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Katherine was sitting on a chair. A row of small stakes pinched each arm to the arm-rests and a special kind of muzzle kept her mouth shut. The muzzle also had stakes, smaller than the arm stakes, and they pierced through Katherine’s jaws. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” Veronica sinabi demeaning. “Actually, I’m not. You had this coming. You broke in here, you threatened me” She took a chair and put it down in front of Katherine. “Such a pity Derek chose the wrong side. If he hadn’t Damon Salvatore would be sitting susunod to you”
Katherine managed to produce a smirk.
“Oh, don’t be so smug” Veronica sniffed. “I’ll get to him. He’s the one that killed Kelsey. He will die a slow and painful death” she said, madami to herself than to Katherine. She stood up and walked to a corner, where she picked up her cross-bow. “In the meantime” she said, while she aimed the crossbow at Katherine. “I have you to have fun with” and she fired.
Jeremy entered the Grill. He still had some time before school and this just couldn’t wait. He looked at the bar and to his relief Veronica was on duty. He walked to the bar and sank down on a stool.
“What can I get you, kid?” Veronica asked with a demeaning look.
“Do you have a serbesa mat? And a pen?” Jeremy asked secretive. Veronica gave him a serbesa mat and a pen and Jeremy scribbled something down. He shove the mat to Veronica.
“I want in” it said.
“You can’t just sign up, you know” Veronica said. “I need to know I can trust you. Isn’t your sister involved with vampires,...
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Caroline parked her car on the parking lot of the school. Since Damon didn’t have a car anymore he couldn’t drive them and either way, Damon nor Elena minded being banned to the backseat of Caroline’s car.
“We’re there” Caroline said, excited and nervous.
“Yeah, you go ahead” Damon mumbled, before he kissed Elena.
“Come on, guys, not in my car” Caroline reproached. She stepped out of the car and walked around to Elena’s door. She opened it and pulled Elena out of the car. “Try to restrain yourself a little” she sinabi with a sharp look at Elena.
Elena turned to Damon....
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Elena gazed upon Damon’s face. She gave him a soft halik on his lips and stood up then. She walked to the doorway and leaned against the open door.
Damon opened his eyes and sat up when he saw Elena lurking at him. “What are you looking at?” he smirked.
“I’m looking at my boyfriend” Elena smiled mischievous. “The one I had great makeup sex with last night. Though I did most of it”
Damon raised his eyebrows. “Are you kidding?” Elena shook her head. “No. I mean you were just lying there” She opened her satin dressing toga and revealed a blue bra and matching panties. “Want...
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Katherine entered the Boarding House. She wasn’t the kind of vampire that got bossed around and so she would tell Damon she wasn’t going to take his crap. After all, it wasn’t her fault Rebekah had forced her blood on Elena and neither could she help it Rebekah had compelled Stefan not to stop her. She had warned them to drink vervain, but no, don’t listen to Katherine, listen to Bitchekah, who you barely even know.
She walked into the living room and was shocked sa pamamagitan ng what she saw. Damon was sitting in a tatsulok of apoy and Bonnie was holding his hands. Breathing heavy she walked to...
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Elena opened the door of the Boarding House. As she passed the living room she saw Damon sitting in the couch, his back to her. She wanted to sneak away, but…
“Elena! Get your asno in here now!” Damon said. He sounded furious and so Elena rushed to him. She looked at him and startled. She had never seen him this angry.
“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” she asked careful. Damon looked at Stefan, who came out of the study room.
“I’m sorry, Elena. I thought he knew” he sinabi sad.
“Knew what? What is going on?” Elena exclaimed.
“Will you stop playing dumb?” Damon sinabi angry...
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“Where’s Barbie?” Katherine asked when Stefan was standing on the front porch of the Boarding House. She had gotten used to the sight of him with Rebekah.
“She’s out, doing something” Stefan explained vague. “Can I come in?”
Katherine shrugged and let him pass. Stefan turned around. “I’m looking for Elena. Is she here?”
