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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Dally’s Perspective

“Pregnant?” I whisper.

“Yeah.” She says, tears filling her eyes.

My first reaction is to hug her, but then I can’t.

It was my fault we were in this mess.

I needed to clear my head.

So I walked out.

I wish I didn’t.
She found comfort in a guy friend. She thought I was walking out on her.

But I wasn’t.

I just needed some space… Some time to sort things out in my head.

I needed time to adjust to the fact that I was going to be a dad.

Johnny is two now. And apparently the time we were apart, (Y/N) got close to (Your best guy mga kaibigan name), and now they were...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You knew that voice anywhere. That laugh.

You started walking towards him, your nerves coming through. “What if he doesn’t remember me?” You thought. But he couldn’t. You used to be best friends.

You walk up behind him, he was talking to that Johnny kid that you sometimes hung out with. He was also with Two-Bit.

“Still trying to grease that hair, hood?” You laugh from behind him.

He whirls around. “(Y/N)?”

You smile at him. He runs toward you a scoops you up into a big madala hug.

“Oh my god I missed you.” He muttered as he set you down, and began stroking your hair. Well that was… Different.

“Missed you too.” You squeezed him.

“Well look at what we’ve got here… Damn you were like, nine the last time we saw you? uy Ponyboy…She’s really uh ‘grown up’, hasn’t she?” Two-Bit laughs.

“Shut up,” Ponyboy mutters. But he was looking at you.

And you locked eyes.

Ad everything changed.
We drove back home, just a blink away from sleep. When we got tahanan I layed down on my kama and passed out. I forgot a kama was so soft. I woke up the susunod morning before Sodapop and Darry. But not before Ponyboy. I could hear him in the kusina cooking breakfast. I went to go wash my ash covered face then go help cook breakfast. I started to get the eggs for Ponyboy when I heard someone at the door. "Anyone home?" It was Two-Bit. Man, it's been forever. "Ya, don't slam the door.", parang buriko yelled back. He slammed it of course. It was quiet for a minute. That's odd. Usually we make so much noise the...
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 this is my copy of The Outsiders, the one i ipakita Ponyboy
this is my copy of The Outsiders, the one i show Ponyboy
*Ponyboy Online*

Ponyboy looked over the cover of the book. he put it back on the mesa and asked me, "is that supposed to be ME?" he was reffering to the face on the the cover, the one on tuktok of all the others; the largest.

"i guess so. i dont really know. i never thought about it, Ponyboy," i said. he looked at me and smiled. i dont know why. he didnt really have any reason to smile. and ya know what? he had a real nice smile. it just made me wanna jump up and down and giggle and grin. he had the same girl-stopping smile that i imagined his older brother Sodapop to have. it was cute and sweet...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You hear the music begin to play as you take hold of your Dads arm, nervous. Everyone is there, all of Ponys family, and all of yours. You knew from the minuto you met him you wanted to marry him, and it was finally happening. You see parang buriko standing at the end of the aisle. It's almost like he's a shining light, and you know that your supposed to be right beside him. You get to the end of the aisle, and your Dad hands you off to your only true love, Pony. He takes your hands in his and rubs your knuckles, mouthing "You look beautiful, Victoria." To you as the ceremony begins. You say the vows,...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You stand with your mga kaibigan in the corner of the school gym, all talking and laughing together. Today was graduation night, and even though you didn't have a date, you still went to the after party. Your mga kaibigan all tease you about Ponyboy, the guy you have been deeply in pag-ibig with since freshman year. You two were dating for the entire year, but ended up breaking it off just a couple nights ago. However, you still loved him, and could not get over him. It was hard seeing him laugh with the other girls at the dance because you wanted so badly to be the girls he was talking to. A slow song comes...
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After I told Steve and Soda about what had happened with Marcia, they kept on ranting on about how they're going to get me a new girl. "Is there anyone you've got an eye on?" Soda asked, as he smirked. To be honest, there wasn't really anyone. Well, at least that's what I thought. "Nah, not really." They both looked at me. "What do you mean, not really?" Steve asked in a 'Oooing' voice. Now both of them were smirking wildly. "I mean, there's no one I really like." I was lying through my teeth. I knew that I was slowly falling for Mary, but I could never tell them. Mary was my best friend, and...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
All week you where waiting for soda to ask you to prom, which is tomorrow, and you have ibingiay up on the thought that he might. Just as you where about to leave for school you opened your door and on the stoop there was a single red rose and a note attached that's said, "go to the place where we spend most our time at -S." A smile tugged at your lips while you where on your way to the park, the place where you and Soda spent most your time together. As soon as you reached the park on the gate there was a not that read, "Go to the place where ducks waddle and isda swim - S." And with that, you...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You were Nawawala in the sea of unfamiliar people, in the long gray hallway, lined with the ugly lockers.

