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Bonnie was in the guest room of her house. A suitcase was lying open on her kama and she threw clothes in it. Damon’s clothes. She had unpacked them, because she believed she could keep him longer in prison. But that vampire asong babae Katherine had ruined her malicious plan. Damon was as good as free, he would drink human blood again, so he’d be stronger again. It would be just a matter of time before he came back for her to kill her.
When she was done she put her hand above the suitcase and let it float out of the room, downstairs. She opened the front door and unlocked her car. She opened...
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Rachel looked around her at the police station when someone called her.
“Can I help you, ma’am?”
Rachel looked up and saw Sherrif Forbes standing a few yards away from her. “Eh, yeah, I want to ulat a disappearance”
“Maybe we should talk about this in my office?” Liz offered and she guided Rachel to her office. “Have a seat” she sinabi when she placed herself behind the bureau. Rachel sat down.
“Someone went missing?” Liz asked, staring sharply at Rachel.
Rachel, feeling uneasy, moved on her seat. “My husband, Gabe. He hasn’t been tahanan in a few days. We had a fight...
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Damon was sitting on his knees, in his cell, his hands chained above his head. Bonnie sat behind him and stroke with her middle finger over his naked back. It was pitch dark, but somehow she managed to see everything she needed to.
There was a small jar of a colorless liquid susunod to her. She dipped her index finger in it and pulled it out again. She waited five unbearable segundos wherein she could hear Damon’s hectic breathing. She placed her finger on his shoulder blade and starting from there she formed letters. Though Damon only groaned, she saw him grasping the chains and pull his back,...
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Elena and Damon were walking back home. They had spent the rest of the araw at The Grill and Elena had beaten Damon in a darts game. A small part of him wished she could stay this way. She was fun, she liked hanging out with him and she didn’t talk about Stefan that much. But he fell in pag-ibig with the real Elena. The one that saved his life and that stayed with him while he was sick from Tyler’s attack. Elena clung on his arm and shoved with her feet. “My legs hurt” she moaned. She looked up at Damon, with a tuta stare in her eyes. “Don’t look at me like that” Damon sinabi teasing....
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“This morning the body of deputy Greg Ferrel was found on a parking lot. Investigators say the death cause is yet unknown, but the body seems to be drained of blood. Looks like that popular vicious beast has returned”
The camera was pointed at the corpse which was covered in a black body bag and a litrato of a mid-thirty taon old man with blonde hair was shown.
Bonnie shut the telebisyon down and sniffed. She turned around and headed to Damon’s ‘bedroom’. She entered the space, but before she could say anything Damon said: “I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me” Bonnie sharply looked...
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The susunod morning Stefan woke up on the ground susunod to Elena’s kama of which he’d apparently had fallen off. He scribbled up and looked at Elena. She looked so peaceful, her arms wrapped around her teddy bear. It was almost a shame to wake her up. But he did anyway. He leaned pasulong and kissed her cheek. “Psst, Elena? Wake up, sweetheart. The sun’s already up” Elena stayed asleep. Stefan carefully tapped her arm. “Elena?” Elena made a violent ilipat with her arm and nearly slapped Stefan, if he hadn’t stepped backwards. She groaned and turned on her other side. Stefan grabbed the...
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I swear I don't have any idea how this happened. I'm Pagsulat it down on the notebook I begged Damon to get for me, because I think I'm going crazy. The last buwan has been one of the most terrifying I have ever gone through. I should have never gotten in the damn car. I shall write until I die, and this notebook shall probably be destroyed... but if it isn't I heed you to take my advise. Stay away from the vampires.
“Damon” I whispered, too quietly for anyone of the surrounding persons to hear. The music had slowed to a deep...
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posted by _DarkPhoenix_
The vampire pag-ibig tatsulok that spawned hundreds of thousands of fans-and inspired a major new dramatisation shown on ITV -concludes in this powerful final volume of The Vampire Diaries. In Midnight, golden girl Elena Gilbert is back from the Dark Dimension, having successfully freed her vampire boyfriend Stefan Salvatore from imprisonment. Saving Stefan had an unlikely consequence: his vampire brother Damon Salvatore has become a mortal. While the trio reels from this latest twist, they must still deal with the demons that have taken over Elena’s hometown, Fell’s Church. As in every L.J....
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This story happens after Nightfall. It's a Donnie-book ff. It includes spoilers, some violence and some sensuality. Not suitable for readers under thirteen years.


