ang kapangyarihan ng mga tanod How to get Saban and Toei to copyleft the Power Rangers franchise

RangerRebirth posted on Aug 29, 2016 at 03:36AM
This isn't necessarily a rant, but it's something I've been thinking about for a while now. With how Power Rangers has always been a corny superhero show, the newer seasons are experiencing the worst brunt of that right now, and I honestly think that's what's causing the popularity of the franchise to rapidly decline. If you think about all of the different adaptations there have been, it makes you wonder how many of them can the current creators make before they beat the franchise to death. The only things that are still keeping the franchise on life support are the newer seasons that kids still watch, the toys from the newer seasons, and the upcoming movie (which is only because of nostalgic reasons). Because there's fan-fiction that's better than the newer seasons, and because some Power Ranger fan-films have been made though the advent of crowd funding (before Saban attacked the creators for false copyright infringement claims), we as fans should start a movement where we demand Saban and Toei to change their copyright policy to a copyleft one, so we can help improve the franchise, and so we can have the freedom to make our own versions without getting harassed for it. All Saban and Toei need to do is allow fans some creative freedoms though Creative Common licenses, and both them and us can benefit from it. I would recommend creating a petition, but the problem with that is because they're fairly big companies, they can choose to ignore petitions. Any ideas on how we can make this happen?

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