlfriend-a saiter called Elizabeth
short story - spent 4 years at brownhills from age 10.At age 12 he met a girl named Elizabeth [his protector, they fell in love ] but she had to leave so he went back to secondary school. A couple of months later a Minotaur attack him which caused him to suddenly create a pitchfork and killed it. Suddenly, Elizabeth came back, took him to CHB and erased everyone elses memory of him. He then battled with Hades. Though he managed to defeat Hades, he almost nearly died in the process but Elizabeth managed to take him back to CHB in time to save him. He has spent the last 5 years training for when Hades makes his return.
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 Name- Lafayette Black age-17 godly parent- Hades how long have you been at CHB -5 years tahanan town
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas athenarules5212 said…
this is super cool.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas theryn_compoc said…
Name: Anya Viktoria Menshikov
Parent: Athena
Time: 8 years
Hometown: Moscow Russia
Year-rounder: Yes
Personality: A real hot-head when it comes to anything that involves following orders. She can't stand it when people ask her about her life and is a master of disguise. She's of russian decent and most people can't stand to be around her becausse she's so sulky and mean. Still she's smart and very wise.
Description: blond hair green eyes. She looks different compared to her siblings who all have grey eyes. She's tall lanky and thin. When she first arrivedshe looked like a daughter of aphrodite but she was considered too wise.
Boyfriend: Mikael Henrich Rochenbak (Lives in Russia)
Story: Her mother was never around (duh she's a god). Her father was a russian scientist who got in with the wrong people. They went on the run when she was 6. When shee was 7 her father was killed in a car accident that was actually set up by the enemy. She ran away from foster care and met her boyfriend when she ran. They are two peas in a pod. A sayter who's name she doesn't remember found her and took her to america. Her and Mikael are in love. She misses him dearly and has little communication with him so she's always very sad and lonely. She also hardley speaks english so she can't voice what she want in a way people will understand.

 Name: Anya Viktoria Menshikov Age:16 Parent: Athena Time: 8 years Hometown: Moscow Russia Year-
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Oceanblood said…
Name: Siren Riverknot
Age: 13
Parent: Neptune (God of the Sea)
Time at Camp: Just started
Home Town: 12 years in Italy, but had to go to London
Year-Rounder: Yes
Personality: Mellow, brave, sharp, trustworthy, loyal
Description: Azure blue eyes, pale skin, long slender legs, slightly muscular, lithe & nimble. Long black hair in plait with silver clasp
Boyfriend: Darren (human), left behind in Italy
Story: She spent the first 12 years of her life in Italy, because she came home from school and found her mum poisoned. She was taken to her aunt and uncle's where she was depressed and lonely. She was walking about in the streets, when a sater found her. She agreed to meet up and go to the camp.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas n7n0b0dy said…
Name - Thane Tobias

Age - 17

Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion) - Thanatos, God of Death

How long have you been at Camp Half Blood/CCS? - Not Attending Camp

Home town - Atlanta Georgia

Year-Rounder? (Yes/No) - No

Personality - Smart, Silent, Shy, Loving, Emotional

Description - Jet black hair (long in the front, short in the back), Golden eyes, ebony brown skin, toned muscular build. Wears a black pea coat and purple checker patterned hoodie with the hood up, dark blue jeans, and Converses. A tattoo of a wing made of black diamonds starts on his left shoulder blade, and crosses over his shoulder, down his chest, and stops on the right side of his stomach.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Potentially Anastasia Du Plessis (Stacie) a daughter of Ares

Short (or long) story - Alone most of his life, Thane travels the world in search of his father, whom his mother told him was Death itself before she died. One night he watched as his mother's spirit was ushered off into the Doors of Death. Being a son of Death, he was able to see the doors, open them and follow. Twelve long years of going to and from the Underworld undetected, eventually gaining the power to summon a door of his own, Thane opens a door to Olympus, where Percy Jackson convinced Zeus to through a God Parent Meet and Greet party. Upon arriving, he saw a man dressed in a long black coat and a fedora hat with a black feather. His black hair was tied back into a ponytail. He had chocolate skin, and his eyes shone like gold. Thane knew it was the one who stole his mothers soul...his father... Thanatos....He stepped from the crowd and cuts off the Death God on his way to the Godly buffet line. His father recognises him immediately. He introduces himself, everyone is shocked to see a stranger had snuck into Olympus, and Ares, the God of War, attacks the young man, gut punching him. Suddenly, after crumbling to his knees, Thane's tattoo of the wing rips through his jacket and coat, backlashing the War God, and takes place on his back. Ares goes in for another blow, and his fist is caught by Thanatos, fully transformed into his Death God mode (black robes around his waist, muscular chest out, hair flowing freely, Black wings beating, and scythe in hand) ready to defend his son. Unfortunately, Thanatos's effort was for nothing, because what Thane didn't know is that whoever is recognized as a Son or Daughter of Death, must eventually take Death's Place.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas horus471 said…
Name: Robert


Godly parent(if roman legion please tell us)-Poseidon

How long have you been attending camp half blood-3 years.

