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xgilme posted on Nov 29, 2013 at 09:04PM
Let your imagination run wild! Create a survivor or walker and give them a back-story. Also (if they are a survivor) list their preferred weapon of choice. Feel free to list friends and family of this character. Have fun with it!

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas WondersSoExotic said…
Name: Miranda

Middle-name: Anne

Surname: Zachary

Gender: Female

Age: 19, born on Sept. 23rd.

Weapon of Choice: A GLOCK V.2 Pistol, and a blunt base-ball bat.

Occupation: Writer/ Part-time Cashier at Kroger's.

Family: Mickey Zachary (Brother/deceased) Dana Zachary (Sister/unknown) Julia Zachary (Mother/alive) Kingston Zachary (Father/un-dead) Alex/Lana Zachary (Child/Un-born)

Friends: Maggie & Beth Greene (Good friends), Darryl & Merle Dixon (Merle = Father's friend, Darryl = Close Friend) The Grimes (Family friends) Sasha (Best Friend "BFF")

Allies: Greenes, Dixons, Grimes, & Sasha.

Enemies: The Governor, Negan, & Lily Caul.

Fears: Death, Her Mother's Death, Heights, & Being to blame.

Dreams: Before Apocalypse: Becoming an amazing writer, and having a great garden. During Apocalypse: Finding a secure place for her mother, and baby. Also to find her sister Dana.

Karma: Good.

How she was found: Yelling in a cellar, from contractions, her mother was with her. She was found by Darryl, Carl, told them they were being cornered, and had to climb out a window back to the prison.
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 Name: Miranda Middle-name: Anne Surname: Zachary Gender: Female Age: 19, born on Sept. 23
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Thats actually pretty good for a back story sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Thank you sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Screaming_Death said…
Name: Mason Sparrow


Occupation: NFL Player 2007-2009, Planes,Robots ect. engineer 2005 - 2009

Weapon of Choice: Metal gadget crossbow and a grenade launcher

Family Tree:

Vivian Beans (Mom,dead) --------- Benjamin Sparrow (Dad,dead)

Elisa Sparrow (Sister,dead) - Calvin Miller Mason Sparrow (Me,alive)

Jose Miller (Nephew,Alive)

Relationship: Darryl ( Best Friend) , Merle (Don't get along that much) , Maggie ( romantic interest ), Glenn (Rival) , Rick (Good friends)

Backstory: Mason never that when he ran it would take him somewhere. He was getting chased by a prankster in a car while I ran and found his way on a football filed.He went to collage for free. He got drafted to the New England Patroits but got injured quickly. He started making robots and making planes. In 2010, Was walking in the street getting followed by these creepy people.He didn't know what the hell they were. As he ran he got pulled by Darryl inside a store to his safety.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ox1996 said…
Name: John Carver
Age 39
Karma: Like rick he starts of wanting to help as ,any as he can but quickly discovers that all cannot be saved and certain situations cause him to act in a way he never thought he could. He will kill anyone who threatens his friends or loved ones with ferocity and brutality. He tries to do the right thing by his people even to the point he would sacrifice his own life for them.
Occupation: US Army Rangers 5 tour veteran
Weapon of choice: His Bowie knife or anything he is able to get his hands on.
Family: Sarah Carver wife dead Samantha Carver daughter dead
Relationships Hershal ( father like figure) Rick (great friends) Shane (rival)
Backstory: Carver joined the military as soon as he turned 18 and became a army ranger for over 20 years. When the outbreak occurred he was at the time at fort Benning, his CO told him that your squad was to help the Atlanta safe zone so they tried to evacuate as many as they could but eventually lost the city to the walkers and rioters. His CO refuses to evacuate them and tells them that they are fireboming the city in 15 mins. Carver and what's left of the military in the area get on a truck and drive out of the city leaving thousands of civilians to their deaths a decision that haunts carver to this day. He eventually stumbled across Shane and Lori and headed to the nearby quarry where he told his wife to meet him.
Weeks after the destruction of the city Carver Glenn Andrea etc head into the city to get supplies and come across rick grimes carver saves him from the tank and the two become closes friends.
Over the next series when they plan to head to fort Benning carver is hopeful that it may still be operational but has doubts as the complex is never radio silent. When Carl is shot carver runs ahead to hershals farm. As the series goes on carver begins to become more brutal when killing and is not above killing the living even telling rick that we do what we must to survive. When the governer attacks the prison he tells Samantha to go with maggie and that he will be right back he then Attacks the governer protecting rick until michone puts her sword through his chest. As carver helps rick up to the prison the tank shoots and his the wall above them causing it to collapse, carver quickly pushes rick from harm and is apprently killed. Rick and the group mourn the loss of their friend. S4 ending shot shows the walkers crowded round a cell with the sound of a Gun being loaded we see a figure smoking a cigar, he leans forward showing a bloody carver he racks the pistol back and holsters it. He has an bandana round his head to stop the bleeding. He flicks the cigar from his hand, pulls the Bowie from his chest holster and walks forward to the walkers.
Towards the end of S5 Carver makes it to Alexandria and is greeted by all of his group. Rick tears up and asks how he survived. Carver explains about the prison fall and walking past sanctuary and finding Beth and bobs graves. He asks about his wife but is told she was bit and they eased her passing. Samantha runs from around the corner and carver runs towards her and picks her up, he crystal and holds her tight.
"I thought I lost you baby girl"
Carver goes into the house and showers for the first time in months, dirt and blood roll of his skin and hair and he begins the laugh. He shaves his long beard to a short beard and shaves his head. Carver is extremely jumpy the first couple of days pulling a gun on people who jump out on him or nearly killing them when they approach from behind. All this due to his time on his own out in the wilderness fighting by himself for himself. He confides in rick that he had to do things that rick might judge him for.
"I was on my own rick no supplies I had one clip for my pistol and a knife for the first couple of weeks and I came across this family they had meds that I needed for my head. The wound had become infected and I needed new bandages and antibiotics so I tried to trade what I had but the man he pulled a gun on me told me to get lost I pulled my knife and killed him but his wife started screaming bringing all the dead ones around so I had no choice but to hold her she tried to get out and scream but I snapped her Neck.
They boy just sat there, turns out he was but and his mom and dad were feeding him meds to keep him alive, so I put him out of his misery and headed on"
Rick looks at him and stands back
"We have all done the worst kinds of things to survive"
"Some more than others"

