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Elena’s fingers touched the carpet and her eyes opened slowly. Damon’s heavy body was lying on her light one and she tried to push him off, in which she failed miserably. There was tsokolate on Damon’s chin and Elena couldn’t help but halik it off. Her lips went up higher and kissed his. Damon groaned sleepy and cuddled up against her bosom. “Damon?” Elena gently pushed his shoulder. “Damon, I need to get up. I need to get to school” “Mm” Damon disapproved. “Call Ric” As he mumbled Elena could feel his lips soft on her breasts. “I can’t risk getting late on my third araw of school, Damon” she sinabi trying again to get Damon off of her.
“It’s a Saturday, Elena, there is no school”
And so Damon had no intentions of getting off. He lifted up his head. “There’s cake in your hair” he noted as if he was talking about the weather.
“Now, how could that have happened?” Elena sarcastically replied. She gathered all her strength and pushed Damon off of her, causing him to stumble backwards off the couch. He didn’t get up. “Damon?” Elena called worried. She hadn’t pushed that hard and he was a vampire. She crawled to the other side of the sopa and looked down, but Damon was gone.
“Damon, stop playing these stupid games!” she shouted annoyed. Then she heard water streaming. “You have to be kidding me” she mumbled in herself.
She walked to the bathroom and opened it.
“Hey!” Damon yelled.
“Shut up!” Elena yelled back. “You got room in there for two?”
“No” Damon said, which was a total lie.
“Well, suck it up, I’m coming in anyway” Elena said. She removed the curtains and felt how ice cold water soaked her hair and clothes. Damon was attacking her with the showerhead. “Ahhh! Damon, you retard! Stop it!” She quickly closed the curtains and shivered, looking worse than a minuto ago. She dried her hair with the towel Damon was going to use.
“Teach you for trying to lurk at private objects” Damon said, pagganap reproachful.
“Oh, there was something to see then?” Elena scoffed.
The curtains opened again and Elena felt another stream of cold water. “Ahh!” she shrieked and she hastily left the bathroom.
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“So, how you planning on celebrating?” Stefan asked. “Eighteen, that’s a milepost, we should definitely do something unforgettable”
“I know something” Elena said.
“You do?” Stefan asked curious. “Please, share”
“I could dump you and start dating Damon. Sure that would be unforgettable” Elena chuckled, but she was the only one who thought it was funny. And she soon noticed. “I’m joking” she sinabi quickly. Stefan’s face went back normal and he inhaled deeply. “Can we agree on something? We don’t pronounce my brother’s name today, alright? Today is our day...
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