ang kapangyarihan ng mga tanod Power Ranger Contest!

Robertoiglesias posted on Jun 06, 2017 at 08:30PM
Hi everyone. I am going to have a contest with the power rangers! I will post a theme from a character and you will find a picture related to it. After about a week of posting pictures, the poll will begin! After about a week, I will find the top 3 winners and give them prizes(and to everyone else who participated).
*1 picture per round
*Only appropriate pictures
*Don't copy someone else's picture
*Please don't vote for yourself
Prizes :
1st place: 30 props
2nd place: 20 props
3rd place: 10 props
Participating: 5 props
I will also become a fan of you if you participate at least once.
Note: You don't have to post a picture for every round. Thank you!

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