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This Ang Magkakapatid na Jonas litrato contains business suit.

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As any true Jonas Brothers tagahanga knows, the Jonas Brothers are Christians and proud of it. It is amazing how they stick to their religion through all their fame.
Because of this, one thing has been bought to my attention. It is the way people are changing OMG to OMJ or OMJB. Taking God's name in vain, eg oh my god, is hard enough for the brothers to hear. But for people to replace God with Jonas! Can you imagine how offensive this must be to them? These boys are religious even through all the pressure of being famous. The least you could do is honor them sa pamamagitan ng not taking Gods, or their, name in vain.
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Chapter One; I. Need. To. Straighten. My. HAIR!!!

A/N: Frankie is 6, Nick is 14, Meredith is 15, Joe is 17, and Kevin is 19.

My name is Meredith Jonas, and my brothers and I are famous. Yay us. Yeah right.

With fame comes consequences, so some would say. Others just gape blankly in envy and vain, wishing desperately for the red carpet. I am ashamed to say that I was a part of the latter group. Only my story wasn't in vain, because it just so happened to be I was on the red carpet.

My brothers and I are in a band. Probably the most famous band in the country at the moment, or popular, whatever you...
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