Sorry some parts arnt in detail
If you like it I will continue the story
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas i3kittys said…
Name- Anne Louise Robinson

Nickname- Annie

Age- 18

Gender- Female

Pre-apocalypse job - None

Firearm - Crossbow and two pistols on a belt

Meelee weapon - Two Swords on her back

Looks- Dark Pink Shirt with Worn Jeans, medium long brown hair, brown eyes (She's actually really pretty)

Personality- She's smart and doesn't listen to other people unless she agrees with them. She's quiet and thoughtful, and she acts quickly by her emotions. If someone she cares deeply is about to die, she chimes in to help, and she never dies doing it.

Catchphrase- "Kill now, mourn later."

Love Interest- Daryl Dixon

Enemy's- Sasha, Rosetta

Occupation - Supply Getter

Walker kills - She doesn't count her kills

Human kills - 18

Days in the apocalypse - Since the beginning

Friends- She's friends with Rick, Michoone, Carl, and Carol. Her best friend is Daryl, she can see through him and help him quickly.

How she was found-
She was in the woods running away from the herd of walkers, and she climbed into a tree. She saw a wall, so she tried using the branches to get there. Once she got there it was night, and the people protecting the wall were sleeping, she didn't wanna take a risk that they could hurt her, so she slowly got out her pistols. One of them was awoken by the other, and they pointed to her, she stood completely still for a few minutes. "Hello" she said in a scratchy voice, it was the first time in months that she was with another human being. They both stared at her, so she talked again more clearly this time,"Hello? Please, I don't want to hurt anyone, I just need a place to stay away from the-" the tree cracked. She looked down and saw the walkers trying to take it down. She almost screamed, and looked back at them. Putting her pistols away she said, "Please, I just want peace.. Please help me." They stared at her then one of them went down, and the other one whispered,"Don't worry, it'll be okay. We'll help you." The tree cracked again. And the man came up quickly with a large wooden board. She whispered slowly as the man put down the board,"Well, if I die, then I die." She walked slowly onto the board, and then sprinted across it into the mans arms. He quickly let her down and then backed away. Another man down the stairs with brown hair and needed to shave, looked up at her and smiled, "Welcome to Alexandria."
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Tr3ndsetter said…
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Popokalo said…
Name: Pewds (real name Kayden)
Age: Late 20's
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kinda brown/blond hair, wears reading
glasses, has a fuzzy chin, black eyes, wears a blue
sando and white board shorts, white skinned, lean
body type, also wears a neon orange bag
Occupation: Lifeguard (Pre-apocalypse)
Personality: He is calm and soft-spoken man. He
is also a loving and caring person especially to his
family and friends, but has problems with his
temper. He gets angry sometimes even at simple
things. He has a good sense of humor and a
jokester. Overall, he is a kind and compassionate
person but can also become ruthless for those who
threatens his loved ones.
Weapons of choice: Glock 19
Hunter's knife
A steel pipe
Baseball bat
Family: Kelsy (Ex-girlfriend/Unknown)
Unnamed (Mother/Deceased)
Unnamed (Father/Deceased)
Relationships: Rick (Brother-like figure)
Darryl (Good Friends)
Enid (Love interest)
Alignment: Good
Doesn't share his backstory, only thing they know
is that he was born and raised in a beach house in
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas YashaAngel said…
Name: Revi Paths
Gender: Female
Hair color: faded crimson (from hair dye)
Eye color: green and blue
Height: 5'4
Race: Japanese/white mix
Family: Mother(deceased) Father ( deceased) Rin Paths (older brother/alive)
Personality: Cold, acts on impulse but empathetic