Bonnie was resting in Damon’s arms. It was such peaceful place… Every time she was with that monster, she would feel impossibly safe. How could that be?
Bonnie didn’t have the answer, but she would stay there forever anyway.
“Are you hungry or thirsty, baby bird? I know you need to feed madami often then I do.” Damon asked breaking the silence while stroking her hair.
Her stomach was already complaining about the lack of...
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Elena parked her car in front of the Boarding House and got out of it when Bonnie walked out of the house. Elena quickly walked to her with fierce steps. “What are you doing here?” she snapped upset.
“Elena, please, just hear me out” Bonnie begged. She reached out her hands, but Elena pushed them away.
“Did you talk to him?” she asked mad. Bonnie nodded. “But he wouldn’t listen to me. He wanted me to leave” “Why would that be?” Elena sinabi sarcastic. She pushed Bonnie aside and ignoring her tears she ran inside.
“Damon?!” she shouted.
Damon was sitting on his knees, collecting...
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Jeremy ran to the backdoor, which was the closest from the basement. He opened it and limped outside.
Veronica was furious. She hysterically banged the door and screamed for Jeremy to let her out. She conjured her phone and dialed a number.
“Jack, I’m in trouble. Jeremy locked me up in Rachel’s basement. You have to come here”
Jack sinabi something back.
“Oh, right, of course. You’re busy” Veronica nodded. “The window…No, I didn’t think about that. Okay, I have to hang. Thanks for the tip, Jack” She hung up and walked to the window. She caught a glimpse of Jeremy’s legs...
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Ronnie opened the door to let in whoever was knocking. “Seriously, flowers? Can you say cheesy?”
Tyler put the bulaklak in Ronnie’s hands. “This is me saying I’m sorry”
“And it took you seven days to get those words over your lips?” Ronnie asked sarcastic.
“No, I just hoped you’d be madami forgiving sa pamamagitan ng now” Tyler answered. “Can I come in?” Ronnie looked around as if she wanted to check if he’d come alone. “How did you find me?”
“Eh, Caroline’s mom is the sheriff of Mystic Falls. It was pretty easy” Tyler confessed.
“Oh, I see” Ronnie sighed. “Well, I suppose...
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Bonnie’s diary,

Two months ago....

In my heart, I am writing, let this be a testament to the wonders that I witness today; the wonders of this creature that I am; the wonders of that being that keeps staring at me.

Dear diary,

He looks so yummy, .........I wonder if.......Lord no! I should not think about those things, it’s a sin of the soul. Maybe he’s just one of those furry, cuddly creatures, all bark and no bite. It would be a waste for a man to have such a banging body if he doesn’t know how to screw.

