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 Brick interview.
Brick interview.
Narrator: So Brick, what's it like being the leader?

Brick: Oh... I personally think it's a great honor.

Narrator: There has been rumors that you are the brains behind the plans of the Rowdyruff Boys. Is that correct?

Brick: Precisely. I come up with all of our plans of attack as you have seen...

Boomer and Butch: (from the background) Liar!

Brick: As I was saying before I was *RUDELY* interrupted... *I* come up with all of our plans whether the boys want to admit it or not.

Narrator: I see... so I want to ask you... I hear that Butch likes to call you "Mr Mom". What is that about?

Brick: Oh that......
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 Bubbles Boomer Blossom and Buttercup at the park
Bubbles Boomer Blossom and Buttercup at the park
Narrator: Last time...
Bubbles: *crying*
*Blossom flies in*
Boomer: BUBBLES! *Whispers to himself* THANK YOU!
Blossom: Just as I thought!!!
Narrtor: If you want to find out the rest you're going to have to press something that says "Bubbles and Boomer 1" Let's go on to see what happens.
Bubbles: Thanks Boomer!
Boomer: Your welcome. Shall we?
Bubbles: Yes.
*Those two go rollar skating*
Buttercup: What do we do?
Blossom: There's only one thing we can do! C'mon!
*Buttercup goes with Blossom*
Narrator: Later.
Bubbles: That was fun! Let's go again sometime.
Boomer: yeah how about Saturday?
Bubbles: Okay!
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 Blake and Blazey
Blake and Blazey
(This is when Blossom and Brick are married and have a boy and a girl. Blake (orange eyed, and has kahel shirt, and black pants, and rrb shoes, 5 taon old boy, brown hair that is short on the left and long on the right.)And Blazey ( Has Brick's eyes and wears a red dress with a stripe across and has Brick's hair from when he was a kid and ppg shoes.)

BRICK: Okay kids. Watch!

(He dials a walang tiyak na layunin # and waits for someone to pick up. Someone does and he says something.)

BRICK: Hello ma'am, OH SIR! Sorry! owe 30,000 dollers to us, the Bank of America. Goodbye!

BLAZEY: DADDY! Why did you that?...
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Narrator: So Boomer, what's it like being the cute one?

Boomer: It's fun! I get free kendi and toys sometimes.

Narrator: I see. Well, if there's one thing, that is special about you, is that you are not afraid to ipakita who you really are.

Boomer: Uh huh. My brothers often get embarrassed sa pamamagitan ng me when we are in public but they are jealous because I can be girly and manly. I'm the best of both.

Narrator: Interesting. I must ask you, explain your manly side for us?

Boomer: Well, I like to eat beetles, and... uhh... I kick butt, but for crime fighting purposes only. Hmm... and put on some of Brick's cologne...
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 Bubbles really sad Boomer is gone
Bubbles really sad Boomer is gone
*tear hits Boomer on the forehead**Boomer starts to wake up*
Boomer: Huh? What?
*Bubbles opens her eyes*
*Boomer Sits up*
Boomer: What are you talking about?
Bubbles: I'll tell you when we get inside.
*Both walk inside*
Bubbles: I need to talk to somebody. You can go upstairs and wait for me. Okay?
Boomer: K.
*Boomer goes upstairs and waits for Bubbles in her room*
Bubbles: Okay. Who's idea was it to spy on me?
Buttercup: It was her!
*points at Blossom*
*says angrliy and sarcasticly*
Blossom: Thanks for letting me off the hook.
Buttercup: Oh don't mention it!
*Buttercup leaves...
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 Yup, dat bee dem!
Yup, dat bee dem!
Okay everyone, these are their kids! I got this from 3 years ago, and I had it saved on my computer, so these are NOT made up. All the other ones like Kitten and all that crap, not real. No offense Kitten and the others. But cartoonetwork posted this stuff,So this is an artikulo about what it said. I painted the picture though.

Okay, Blossom and Brick's kids are simple to explain: Blake is first. Blake: He is a hyper loud-mouth, who likes to play LOTS of video games, and be really rowdy, like his dad. His signiture color is orange. His paborito cousin is Billy, who I will explain...
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Well another normal araw for the rowdyrights...Bash is on the sopa reading,Blake is punching his meat,and Breaker coloring a flower.You went to pay Breaker a visit since nobody ever did.Knock!Knock!Knock! "Hi(__)! Do you need something?" asked the raven haired boy." actualy.. but do you want to go to the park?" "Sure i`d pag-ibig too!" exclaimed breaker as he embraced you into a madala hug."BYE BASH!!!BYE BLAKE!!!" as soon as he closed the door,he grabbed you hand causing you to blush."W-What are you d-doing Breaker?!?" "well since you cant fly(___), i have to fly you there!" "Wuhhh?!-GAHHHHH!!!"...
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[ lets start with the greens]

bc; that jackass butch made go on adate with him
butch;ready kauro
bc;yes to die
butch; why babe
bc; toget away form you
butch;if u dont want to go on a petsa then we can go to the park
bc;thanks i guess
butch;come down
[in the park]
bc;so butch not to be noise but why did u ask me out
butch; well bc i guess i like u
bc; but u should know that were enimies
butch;we use to be
bc;soo wat do we do know
butch;one to get an ice cream
bc;ok race u there
butch;fine but lets make it intresting if i win u have to pay and if u win ill be ur servent for a week
bc; deal
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 Where's Buttercup?
Where's Buttercup?
NARRATOR: I always thought they'd like each other...

BUTCH: We better get back. We don't want everyone to think we've gone missing.

BUTTERCUP: You're right, lets go.

