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This The Vampire Diaries TV ipakita litrato might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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I'm starting a series of articles.

Introducing...the Mysterious Mind Of series! Every artikulo will feature a different TVD character. Yes, I take suggestions for mga panipi and such. No point in requests, because I hope to write these artikulo for all the characters anyway. No, I will not be using my shipper mind to write these.

Each artikulo will comprise of

> A listahan detailing the composition of that character's brain
> Up to 18 scenes that the character was awesome in, including mga panipi if necessary
> Opinions section that will hopefully be updated with your comments
> Coming up next, so...
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I just made this story up, when I got bored at the laptop. Plus, I like Pagsulat stories, I hope you like this one.
And its just for fun. So, enjoy reading.


I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling heavy and uneasy.
My mind rushed through the memories. I pushed myself back to sleep not remembering any parts happened earlier. Bonnie. Bonnie, I thought. She had been killed sa pamamagitan ng Katherine. Oh, God. She can’t be! She can’t be dead! My fingers harden the unan so I could hardly breathe. I felt moisture rushing to the surface of my eyes. I shouted, nor pouted....
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Matt Davis discusses The Vampire Diaries Season 8 and where we find Alaric Saltzman when the series returns. We also asked him to name his tuktok 3 paborito Alaric moments. Can he choose only three? Check out the video to find out.
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