“No, she’s at school. You should know that” Katherine sinabi uninterested.
“Not anymore she isn’t” Stefan said. “School’s over”
“Then she’s probably at the Grill” Katherine said, a little annoyed. “What do you need her for anyway?”
“I want to apologize for what happened last time she came over” Stefan said. “And I want to make sure she’s okay. I mean, I know Rebekah’s blood already left her system sa pamamagitan ng now, but still, it must have freaked her out”
He looked at Katherine who stared at some point behind Stefan. Stefan quickly turned around and saw Damon standing in the doorway.
School was over and Elena was walking outside sa pamamagitan ng herself. Caroline and Matt were talking, while Tyler was watching them from afar. As soon as Elena was out of school area someone grabbed her arm and pulled her along.
“Hey!” she exclaimed when she saw Derek. “What are you doing?”
“I need to ipakita you something” Derek sinabi excited. Without awaiting Elena’s approval he dragged her along until they were standing in front of an old building.
“What is this?” Elena asked. “Did Damon put you up to this?”
Derek shook his head. “He doesn’t know” He opened the door carefully...
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Rachel was cleaning her house. It was the only way for her not to think about what she had done. She was vacuuming when someone rang the doorbell. She unplugged the vacuum-cleaner and walked to the front door. When she opened she came face to face with the person she least expected.
“Hi, Rachel.” Veronica said. “I’m back”
“I wasn’t expecting you” Rachel sinabi sheepish. Ronnie conjured a huge smile. “Can I come in?”
Rachel couldn’t come up with an excuse to send her away and thus she stepped away, letting her pass.
Veronica walked to the kusina and noticed the vacuum-cleaner....
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Jeremy turned his computer off when his phone rang.
“Hi, Elena. Did you get the results? It’s not something bad, is it?”
“Jeremy, I need your help” Elena sinabi quickly. “I’m not in the hospital anymore”
“What? Why not? Where are you?” Jeremy asked confused.
“I don’t have time to answer that” Elena sinabi nervous. “You have to do something for me”
“Okay, what?” Jeremy asked.
“I need you to go to the cops and ask them what they’ve done with Damon” Elena said.
“What? Elena, I don’t get it” Jeremy said.
“He’s had an accident” Elena explained quickly....
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These doors need to be oiled, Keith thought as he opened the door of Bonnies room. He walked to the kama and sank down.
Bonnie turned on her back in her kama and opened her eyes a bit. When she saw Keith her eyes widened and she sat straight.
“What the hell are you doing here? Go away! I’m going to call security! Get out!” she hissed.
“Ssshh” Keith said. “I’m just here to watch you sleep. Isn’t that romantic?”
“No!” Bonnie whispered loud. “Not if you’re the one watching”
“So, you’re not going to sleep, because I am here?” Keith asked. “Well, in that case, we might...
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Elena was lying on a hospital, surrounded sa pamamagitan ng her friends. She was awake and a little annoyed.
“I’m fine, I want to go home” she said.
“You fainted, Elena. You need to slow down a bit” Caroline sinabi bossy.
“I just have a low blood pressure, which is no surprise” Elena sinabi pointing at her neck.
“Well, the doctor wants you to stay here for the night” Stefan said. “And I agree with him”
“This is a conspiracy” Elena sinabi grumpy.
“We can stay if you want” Jeremy suggested.
“And stop me from leaving, right” Elena said, figuring her brother out. “No, you can all leave,...
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Stefan looked around him. Rebekah had brought him to a party for which they weren’t invited. But she had used her charms to have the owner of the house to invite them in. “What are we doing here?”
“Doing groceries” Rebekah replied. She let her eyes glide over the guests as if she was comparing products.
“I have blood bags” Stefan said. Rebekah gave him a disgusted look. “I’m not eating deep fried food. I prefer it to be fresh. Sure you agree”
“Blood is blood” Stefan said.