Abilities: despite her size her is very fast and strong, extremely fixable and a master of Judo
Weak points: Not a people person, can't work with others, emotionally unstable, one the verge of a psychotic break.
Weapon(s): throwing knives, Bō staff, occasional pistol
Human kills: 1 (out of mercy)
Relationships: Daryl (mentor/brother figure) Rick ( elder) Glenn (Deceased, brother Figure) Maggie (sister figure) Edin (friendish) Carl (best friend/love interest) Judith (older sister figure to Judith)
Backstory: she was a normal teenager that loved anime and read novels,comic books, and manga. she never had many friends because she prefers to be alone. She was at the top of her P.E. class but wasn't great at core classes. Her parents barely talked to her or knew she existed. Her older brother was the golden child of the family. she doesn't remember the beginning of the apocalypse but she remembers the years over the period of the apocalypse. She became a member of the group by unsuccessfully attacking Carl . She was up in tree and saw Carl below her and she dived on top of him holding a knife at his throat. He flipped her over and held a gun at her head asking "who the hell are you" her response"Just a servant of Satan" she said with a smile. Her brother was found by Daryl and they were taking hostage but then were later valued.
Group Job: Spy/medical helper
Clothing: Her hair is usually pulled back in any way, but it is cut short later for survival reasons.She has a Ying necklace while her brother has the Yang half. she wears a pair of black and blood stained converses. She hates dresses and skirts so she usually wears jeans, leggings or cargo pants. when she was taken hostage, her shirt had tears all over so now she shares shirts with Carl and Edin. She has a pair of fingerless leather gloves that she only wears when she fights with the pistol.
Likes: Comic books, books, Manga, quiet places, alone time.
Dislikes: large groups of people, Math, non-fiction books
Nicknames: bookworm, Yasha, blades, and “kid”.
Fears: Losing her loved ones and community members, Negan, and other people out side the community.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas RayJamesRaywerc said…
My character

Name: Tommy-James Wolf

Age: 17

Weapons : Dessert Eagle,Axe ,crowbar ,Sniper gun , grenade,

Ennemy: Negan and the saviors.

Friends: the governor.
Job: sniper support | mechanic.

Like: comic books, movie, video games.

Story: Tommy-James Wolf is an ancient soldier in vietnam
Tommy Find The governor in the prison after the season 4
he then helped the governor
It looked after its wound and both made an incredible duet
and figth the saviors
and try to find Rick grimes.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rick_Bad_Ass said…
Name: Mateo

Surname: Uribe

Gender: Male

Age: 13 years old

Weapon of Choice:. Pistol his dad gave him, knife his mother gave him and machete his big brother gave him

Occupation: 8th grader at John Adams Middle School in New York

Family: John Uribe (Father/Deceased) Sara Uribe (Mother/Alive) Jerry Uribe (Brother/Un-Dead)

Friends: Daryl, Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Enid

Allies: Carl (Best Friend)

Enemies: Negan

Fears: Negan, My mom dieing, Killing Jerry, Ruby Dieing (Girlfriend)

Dreams: Becoming a Master Chef/Pro Gamer

Apocalypse: Finding a safe place for my mom and girlfriend

Karma: No

How he was found: Rick and Carl find Mateo, Sara, Ruby in after a Negan kills Mateo's dad, Rick and Carl offer them to Alexandria and Rick starts acting like a father figure to Mateo and teaches him how to kill and warns him about Negan and next time Negan went to Alexandria he kills Sara, and Mateo threatens Negan but Rick saves Mateo from Negan and promises he will not do it again.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Richonne123 said…
Name: Daniel Ortega

Age: 14

Woc: A small combat knife he got for his birthday from his granddad. He has a lot more weapons to find but his favorite is a Colt Cobra as it is the luckiest find he has had.