Year rounder-no

Personality-smart, funny, and loyal

Description-with holding for safety purposes

Story: rob was at the beach with his mom and step dad and went into the water and every thing changed.....

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas horus471 said…
Rob also uses a sword like Percy's and yes it's a pen/sword
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Nikon191 said…
Anthony son of Zeus mother is child of appolo 15 roman 2years camp Jupiter funny loyal roman dad Jupiter Greek mom daughter of appolo with girlfriend child of Venus lighting strike i can fly and teleport
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gravitylace808 said…
Name: Amanda A. Pederson
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Hephaestus
Attended CHB for 4 years
Year Rounder: Yes
Hometown: Miami, FL
Personality: Funny, smart, impulsive, brave, independent, stubborn
Description: Long blonde hair, ice blue eyes, tall, thin, fair skin
Boyfriend: Tristan Longsdale (son of Athena)
Story: Amanda walked down the street when a bus and a car crashed into each other and caught fire and she ran to help the woman in the car out of the fire and the flames went around her but it didn't leave a scratch.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jade_jackson said…
Name:Jade Jackson
Godly Parent:Poseidon ( Percy's little sister )
Camp Years : Yes
Year Rounder: YES
Personality:Funny,Cute,Crazy,Loud,Annoing­,So­met­ime­s Stuiped, Sometimes Dumb
Fatel Flaw:Pride
Desciption: Gold Shiny Hair, Pale Skin, and Green,Green Eyes
BF: Leo
Story: When I was ten Days old Zues took me. He did not want me to be living with Percy. He took me to Camp and Gave me a Sword hoping to kill myselve. I grew up at Camp, Wondering what the out-side world was like. Then Percy Came. He went on his little quests, and I stayed at camp. Then Leo Came. It was Love at first Site. He asked me out by "Dragging" Me to my Cabin and Asked me. To his surprise, I said yes. Now, I'm just waiting for Percy and Leo to come Back... :)
 Name:Jade Jackson Age:12 Godly Parent:Poseidon ( Percy's little sister ) Camp Years : Yes taon Ro
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And I'm from NY sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zmonkey97 said…
Zeke Manson
Son of Ares
Been at Camp Half-blood for a few months
Miami FL
Yes I am a year rounder
A born leader, someone who puts others first
Zeke is a skater looking kid, with short black hair, He always has his bone tip spear on his back, and a jagged edge sword strapped to his leg.
Has none but is very close to his friend Ally, daughter of Kronos
When Zeke was eight his family was attacked by the Cyclops, Polyphemeus. His mother was killed in the ruble of their house and it sparked extreme anger, which his father Ares blessed by giving him a bone ended spear, which Zeke used to slay Polyphemeus. When his mothers funeral came around his grandfather told him to look for somewhere called "CHB" in long island NY. He went to Washington DC where he found Ally, daughter of Kronos, and Max, son of Apollo. for a few years they traveled together north to long island. When they got there a Satyr names Nate found them and brought them to Camp Half-blood, when Zeke heard the name he realized it was CHB where his mother was suppose to go he knew he found his place, though Chiron was scared to meet Ally, because he had gotten a prophecy "Sword and Bow hold time in place, To destroy the darkness in time and space, For the dark king to rise in the end, a rule that the daughter of Kronos can spend", later the ancient god Tartarus starts stir, now its up to Zeke and his friends to save the world from a time of darkness.
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Cool, uy could our characters interact with each other? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jade_jackson said…
Willow Grace
Years at Camp: 15
Daughter of Zues
Wepon: Sword in shape of lightning bolt nectless
Yeah, Year Rounder
What I look like : Red Head, Brown eyes, tall, skinny
What I'm like : Prankster, funny, brave, loud, Crazy ( In a good way )
Fatal Flaw: Pride
BF: Leo
Story: Zues took me from my mom when I was born. He took me to CHB and gave me my sword. He left me and so I grew up there. I was shy at first but then I got used to it all. When Annabeth and those guys, I helped them . When Thalia saw me, just before she was turned into a tree, she gave me a warm look. A look I will never forget. When Percy Came and went missing I helped Annabeth stay calm. I was doing wild things in the open when a mortal caught me and sent me to the wildness place. There I met Piper and Leo. Why not Jason you ask? Well, I was up there when Percy and Annabeth saved the world and Grover gave the knife to me and I gave it to Percy who gave it to Luke. My gift was to never let my mind be tricked by the mist. And so, no Jason for me!! Me and Leo got close and Before you know it, we're dating. When we got to the feild trip and Jason appered, I got scared and Freaked. Leo and Piper got me calm but, It's not every day Jason Grace show up Random. We got that fight and such, I got my ride in the air , and found out my past. Normal Demigod life.
 Willow Grace 15 Years at Camp: 15 Daughter of Zues Wepon: Sword in shape of lightning bolt nectle
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MasterofRiddles said…
Name: Eric Daniels
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Years at camp half-blood: 5
Godly parent: Zeus
Weapons: Achilles's sword (Becomes a pendant in shape of eagle when not in use) ,Achilles's shield (becomes a metal bracelet with engravings of eagles and lightning), Achilles's spear (is a pen/spear), powers like lightning, storms, thunder, etc.
Clothing: Wears dark blue jean and has a black jacket, I always wears a purple shirt or orange shirt
Hometown: Malibu
Year Rounder: Never reached CHB for fourteen years since I was always on the run from monsters but never became a year rounder
Looks: I have medium ruffled dark brown hair, with dark blue eyes, tall, medium build, tannish skin, medium height, six pac
Personality: Kind, I have a bad temper but it's only if i get over the top mad, very brave, loyal, romantic when it comes to it, proud of my heritage, I'm quick to act, fast reflexes, hot head, rash
Fatal Flaw: Pride
Girlfriend: He had love affairs with annabeth and piper who both fell for him though he truly loved a girl who was a daughter of Athena named Bailey. Bailey also loved him.
Story: Everything in my life has been a lie ever since I was born my life was a lie, even Henry. People think he's my father, he's not. He's a warrior from the mythical world and he is a son of Athena sent to protect me until we could reach some place called Camp Half-Blood. My mother was killed when I was six. she was trying to defend me from six cyclopes but she was killed. The cyclopes would have killed me if it were not for my mom's boyfriend Henry. He told me what I was and gave me a sword and shield which he said was the Greek warrior Achilles's sword because he told me I was a descendent of Achillles through my mother. The sword could change into the pendant of an eagle I wore and the shield became a bracelet with eagle and lightning engravings on it. Me and Henry were on the run for months being chased by monster after monster. When the second Titan war began, Kronos heard of me and found me. I fought him and somehow managed to smash him back into a million pieces which delayed him for a while but he returned and again tried to get me on his side. I fought Kronos once more in a large temple dedicated to him. Being the descendent of Achilles I was blessed with the curse of Achilles which helped me fight him but I couldn't save Henry who was killed. I barely escaped and somehow caused the whole temple to blow up. I finally managed to reach camp half-blood where i was claimed by Zeus after a hard chariot race. I only spent limited time their for I soon left to find answers to all my questions of the descendants of Achilles and left the camp to discover my full potential. I was 15 when i left camp. When I discovered my prophecy along my journey, I discovered I would be an eighth half-blood to seal the doors of death but the prophecy also said when I seal them I would die in the process. I do not believe this but when Gaea forced me a to look into the future I saw me holding the doors of death closed and trying to by time for my friends so they could seal the way into Tartarus. They did and then Tartarus collapsed and I went down with it. After this I went back to camp half-blood to do my part in the quest even though it would claim my life.