“There” Rebekah pointed at the corner left from Stefan. “He looks yummy”
“Rebekah” Stefan...
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Rebekah and Stefan were walking hand in hand in the shopping kalye when Rebekah squeezed Stefan’s hand and nodded in front of her.
“Isn’t that your friend?” she asked. She nodded at Elena who was walking their way, though she didn’t seem to notice them. They accelerated their steps until they reached her.
“Hi, Elena” Stefan said.
Elena startled and put out her earphones. “Stefan, geez, you’re going to get me a puso attack someday”
“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you” Stefan apologized with raised hands. “Rebekah saw you walking”
Elena looked at the girl who smiled at...
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Elena, Caroline and some other people were standing sa pamamagitan ng their lockers, getting ready to go home.
“How come Bonnie didn’t show?” Elena asked, pagganap careless. Caroline focused on her books she was putting in her locker and avoided Elena’s stare. “I think she’s not ready for it yet” she sinabi uneasy.
“She’s not ready for it yet? Okay, that’s…completely understandable, ibingiay the things she’s been through” Elena replied sarcastic.
Caroline averted her head and looked at her best friend with a sad expression. “She’s not ready to face you guys. She’s not ready to see...
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“You sure no one’s going to bust us here?” Derek asked a little concerned. They were standing in the gym.
“Positive” Damon said, with his eyes on a paper. “According to this paper there are no gym classes for the susunod couple of hours, so I think we’re good”
Derek nodded. “Okay” he said, still not sounding very reassured.
“Look, I don’t want to do this, so shut up and stop whining” Damon sinabi short. Derek looked at him a little upset. “Sorry. I’m a little peevish. I wasn’t expecting to see you ever again and it definitely wasn’t on my pasko list”
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Tyler stared at Ronnie over his glass. She had been telling all about herself. It was quite a lot. Her parents both lived in Charlottesville. She had a brother named Jack, but he was out of the picture. She was interested in supernatural stuff and had heard Mystic Falls was full of it. And now she stared at Tyler with an expecting look.
“I want to know madami about this town ”
Tyler frowned. “There’s really nothing to tell” he sinabi avoiding.
“Yeah, right” Ronnie sinabi in disbelief. She searched her handbag and took out a newspaper and held it in front of Tyler.
“Police finds bodies...
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A twenty-three taon old woman entered the Grill. She was wearing a sleeveless mid-dark blue blusa of which she left the three upper and lower buttons open so her belly button was seen, a black leather mini palda and high heels. Her dark red hair was tied up loosely and she wore heavy makeup. She headed to the bar, very well aware of all the eyes on her back.
“I hear you’re looking for a new bartender” she sinabi to the man behind the bar. He nodded. “You’re signing up?”
“I need a job” the woman said. “And I like to socialize. I like to talk. I’m a good listener”
“Do you...
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The door of the Boarding House opened and Elena entered. She looked around, but didn’t see anyone.
“I’m hooooome” she called.
“I’m heeeeeere” Damon called back. Elena threw her schoolbag on the ground and ran to the bathroom. She opened the door and saw Damon lying in the tub. She bent on her knees, lay her hands on his cheeks and kissed him passionately. Damon went with his fingers through her hair and pulled her closer.
“I missed you” Elena sighed between two kisses.
“I missed you too” Damon sinabi soft. Elena slowly pulled away. “Can you tell me why you’re in bath right...
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I don’t even need to tell you how many times he saved Elena.
He was willing to be killed sa pamamagitan ng Klaus just so Elena could talk to Stefan
He’s always the one who saves the araw yet he lets someone else get all the credit.
He was willing to take away Elena’s memories while he was gone even if it meant she’d still be mad at him.
He was the one who offered to take away Jeremy’s memories about Vicki.
He returns Elena’s kuwintas every time she loses it.
Took a shot from Vanessa to save Elena.
Followed Elena into a mountain and helped her look for Stefan even though it was extremely dangerous.
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