Gosh! I suddenly feel so filthy, thinking all those impure thoughts about him.
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“I can do this all night long, you know” Charlene sinabi a little bored. She had been cutting into Tyler’s body if she felt he wasn’t answering her tanong in all honesty. And so far he hadn’t any answered any tanong in all honesty. “I’m wondering” she sinabi slowly and sinister. “if you’d be so unwilling if it were Caroline hanging here”
“If you touch her I’m going to rip your head off!” Tyler snapped threatening.
“Yeah, good look with that” Charlene replied sarcastically, with a look at the chains. “Okay, I’ll make it easy for you. Answer one tanong and...
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It wasn’t until they were three blocks away before Derek braked and carefully looked at Damon. “Before you say anything, let me explain” he started. Damon still fell short of words and so Derek went ahead. “Veronica was Kelsey’s best friend. They met on college and she came visit Kelsey on daily basis. Since I was seeing Amber I had contact with Veronica, too. When Kelsey died Veronica came to this town for the funeral. She knew I was here and she contacted me. She sinabi that if I really loved Amber I would do anything to kill the creature that killed her”
“Kelsey killed her”...
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1)Her hair is naturally curly.
2)She thinks that the hottest celebrity guy right now is Sam Worthington.She loves Avatar.
3)The celebrity ost poeple say she looks like is Emmanuelle Chriqui from Entourage.
4)Her favourite thing to eat for breakfast is Kashi Oatmeal and Blueberries.
5)She just bought an Audi Convertiable.Ian Somehalder went with her to the dealer so she wouldn't get ripped off.
6)She is an arachnophic (afraid of spiders)
7)She is dying to visit Australia because she wants to meet a boy from there?Plus she loves Surfing,warm weather,the tabing-dagat the accents and Kangaroos.
8)Her dream co-star would be Ryan Kwaten (from True Blood)He's awesome.
9)She never leaves her house with her CoverGirl LashBlast mascara.
10)She tells everyone to get The Secret Language of Birthdays.It's a massive book on horoscopes- it's so accurate,it's amazing.
Comparisons are easily done
Once you've had a taste of perfection
Like an mansanas hanging from a tree
I picked the ripest one
I still got the seed

You sinabi ilipat on
Where do I go
I guess segundo best
Is all I will know

Cause when I'm with him
I am thinking of you
Thinking of you
What you would do if
You were the one
Who was spending the night
Oh I wish that I
Was looking into your eyes

You're like an Indian summer
In the middle of winter
Like a hard kendi
With a surprise center
How do I get better
Once I've had the best
You sinabi there's
Tons of isda in the water
So the waters I will test

He kissed my lips
I taste your...
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Don't read this if you have not read Midnight because i am going to talk about it!

Okay so, I just finished midnight and i am about to explode because i have no one to talk so tell my opinons about it with!

First of all i felt really sorry for Seftan when he was like i am sorry i kept you and damon apart! I am so annoyed at Elena because she has Sefan who will always pag-ibig her and never ever be mean to her and she is off cheating with Damon even though one minuto he is nice and the susunod minuto he seems to hate her!

And also i really want Damon and Bonnie to get togeather because they have had all these monents and he ovbiously cares for her. And she loves him! even stefan realised that! so i just hope that some how he will pag-ibig her or get over Elena.

(SPOILER)I mean at the end he thought of bonnie as well as Elena, so she must mean just as much to him.

So there is what i had to say. I would be very happy to here some other opinions also.
posted by delena-elemon
Sooo from my fanpop name you probably already know that i am rooting for delena loool yes im not going to deny i do want delena to happen and as quickly as possible, but what i truly want from this season aswell, is damon to be loved and appreciated ,i may pag-ibig delena but i do pag-ibig damon more, and not only because of his good looks looool,but because i believe he has sufferd so much,he had endured so much pain and made a great amout of sacrafices ,and i think there needs to be an end to that.So for this season i want elena to do most of the chasing and i want Damon to take a step back because...
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Bonnie was sitting with Keith in the cafeteria, having lunch, when a nurse came her way. “You have a visitor”
“I’m eating” Bonnie replied.
“He sinabi it was urgent” the nurse said.
“Fine then” Bonnie sinabi and she stood up and followed the nurse. When she got back at her room she had to pinch herself to make sure she was not hallucinating.
“What are you doing here?” Bonnie asked very surprised.
“You thought I wouldn’t figure it out?” Damon asked arrogant.
“You didn’t” Bonnie shook her head. “Katherine did”
Damon made a step forward. “How do you know that?...
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