Here is me and my friends Alex and Bailey, Alex is the one on by the greek armor and Bailey on the left (i'm the one with the shield)
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 Name: Eric Daniels Age: 18 Gender: Male Years at camp half-blood: 5 Godly parent: Zeus Weapons:
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sure sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MasterofRiddles said…
Extended story of, Eric Daniels: After Tartarus collapsed, I was allowed to live in the fields of Elysium. A knew prophecy about Achilles's bane was given to Annabeth at CHB and she knew it was talking about me. She went on a quest to bring me back to life. Against his my will, I returned to the world of the living to fulfill the prophecy. It was to fight the godlike form of Tartarus for eternity. Against all odds Tartarus escaped the land of the dead and I returned to the underworld to stop him. The gods told me that they needed someone to keep Tartarus back from destroying the world. At the gates of the Underworld I fought Tartarus. We fought like demons until we couldn't fight anymore. At the end of the battle, Tartarus picked me up and was about to kill me until I drove my sword into one of Tartarus' eyes. Tartarus stumbled backwards still clutching me and the we fell into the ancient chasm that led to the deepest part of the underworld. We fought for nine days straight until we reached the bottom. I now battle Tartarus at the doors of death every single day and night to keep him at bay and to hold him back from destroying olympus. I was revered as a hero to all half bloods and gods
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MasterofRiddles said…
Eric and Thalia: Thalia and I never really got along. Thalia and Luke knew about me from previous adventures without Annabeth. When I was claimed at camp Thalia was glad to have a half brother. The problem between us was that we disagree almost about everything. Thalia likes the gods when I hated them. Thalia wants to do this but I want the other. She also tries to help me with my tortured past which I hate. When Thalia and Jason Grace were reunited her and I had a very long argument about him, and after that hopes of a brother to sister relationship were almost gone. The one way we are a team is when we fight battles. We are such a good team that we usually forget we are sort of of enemies when we are not fighting. I eventually left camp because I was actually sad how things were going between Thalia and I. However we were very protective over each other and would try to save each other at all costs. We still argue a lot, but deep down inside us we loved each other like family.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MasterofRiddles said…
The first epic fight between Tartarus and Eric: I raised my shield and spear ready to fight Tartarus. He charges at me. I stab him with my spear. Tartarus doesn't seam affected. He Charges. I throw my spear and hit him in the ankle. Tartarus doesn't seem affected. I pull out my sword and charge with shield raised. Tartarus knocks me aside. I use lightning to hit him. Tartarus stumbles backwards. I charge with sword and shield. Tartarus tries to grab me. I dodge and stab him in the ankle. Tartarus groans at the blow. He picks me up. i jam my sword into his hand. He lets go and roars, but knocks away my shield. I fall and twist my ankle. He steps towards me. I pull out my spear from his ankle and stab him in the hand as he tries to pick me up. He roars. I try to walk but I can't. He charges at me. I summon a huge gust of wind to knock him over. He flies fifteen feet backwards. I use the air to help me fly to where he is and land on his chest. He is still lying on his back. I stab my spear into his chest and reclaim my sword. I jump back as he breathes fire at me. I summon the wind to make me fly and more lighting to hit him but I'm getting tired. He is annoyed by the lightning but doesn't seem to be taking any damage from it. I fly around him. He tries to snatch me out of the air. I throw my spear and blind him in one eye. He roars with anger and breathes fire at me. The fire causes me to fall and break my already twisted ankle and my spear is knocked away. He grabs me and picks me up. Just before he is about to kill me I stab him in the other eye with my sword and he stumbles back and we both fall into a crack all the way to the bottom of the underworld. I manage to get on top of him while we got deeper and deeper down into the crack. He gasps for breath. I stab him repeatedly in the chest with my sword. We both fall and fight the whole way to the bottom but I kill him, but I died shortly after he did. My ghost battles him for eternity at the gates of death.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas panda254 said…
Name: Ariana Fiorito


