Ang Opisina If You'd own a weapon store, who would you never sell a weapon to?

Pick one:
Michael Scott, would probably kill Toby.
Dwight Schrute, would use it for self defense.
Jim Halpert, would probably use it for a prank.
Pam Beesly, probably doesn't know what to do with it.
Ryan Howard, would shoot his way to the top.
Angela Martin, would probably shoot someone who gets to close to her cats.
Oscar Martinez, doesn't know how to use a gun.
Kevin Malone, would probably rob a donutstore.
Andy Bernard, has anger management problems.
Stanley Hudson, would probably use it to get a pay-raise.
Phyllis Lapin, would probably let Bob Vance shoot someone.
Creed Bratton, do I need to explain why not?
Kelly Kapoor, someone would take her gun to shoot himself/her, to stop the noise
Meredith Palmer, would get drunk and wouldn't remeber shooting anyone.
Toby Flenderson, would probably shoot himself or Michael.
Jan Levinson, is unstable.
Roy Anderson, has a bad temper.
Darryl Philbin, he would buy it to look cool with his friends.
Karen Filippelli, would probably shoot Pam so that she can have Jim.
 syaantjuh posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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