So far, your first araw at your new school wasn’t going so well.

You felt your body slam into the cold, metal locker. Your books fell to the floor with a thud.

“Hey, I’m sorry.” You hear a boys voice say. “Let me… “He locks eyes with you. “…help you.” He finally finishes.

The kampanilya rings, and the flood of kids seem to have disappeared.

“Thanks,” you say, feeling the heat of your cheeks. “You’re going to be late.”

“Nah, it’s fine.” he shrugs. He leans down to grab...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Is it a hobby of yours, sitting out in the rain, pondering your life?” She asks, sitting down susunod to me.

I chuckle. I was sitting outside of the community college on the steps, waiting for Soda to come pick me up. He was late; as usual.

“Yes. I it’s quite refreshing actually.” I tell (Y/N), looking up at the rain.

“Cleanses the mind?” She laughs, sitting down susunod to me.

“Your hair is gonna get all wet.”

“I don’t care.” She shrugs.

“I thought girls cared about their hair. Especially girls with pretty hair.”

“You really think I have pretty hair?” She laughs.

“Yeah I do.” I grin.

“You don’t seem like the type to be all cute.”

“Well, maybe I like you that much to be that type.” I grin.

“Really?” She grins, tilting her head to the side.

“Really.” I smile, leaning in as the sparks fly.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You had just moved to Tulsa,Oklahoma. It was your first araw of school and you didn't know anybody at all. Luckily you are pretty smart and got to go to the higher level classes. You walk into the school and go to get your schedule. There's a huge crowd of students and it's hard to get through. You bump in to someone and drop all the books you had in your hands. Some kid says "Oh gosh, i'm sorry...let me help you" Your eyes meet and you dose off and i'll you can think about is how handsome this kid is. You stand up and he hands you the books you say "Thanks, I'm Brianna...I'm new here" he says...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You and your mga kaibigan were at Buck's party, while u looked over and caught Dallas Winston staring at you. He blushed and looked down at his feet while smiling. He slowly made his way over to u past all the crowds of people. "Hey Rebecca," he played with your hair as he looked into your eyes. You could tell he's been drinking because you could smell the alcohol on breath, "Dally, what do you want?" "You wanna go upstairs with me?" You rolled your eyes and let him lead you up to Buck's room. "Dally stop I don't want to do this!" Dally was trying to halik you, but you didn't want to, you liked him...
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posted by greasergirl96
ponyboy, i asked the nurse to give you this book so you could finish it. the doctor came in a while ago, but i already new it anyway. i keep getting tired and tired. listen, i dont mind dying now it was worth it, it was worth saving those little kids, their lives are worth madami than mine, they have madami to live for. some of their parents came sa pamamagitan ng to think me and it was worth it. tell dally it was worth it. im just gona miss u guys and iv been thinking about it. that poem, the guy that wrote it. he ment your ginto when your a kid, like green, when your a kid everything is new, dawn, its just,...
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Bam! You hit the ground with a thud.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry!” A boy about your age says, truly apologetic. He grabs your hand and pulls you up. You find his eyes, and you see how cute he is. He looks at you, stunned. “I’m… Really sorry.” He says as he stares into your eyes.