Gender: Female

Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion): Athena goddess of Wisdom

How long have you been at Camp Half Blood/CCS? : At Camp Half Blood for 3 years

Home town: Seattle, Washington

Year-Rounder? (Yes/No): No

Personality: Smart, Loyal, Clever, Shy (until you get to know her),Stealthy (even though shes tiny) Stuborn, and sometimes hot headed

Description: Short and Slim (only 4ft 9in), Long (down to waist) Black hair that looks red in the sunlight, dark brown eyes that turn golden when mad, asian, pink lips, gold skin (from adventuring her my private woods), Tiny nose, heart earings she got from her dad, when shes not at camp she wears skinny jeans w/ a comfy sweater

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Brandon From Apollo Cabin (age 14)

Short (or long) story: Lived in Seattle with her dad which was a proffesser at Harvard so he didn't get to see her much, when she was 9 she moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts with her dad so he could see her more often but that didn't help she barely got to see him and was basically raised by her maid. At school she didn't have many friends only a guy named Josh who she thought had a leg disorder. He was in all her classes (not PE) high classes in all, even though he failed all his tests, then one day she got tired of not seeing her dad so she ran away thinking that since she was neglected no one would care that she was gone on her way she bumped into Josh who insisted that he go with her he told her he was a satyr and it was his job to protect her, even after 3 months she still doubted him.He led her to camp were she got a locket that turned into a sword. A week later she was claimed by Athena although many people thought she would be Aphrodite's child.She, Josh, and a new kid, Brandon from the Apollo Cabin were all friends until she and Brandon got closer and became boyfriend and girlfriend.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DemigodCast said…
Nathan Hughes
Age: 18
Son of Poseidon and Hecate (Goddess of Magic)
How long at Camp Half blood: 5 arrived at age 13
Home town: Armona,CA
Year rounder: yes
Personality: Brave, Will take a stand, kind, Best sword fighter, Always fights first and dissent give up.
Description: Brown hair, Brown eyes, Muscular, Tall
Girlfriend: Trinity Garcia (Daughter of Athena)
Story: Lived at Armona California. After walking from a Dance at Parkview Middle School with Trinity until a hydra came out of the dark and attacked. Then a boy named Josh came and saved them. They then arrived at Camp Halfblood.Then after two weeks at Camp Half blood he was the best sword fighter at the camp. But then the camp was attacked. He fought like a demon killing everything and in the fit of rage he made a earthquake so large that it split in two. After that two symbols appeared at his head signaling that he was a son of Poseidon and Hecate. He, Trinity, and Josh went on many adventures and especially saving the world from every titan, giant and gaea. Later he was given the chance to become the god of power but declined. He lived with Trinity in Camp halfblod later.
 Nathan Hughes Age: 18 Son of Poseidon and Hecate (Goddess of Magic) How long at Camp Half blood:
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DemigodCast said…
Nathan Hughes
Age: 15
Godly parent: Hades
Weapons: Bronze imperial gold sword that turns to a ring, a Bronze shield that turns into another ring, and A full Set of bronze imperial gold armor that turns into two bracelets.
Years at Camp Half blood: 6
Year rounder: Yes
Home town: Armona
Girlfriend: Trinity Garcia Daughter of Zeus.
Personality: Brave, Cute, Smart, Dark, Loyal to friends, Never quits, Best fighter, Sweet.
Description: Black Hair, Black eyes that sparkle gold, Muscular, Cute, A tattoo on his wrist that contains the incarnation of Death itself.
Story: He had a bad life. He was on the run because the government thought he robed 5 banks. Well he was in the woods in Nevada. That's when he heard a noise rustling in the trees and heard a loud screech between a bull, burn, and a Monster. When he turned around a big man bull came out of the dark. It was about to run him over when two kids came out and attacked it. They both got knocked away and the bull man run at him. He held up his hand up. His tattoo stated to glow red and the bull crumbled. That's when a symbol appeared appeared above his head signaling he was a son of Hades. He was to token to Camp Half blood. After two weeks he was the best fighter there. Later he went on quests everywhere and fought every bad person in greek mythology mythology medusa, typhoon, the titans, the giants, games, etc. And lived in camp half blood the rest of his life.
 Nathan Hughes Age: 15 Godly parent: Hades Weapons: Bronze imperial ginto sword that turns to a ring
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas SkyAuror23741 said…
Name: Anna Gracelinn (nickname:Sparks)
Age: 13 (and a half)
Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion) Zeus (Greek)
How long have you been at Camp Half Blood/CCS? I've been here since i was 10
Home town: CA
Year-Rounder? (Yes/No) Yes

