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thehostxox posted on Apr 07, 2010 at 09:51PM
Playlist! I don't know if it's the official playlist that's gonna be in the movie or if it's just the playlist that Stephenie Meyer imagined for the movie. Either way - enjoy!

1. Soul Meets Body — Death Cab for Cutie
2. Papercut — Linkin Park
3. Futurism — Muse
4. I Wasn't Prepared — Eisley
5. Walking After You — Foo Fighters
6. Down In It — Nine Inch Nails
7. Blood — Editors
8. Pts. of Athrty — Linkin Park
9. Fortress Around Your Heart — Sting
10. The Ghost of You — My Chemical Romance
11. Because I Want You — Placebo
12. Stockholm Syndrome — Muse
13. As You Are — Travis
14. Smile Like You Mean It — The Killers
15. Don't Stay — Linkin Park
16. Just Like You — Three Days Grace
17. Consolation Prizes — Phoenix
18. My Name Is Love — Rob Dickinson
19. The Hand That Feeds — Nine Inch Nails
20. My Body is a Cage — Arcade Fire
21. Rescued — Jack's Mannequin
22. Original of the Species — U2
23. The Last Song — All-American Rejects
24. Beautiful Day — U2

Found it here: link

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas murri_gh said…
yes, this is the playlist Stephenie released for the book I don't know if any of them will be in the movie's soundtrack.
I especially love Wlaking after you, I wasn't prepared, as you are and rescued. It's great, each "represents" very specific parts from the book, it really puts you in "The Host mood".