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Source: My Lion King
1. Simba.

I think that Simba is very handsom, sweet, kind, brave, wise, and understanding. He was adorable as a cub and strong and handsome as an adult.
I can relate to Simba in many ways some madami than others but mainly the fact that he had to go through alot of hardships and trama in his life time. I somtimes I can't forgive others for what they did to me or my family in the past.


I pag-ibig Mufasa's pag-ibig that he shows twords his people and a family. And his willingness to sacrifice and risk his life to save his famaly from danger.


We don't know alot about Scar's mysterious past...
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is stirred into the air
sa pamamagitan ng his flop. The camera follows its path. It crosses the
desert. susunod we see Rafiki's hand snatch some it out of
the air. He sniffs it, grunts, and bounds down into his
tree. He pours the milkweed into a pagong shell, sifts
it around, and then eats from the same kind of prutas he
anointed Simba with. Examining the milkweed floss again,
realization dawns on his face.}

Rafiki: Dege? He's- he's alive? He he- he's alive! {He laughs}

{Rafiki grabs his staff, laughs in delight and draws a small
ridge on tuktok of the smeared chick painting, which resembles
a casque.}

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IMPORTANT!!! --> This artikulo is NOT saying that AU fanfiction isn't cool or shouldn't exist. Personally I LOVE Pagsulat alternate universe fanfiction and write a lot of it myself to study what fun other paths can bring. But I let my ideas and stories be known as AU fanfiction and nothing madami or less. And I DO still write on and like to discuss the actual official stories as well.

As in, this article's topic is something I wish to discuss for two reasons:

1.) The pelikula are the ONLY media created sa pamamagitan ng Disney and Disney has ignored the books and comics whenever talking about their pelikula and...
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Fluffy is what the cub at the end of The Lion King is called.The name was jokingly ibingiay to the cub sa pamamagitan ng the film makers during the production of The Lion King. It was never meant to be the cub's final name.

Fluffy looks almost exactly like Simba did as an infant cub: yellow eyes, golden-brown fur, tan underbelly and a kulay-rosas nose. The Major difference is that Fluffy has dark ear rings and Simba did not as an infant.

Girl or Boy?
Because the gender of the cub is never officially cited sa pamamagitan ng it's creators, the tanong often arises whether the film makers intended Fluffy to be a boy or a girl...
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What to say about this one? Did we need it? Did we ask for it? Not really.

But I watched it finally and now I can say... it was OK. The visual effects here are phenomenal just like Favreau’s nakaraan take at The Jungle Book. There’s also rare little moments of fresh storytelling that help differ this movie from the original, even if only about ten or twenty minutos worth.

I also had several problems. Like I sinabi above, there are a few moments that differ but pangkalahatang this is the exact same story from scene to scene just about. That includes many lines of dialogue taken straight from the superior...
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