Weapon:My choice of weapon was a hair clip that when taken out it would instantly turn into a bow and arrows.But my father gifted me with a dagger.And as a child of Zeus the dagger can control the lightning and thunder when i command it to,and i also was gifted by Annabeth her invisibility cap.

Personality:Feisty and sweet,loyal,sense of humor,brave,and super smart about building and Greek mythology.
Description:Long lush beautiful shoulder length dirty blond hair,green sparkling eyes,and a kind smile.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: crushing on one certain guy...

Story: My mother on my 9th birthday gave me a present i opened the package and there was a necklace with a gold lightning bolt charm on it.After my mother gave me this she told me that i needed to go to a camp (Camp Half-Blood) a camp my father needed me to go to when i turned 9...then she told me to find my friend Lily. (she was a water sphinx and i didn't truly know it)She said that Lily would take me to the camp.So i packed my bag,and with tears in are eyes my mother and i said goodbye forever.One i left,my friend and i ran to Camp Half-Blood.But right before we arrived,we were right at Thalia's tree.And then out of no were a Cyclops came running at me.Then my friend (Lily) told me to run for my life to camp.I ran and ran but when i reached Thalia's tree and was safe i looked back and thinking Lily was behind me.She vanished into the forest.And i haven't seen her or my mother since.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ErinSheraton said…
First Name-Erelle (Erin)
Sur and Last name-Danielle Sheraton


Godly parent(if roman legion please tell us)-Poseidon

How long have you been attending camp half blood-2 years


Year rounder-Yes

Personality-Kind, tougher than the outside, loyal and loving

Description-Wavy blonde hair to hips, sea-green eyes, plain white short sleeved shirt with blue jeans (before going to camp)/ camp Half-blood T-shirt with jeaned shorts or blue faded jeans. Sword hanging by hips (when needed)

Boyfriend-Nico di Angelo

Story-Erin was born in the 1940s, but she was cursed and put under a spell to be unconscious until her sister, Clair Sheraton found and wake her up. Because she was cursed, Erin lose her original abilities of a Poseidon's child and instead have all the abilities of Boreas. Moreover, due to having abilities of a North wind god, Erin's eyes was frozen and changed into an icy color. Later on, with some help from Percy, she was freed from the curse and regain her real ability which is to control earth and water like Percy. Erin can also vaporize or melt things into steam, sponge or mud.
Photo- (closest to how Erin looks like)

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 First Name-Erelle (Erin) Sur and Last name-Danielle Sheraton Age-15 Godly parent(if roman leg
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas brooksnake said…
Monty, Jacob Montgomery brooks

19, 8/10/94

Aristaeus (Greek god of taming animals (also known as god of animal husbandry))

2 weeks

Madison Indiana


Distant, loner, except for his animal friends, one mortal, and which ever demigod needs his help. Prides himself of being able to tame any animal. Always introduces himself as “Jacob Montgomery brooks, but my friends call me Monty” whenever one of his friends be it human, demigod, or animal get injured the one who hurt them suffer his full wrath, always holds back because of fear of hurting those close to him.

Big, 6 foot 3 inches, 250 pounds, broad shoulders, not thin but not fat. He has brown hair and brown eyes, like a baby calf’s hair. carries a 6 foot quarterstaff tipped with celestial bronze on one side, and stygian iron on the other (used to be a handle for a hoe), along with a set of bronze/steel tipped arrows and a long bow. Always has his dog* with him as she was blessed by his father to live as long as he will. Has strength along with fighting skills for his years fighting hunters, animals, and working around the farm. Whenever he is in grave danger the animals that he has befriended that are nearby help him. Is always either found at Purdue, or his home in Madison.