(The 2 fly off back to the PPGS house.)

BUTTERCUP: You go in through the door, why I go in through my window.


BUTTERCUP: So no one will suspect anything!

BUTCH: Oh yeah...

(Butch knocks on the front door why Buttercup flys through the window upstairs, causing the window to break.)


(Butch starts to laugh.)

BUTTERCUP: What's so funny?!

BUTCH: OH! Um... nothing.....


(Blossom opens the door, and...
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 Yellowfang, again. THIS IS A BAD PICTURE OF HER! O.o
Yellowfang, again. THIS IS A BAD PICTURE OF HER! O.o
NARRATOR: Poor Buttercup!

YELLOWFANG: Obviesley, your a kitty-pet.

BUTTERCUP: A w-what?

YELLOWFANG: Kitty-pet. You can put your claws back in now. You can trust me.

BUTTERCUP: Why sh-should I trust YOU?!

YELLOWFANG: Ugh, no one ever trusts me!

BUTTERCUP: Probably because you attack people when not wanted to be!

YELLOWFANG: Look kit! I'm just trying to protect my pack! Intruders and enemys will be KILLED!

BUTTERCUP: Grrr........

(Another cat sees them and comes swiftly around the corner.)

CAT: Yellowfang! What is the meaning of this?! Who is that kit! Surely not from our pack!

YELLOWFANG: Tigerclaw!

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 Alex and Blue. Blue is the black one and Alex is the blue one.
Alex and Blue. Blue is the black one and Alex is the blue one.
NARRATOR: What's that noise in Townsville woods?

WOLF: Trust me Alex, this will be cool!

ALEX: Blue, you'd better be right. My paws hurt from running so long.

BLUE: Sure is!

ALEX: Isn't it weird how my balahibo is blue?

BLUE: No. Why?

ALEX: I just think it is.

BLUE: Well it's not.

(Suddenly they came out of the woods and spotted a house.It was Buttercup's house. They could hear kids outside playing on the trampoline. It was dawn.)

ALEX: Blue, do you hear that?

BLUE: Yeah, this is the place. I found it the the other day, I don't know what that big thing is the two-legs are jumping on.

ALEX: That's a boundy...
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 Butterscotch,Billy, and Blitzy fighting.
Butterscotch,Billy, and Blitzy fighting.
PROFESSOR: Butch! Buttercup! Wake up!


PROFESSOR: The machine is ready!

BUTCH: Cool!

(He gets up and runs to the lab, fallowed sa pamamagitan ng Buttercup.)

PROFESSOR: Alright every one, this machine will ONLY speed up time. Not bring you back to the age you were. Ready?

BUBBLES: Wait, how old will we be?

PROFESSOR: Just wait and find out.

(The professor presses the button and it warps them into time. The girls are 28, and the boys are 29. And oh yeah, they have kids.)

BUTTERCUP: Ugh, where am I?

????:MOMMY!!!! MAKE HIM STOP!!!!

BUTTERCUP: Huh? Whoa! My vision! Has it come true?

????: Mommy, Billy is being...
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NARRATOR: What is Buttercup doing?!

(Buttercup stops herself before she goes off the edge.)

BUTTERCUP: What am I doing?!

(She sits there on the edge, crying. She misses Butch terribly. She waits till' Bubbles and Blossom go tahanan with Brick and Boomer. Then she goes back up to Butch and starts whispering susunod to Butch's ear.The night is falling. Finally night comes.)

BUTTERCUP*whispering*: The way I lean down to halik you...I lie awake and miss you...cause' I'll doze off ligtas and soundly, but I'll miss you're arms around me. I watched the araw turn to night blue, but it's not the same without you......
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 Butch and his video games...(of course.)
Butch and his video games...(of course.)

Role: Butch is the toughest of the Rowdyruff Boys.

Personality: Butch's personality puts the "rowdy" in Rowdyruff. His personality is like that of a typical little boy. Like Buttercup, he likes to play rough and fight. He also is mostly the bully of the group. Because of that, Butch is the pinagmulan of the arguments he has with his brothers. But don't let the spikes and nails fool you! Butch actually has madami of a soft side madami than Buttercup does. Like Brick, he prefers to bottle it rather than ipakita it most of the time. Butch is also a very jealous boy.

Intelligence: Butch is the least intelligent...
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 Blossom and Bubbles at the park
Blossom and Bubbles at the park
Narrator: Here we are, the city of Townsville.
(We see the park)
Bubbles: *crying*
(Blossom flies in)
Blossom: Bubbles, Coulm down. What's the matter?
Bubbles: *Talking through her tears* Boomer and I were going to go rollar skating But HE NEVER SHOWED UP!*starts crying again*
Blossom: *feeling a bit sorry for her* Aww it's okay Bubbles! I'm sure he's right around the corner.
Boomer: LET ME GO!!!!! I HAVE A petsa TO GET TO!!!!
Brick: Boomer, this is for your own good and you know it!
Brick: No!
Boomer: GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!...
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he A PPGZ AND RRBZ pag-ibig story

Blossom: come on bc we have to go to school
Bc: im coming
Ms.kean: hello class I want you guys to meet
3 new students. come in a say you names.

Brick: sup im brick
bommer:im bommer
butch;yo im butch

ppgz:no way
princess:ms.kean can brick sit susunod to me
kean:no brick sitting susunod to momoko bommer behind mikayo and butch susunod to kaura.
(lest begin with the reds)
brick:hey blossom (with a smirck)
momoko;firts of all my name is momoko and 2 of all why do you think im blossom
brick: I know your blossy cuase of your belt
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