“It’s fine.” You blush. “I would have fallen anyway, I’m clumsy.” You say, brushing off your legs.

“Well if you did, I’d catch you.” He grins. “Anyways, I’m Ponyboy. What about you?”

“(Y/N).” You grin.

“I like that name. So.. Uh what brings you to the camp?”’

“I pag-ibig the lake.”...
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 this is Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny (in order from left to right) i accidentaly meet them at Dairy Hut when i go and get an ice cream!
this is Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny (in order from left to right) i accidentaly meet them at Dairy Hut when i go and get an ice cream!
intro thingy--this is going to be set in modern times and it has somethin to do with literary physics (which isnt real...i think). if youve ever read The Vampire Stalker sa pamamagitan ng Allison van Diepen then u will know wat i'm talkin bout. if you havent then READ THE BOOK. youll understand how most of this hapens. but literary physics is mostly like how...some authors write about other dimesions that they think r fake but r real which turn into their "fictional" books. and some "characters" tumawid over into the real world, which happens in The Vampire Stalker. its simple if u think about it :). but anyways...
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I got tahanan from school and just lite up a ciggerete, when Darry walked in the room.
"Didn't I tell you to do you'r homework before smoking any of that shit!" Darry sinabi angrily to me.
"I will get right on it when i'm done Darry."
"Don't you talk back to me boy! Get on it now." He emphasiezed on the word "now".
Now Sodapop walked into the room, and Darry walked out, grabbing my ciggerete and putting it in a ashtray before he left.
"Hey Pony. Do you want to come to a party with me and Two-Bit?" Sodapop asked anxiously.
"No I have to do my homework. Darry's orders."
"Come on can't that wait?...
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 you and Two-Bit <3
you and Two-Bit <3
You had been watching re-runs of Mickey mouse in your room, wishing you could see your boyfriend, Two-Bit, but you’re grounded. You slipped off your jean shorts and started looking for something of Two-Bit’s that you could wear. As you paghahanap for his paborito hoodie, you hear a knock on your window. You look and see your paborito greaser guy standing there. You slide open the window and he kisses you before you could say something. You pulled away from him and whispered, “What are you doing here? You know I’m grounded!” He climbed into your purple room and wrapped his arms around...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
The two of you laid you clothes out on your bed. You washed them then hung them up. Ruthie slept over that night. You two woke up early cause of your mom. "What mom?" "You have school today" she sinabi and walked out. "Fuck" you sinabi and found Ruth awake. "Can I borrow a dress or whatever?" "Yeah whatever dress you want" you said. You got ready in a white puntas dress and blue flats. Ruth got ready in a poka dot dress and red Flats of yours. It was a good thing the two of you were the same size in everything. You walked to school. You went though your classes. You walked in and sat down sa pamamagitan ng pony....
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You and Ponyboy are at a water park for the day. You two are waiting in line for a tubing ride, and you're freaking out. It's known as one of the scariest there, and your really afraid of rides. Ponyboy convinced you to go on, and now that you've waited about a half oras to get on the ride, you can't back out. The line is moving quickly, and you guys are almost next. You grab his hand, squeezing it. "Ow!" He jokes. "Ponyyyy, I'm really scared." You say and pout. He grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him, giving you a kiss. "Everything's gonna be fine Cat, relax." He says. You just sigh,...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You open your eyes and roll over to see your boyfriend, Johnny, snoring away. You giggle at how cute he is when he sleeps. He slightly opens his eyes. "Morning beauiful." he says. You give him a halik on the cheek "Go back to bed, I can tell you're tired." You get up, walk into the bathroom and start the shower. While waiting for the water to warm up, you get the tsokolate cake from the night before out of the fridge and cut a piece for Johnny for when he wakes up. You go back to the bathroom, and get into the shower. You begin to shampoo your hair and dance around in the tub while singing....
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