His girlfriend is a mortal girl with true site, she is blonde with piercing blue eyes, about 4 foot 5 inches, thin, she was the only one who was truly kind to him. When together she is usually seen riding on top of one of his shoulders. She is as good if not a better fighter as he is. Watch out she is fierce even without a weapon

Grew up always resented by my father, my brother, and sister but loved by my mother, as I grew older I began to notice that he had a strange affinity to animals, when I reached 13 monsters began to attack my home and my friends which led to me becoming a social outcast. But one girl saw me for what I was and wasn’t afraid of me, I thought of this girl as my guardian angel, and her last name was oddly enough angel. They grew close, monsters eventually started to attack me directly, taking the forms of wild wolves, bullies, and other forms such as those. I grew strong beating them with my fists and my garden implement when at home. After a while a select few mortals, and my family began to see me in a better light. I later learned of my godly decent from his true father visiting me in a dream, I resented him, my mother, and my mortal father for a while, but grew to love them all, looking at my godly father as, well, a god father. Later when monsters attacked me at school again, I left and hid in the woods keeping only my dog as company. Then monsters who felt no shame attacked me there as well, I hadn’t noticed at first, but my dog did, she jumped and had gotten hit by a poisoned blade, with that strike they had unleashed all those years of me holding back, and my pent up rage and anger, ripping those monsters apart with my bare hands. I knelt by my dying dog and prayed to my father asking for what to do. Aristaeus appeared and said that he could help but the results won’t be good for me. I said I didn’t care just help my dog, so I was blessed (or cursed depending how you look at it) I was granted a power that allows me to take all the pain and anguish from any animal I choose, I placed my hands on my dog, absorbed the pain from her wounds and healed her. I felt a large amount of physical pain in my chest and sides but I kept it down until it left. My dog got up and licked my face, I could hear her thoughts in my head thanking me, my father later told me I can now hear the thoughts of any tamed animal I had healed. I started to use that power to help all animals I met that needed me. It really came in help during hunting seasons. One day the birds told me that there were others like me following the stream on my land, I went to check it out and found three demigods who claimed to be on a quest and were about to shoot a dear deer of mine. I had stopped them and gave them shelter for a while. I introduced myself but when they started to call me Monty I stopped them reminding them that only friends called me that. They said they needed to go when I heard a roar, and a yelp. We all ran outside and found what looked like a one-eyed giant holding one of my coyote friends. I grabbed my staff and charged plunging my staff into the lone eye socket. I grabbed my friend and backed away as the other three charged to keep the monster at bay, later being joined by four others all of varying degrees of size the smallest being only a couple of feet taller than I, the tallest being almost double my size. They kept them at bay and one of them saw me heal the injured animal. After that I charged again my weapon only being a minor annoyance. After the monsters had been defeated they called me Monty and I didn’t object, they had asked me who my father was, and I told them the name of my mortal father, they looked at me doubtfully, I gave in and told them the name of my godly father. They exchanged looks and said I had to come with them. I objected, but they say if I stay here more monsters will come and attack my friends. I reluctantly got my dog and went with them, they later named themselves to be Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, and I asked them if they were truly like me and they said they were, later on our journey Grover revealed himself to be a satyr, Annebeth revealed herself to be a daughter of Athena, and Percy a son of Poseidon. When I asked where we were going they said some where we could be safe. We made it to a strange place called camp half-blood, I had my own cabin, and the kind people in the forge tipped my staff with some odd metals, they told me it will work better than just the stick I was using. I stayed there for a total of 2 weeks when some birds I had befriended came and told me that my farm was in danger monsters had attacked and killed several of my animal friends. I told the head guys referred to as Mr. D, and Chiron that I needed to go back to my home and will more than likely never see them again. I was leaving when Grover came up to me and said he would guide me back, when I got there, the monsters had set up an ambush, I took them all down in a matter of minutes. My newly tipped staff working the way they said it would. I healed all the animals that were still alive, luckily my family and girlfriend were all okay, I am still not sure if my power works on them as well. I stayed there until it was time for college, I left my animal friends directions for safe zones and had to leave my dog since my college didn’t allow pets, I also left my dad with some bullets made out of that strange metal on my staff, so that if the monsters came back he would be ready. Now I am attending college and am working the summers I am staying as long as possible at home, in order to keep those close safe. I offer help to any demigods who pass my way, my pain keeps growing but I keep going.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas forge1995 said…

Name: Lucan Valdez (that's right, he's related to Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Leo Valdez and Calypso)!

Age: 16

Hometown: Born in Houston, Texas but brought up in and ran away from 18 different orphanages and then Camp Half Blood.

Parent (godly): Lycaon, God of Wolves.
Parent (mortal): Robin Valdez (Leo and Calypso's sons’ great, great, great, great, granddaughter and Percy and Annabeth's daughters’ great, great, great, great, granddaughter, who is now dead).

How many years at CHB: 8
Year-rounder: Yes
Weapons of choice: Special Lucrane Sword, Hidden Lucrane Knives, Control over the Elements (better with fire or water), Leo's old tool-belt, Shape shifting (gift from Poseidon) and Werewolf Powers (because he's a son of Lycaon).

Description: He's a lot like Leo with ADHD, Dyslexia, grey, black and brown streaks in his white hair, Luminous orange eyes and an energetic prankster. He wears welding goggles, oil covered gloves stitched into leather and lucrane bracers, a wolf and wave and hammer ring from his mom, his Camp Half Blood shirt, a hooded knee-high coat (the hood is up all the time because he’s got wolf ears from his first transformation), jeans with a few rips and trainers.

Story: Lucan was born an orphan because his mom died giving birth. Lucan spent all his life running away from orphanages and social services since the age of eight. One night he was sleeping in a forest on long island when he saw suddenly woke up when he heard the sound of howls.
He ran and ran until he got to a tree with….wait is that a dragon with THE Golden Fleece. Anyway he ran down the hill and got to a Farmhouse? He collapsed on the porch tired enough to see two blurred shapes walk towards him. The next couple of months went by with him now being known as "The Lone Wolf" because of the strange powers he had discovered like jumping a lot higher than others, enhanced senses, reflexes, agility, strength, stamina, healing and night vision. At age eight he later discovered his powers over the elements first over nature and water then the other elements.
At the age of twelve Lucan was walking through the forest when he came across some old giant robotic lizard-like creatures footprints near a crater. He then followed them when they came to a stop at a large boulder at a cliff. He touched the boulder with curiosity when suddenly his fingers sparked. Sparks were spreading across the boulder until it rolled out of the way. Lucan wandered into a large dusty cavern with catwalks and lights hanging from the ceiling, storage containers pilled high in two corner, mechanics tool scattered on the floor and on a dust covered worktable was a pair of old welding goggles and an old tool-belt obviously forgotten about. He went to the table where he picked them up and cleaned them off, neatly above a large pocket of the tool-belt was a name sewn in.
Leo Valdez.
He ran as fast as he could back out of the cavern, through the forest back to Chiron and told him what he saw, when Chiron asked where he got the tool-belt from. "Behind a boulder in the forest" Lucan said and they went back to the boulder and touched where he had earlier. The boulder swung open and they went inside.
Lucan spent 4 years at Camp Half Blood after re-discovering Bunker 9 after his great, great, great, great grandfather, Leo, staying at camp.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas oceanus said…
Name: Andy Lee
Age: 17
Godly Parent: Dionysus, Mother daughter of Hades and granddaughter of Ares
7 years at CHB
Hometown: Los Angelos
Year Rounder: Yes
Personality: very shady character most believe that he works with Kronos (which he dosen't) everyone knows that he hates his father even though Dionysus tries to suck up to him and throw him such wild birthday parties even the gods occasionally come. he is very kind though despite his punk clothing and behavior.
Description: he has orange hair, pale skin, he wears a skull infested shirt, with a light jacket (green), with dark brown shorts, he wears long black and red knee socks, he also wears dark brown leather boots, and occasionally puts an eye patch on to cover his scar. and 6'3
Girlfriend: He does not have an official girlfriend but since he knows about the roman camp he vists there and has affairs with Reyna.
Short story: during his life his mom was always grumpy because Dionysus stopped visiting her like all gods eventually do. all his life he dealt with a violent and abusive mother (because she didn't realize she fell in love with a god) so because of this he spent his time with his best friend named Don. one day he was playing a basketball game (school) and the game ended with Andy's team winning, at the after party when he was celebrating a couple of girls asked him if they could all meet in a room so he said yes (naturally) but just when they were about to kiss Don rushes into the room and says don't they are demons, so Don takes him out of there and they go to his mom's house Don explains everything to Andy's mom. she perks up about and says that she knows that Andy's dad was Dionysus, as she is daughter of Hades and descendant of Kronos (directly) and Hades, but she gives them a ride as far as Chicago and tells them they are on there own. while they were traveling to camp. Don got killed by a dracanae and Andy got a scar from it. but eventually he got there by talking to the nymphs, along the way. and just when he arrives Dionysus gives him a hug and openly announces Andy is his son.
Weapons: he has a half imperial gold and half celestial-bronze sword, and a shield crafted from the river Styx
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 Name: Andy Lee Age: 17 Godly Parent: Dionysus, Mother daughter of Hades and granddaughter of Ares
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lara_kinson said…
Name: Lara Kinson

Age: 15

Godly parent: father is Posiedon while mother is granddaughter of Apollo

How long at camp half blood: 2 years

Hometown: California

Year rounder: yup

Personality: loyal, trustworthy, sometimes hot headed, friendly

Description: long black wavy hair with sea green eyes with gold flecks. Tall and slim with lean legs. Carries a sword (looks like a fencing sword) that can morphe into a bow with unlimited magical arrows. Wears green converse, denim shorts and camp half blood tee shirt in a regular basis.p

Boyfriend: leo Valdez
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas percyjackson708 said…
Name:Derrick Moore
Godly parent:Poseidon/Zeus
How long at camp half blood: 3 days
Year rounder:yes
Personality: tends to get aggiatated about his
Mother a lot , fun to hang around
Description:Tall buff green and blue eyes weres CHB tees
With jeans or slacks

Girlfriend or crush:Piper is his old girlfriend
Weapon:Ares ring
Story: His mother and his sister was sold to the underworld
And he met the satyr named Gleeson and was Iris traveled to camp half blood
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas sheerleyspitz2 said…
name:Erin Jackson
godly parent:Poseidon god of the seas and Artemis goddess of the moon (pretend she had kids)
camp half blood(or camp Jupiter):never attended.
year rounder:nope
description: brown hair,hazel eyes,pretty facial features,freckles across the nose,tan,skinny, wears ripped leggings at the thighs from the monsters,combat boots,jean jacket, and white t shirt. that's her classic outfit.accidental tattoo on forearm of a dragon.
boyfriend/girlfriend: boyfriend Tancred Kaufman son of Zeus
story:Erin was told when she was young by kronos that her life would change. her brother Percy and her mom sally lost every memory that includes she runs with the protection of posieden until she meets a foster home hosted by the husband of Artemis. she grows up there and she leaves,travels,then after events of a lifetime,she meets Percy after the prophecy of the 7 is finished and there's a new prophecy. in the prophecy includes Percy annabeth Jason piper Leo frank hazel Thalia Reyna Katya Erin and Tancred. Erin and 26 year old Tancred get a relationship and Percy remembers her. but this time their major enemy is Tartarus,father of all monsters! its an all new series! tell me if u like.

srry, no pics.
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uy can my character eric daniels be included, i have three posts about him a couple posts above and my guy kinda duels tartarus so... sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas sheerleyspitz2 said…
my weapon is a sword created from the crests of the moon and sea!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MissAirBender15 said…
Name: Emerald Allayna Garcia
Age: 13
Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion): Apollo (Roman), twelfth legion
How long have you been at Camp Jupiter: 1 week (although she already got her SPQR tattoo because she lead the quest called Quest for the Arrows of Power)
Home town: Los Angeles
Year-Rounder? (Yes/No): Yes
Personality: Careful, kind, loyal, good leader, honest and generous. Dangerous, rude, sarcastic, daredevil, rebel and likes to prank other people.
Description: Do not mess with her.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Gino Edward Carbonel
Short (or long) story: When she was 6 years old, her brother Harry Jack Garcia, went to Camp Jupiter. When she was 8 years old, Apollo taught her how to play the saxophone. When she was 12 years old, her mom Genevieve Sarah Garcia, died.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MissAirBender15 said…
Gino Edward Carbonel is a son of Venus.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shade2013 said…
Name makistu tamoro
Age :13
Godly parent :hades
How long have you been at half blood:3years
Home town :a place called anchor lake
Year-Rounder? (Yes/No) :yes
Personality :makistu is a very funny person and loves to make people laugh
Description :he has a blue right eye and a red left eye he wears a shirt that says keep calm and laugh on and has pants that are blue and green
Boyfriend/Girlfriend none
Short (or long) story : :when he was 5 his mom and 2 sisters where atacked by a minotaur and hes the only one left as he was growing up he became shy because he felt diffrent at the age 12 he went to camp half blood and started becoming fun and playful
Picture (optional)

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Neeka1998 said…
Name: Nelle
Age: 15
Godly parent (if Roman tell us which legion) Zeus
How long have you been at Camp Half Blood/CCS? a few months
Home town: Oakey
Year-Rounder? (Yes/No) yes
Personality: Brave, strong, protective of her friends and a natural born leader. Nelle is a very mentally strong girl, she does her own thing and doesnt let anyone mess her around. She makes it very clear that nobody should mess with her. Underneath that exterior she is kind, funny, but she doesnt know how she should act around people she cares about, since she has never had any practice.
Description: Dark hair, usually wears jeans and a dark top, or a singlet top sometimes. She has a hoodie most of the time to cover her face. She has a scar on her forehead, medium height. When she is angry, her fists clench uncontrollably and thunder clouds form in the sky.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Corey (Percy's brother)
Short (or long) story: Neglected by her human parents. She goes to a new school and meets Corey, but they get attacked. Percy and Annabeth get there just in time and save them, taking them to camp. She is a near impossible case, here's her story.
She is born on the Winter Solstice, she is known as the 'Child of the Prophecy'. This is because they gods knew she would be fighting a large battle later in life, they each gave her a tiny bit of their powers, so now Nelle possesses the powers of each god, making her a massive target. When Hercules makes his comeback, she is the one who is meant to defend the camp.
Picture (optional)