Family: Adrian Ortega- His Brother who has been lost for a while. Amy Ortega- The mother who sadly died whilst saving Daniel from walkers. Aidan Ortega-His youngest brother-was killed by lucille and Daniel never got to see his face after the apocalypse broke out. He had no dad to begin with, Amy and his long lost father had him and then his dad ran away...

Friends: He is still deciding on who are his friends and who aren't. He knows who to trust and who not to trust...

Allies: Negan and the saviors... for now.

How he will be found: Daniel works for Negan right now and is part of the saviors. He comes from the UK and is with his brother Adrian. Adrian wants to get out and kill Negan but Daniel knows he will die if he tries. Negan will ask Daniel and Adrian to go with him to find Rick and the group so when he does they will go. They finally set off to go look for Rick's group, the Saviors eventually find Rick and is wanting supplies. Rick has no choice but to let him in, however, when Negan goes in Daniel sneaks into Alexandria and finds some place to hide, maybe 2 hours later, Negan leaves but Daniel is forgetting something, something on the trucks, it's his brother Adrian, he forgot all about him and just has to leave him to come back, Daniel is now stuck and doesn't know what to do, he drops his weapon and leaves both of them behind in his hiding place, he comes out with both hands up and Carl see's him. He gets Rick to come ask Daniel about himself, he goes rough because he knows he's a Savior but Daniel explains that he did this to escape Negan...

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ImLegends said…
Name: David Evans

Age: 24

Wtăia revolver. The black Z4Y model. He carries
a hunting knife with him and a spare Glock just in

Family: Nick Evans (brother) Tilly Evans (Sister)
Amanda Evans (mother) status: dead
Andrew Evans (father) status: dead.

Nickname: Evans.

Gender: Male

Friends: Cait Stevenson
, Preston Harvey, Jessica Houston (all dead)

Allies: Rick and his group. Hilltop.

Clothing: An white - red stained t-shirt, a red scarf
around his neck, a leather shot scarred black jacket
medium size black jeans (something like rick's
Pants). An black bull belt .

Sexual orientation: Straight. But was once kissed by
his best friend from school. As a goodbye before he
died. He remained shocked and silent.

How he met Rick? He was once the leader of a group
Fawkes. But when he declared war against Negan and
the Saviours. He lost most of his crew. Which led
him to a major loss and change for his life. He actually
Killed a helluva lot of Negan's men. But they were too
Many so he couldn't do nothing. After they lost the
Hardest part came. He had to shoot his very..own...
sister because Negan ordered to. After that very
moment his mindset and sight of the world changed
... forever. He wasn't speaking at all. He was thrown
into the jail where Negan keeps the prisoners
He was beaten
He only ate what was left from the Saviours, what was
thrown away.
He was spit and made fun of.
His eyes were red his arms were covered in veins.
His wrists were scratched and marked from the chain
That were around his wrists. His hands are clenched
But he is barely holding on. His hands are screaming
But his body wants more. He kept thinking about it
and then fell into a deep sleep. Eventually he was
Woken by the sounds of a group of people whispering
to each other.
He noticed that the door was cracked. But that still
didn't make him try and smash the door open. He
knew it won't work. So he just hanged around a little
Until he decided his next move. He planned to lure
one of the guys and then make them open the door
He knew it was a stupid suicide plan. But after standing
An month or so in the dark. His mind probably turned
inside out. So he shouted. Get ready guys we have intruders
then the guy pointed his assault rifle to the strange
noises. And timed himself, 1,2, THREE. And he smashed
the door entering which was followed by David trying to
strangulate the man that just entered in. It wasn't a
sucess really. David was in an very bad shape which led
to him being thrown on the floor, he was gun smacked around
the head. He was bleeding but got up grabbed a steel
pipe and hit the man in the ribs causing him to kneel
from the damage inflicted. And then smacked around
the back which was followed by David being shot by an
Xtype hunting crossbow in the leg. He kneeled also.
He was dragged and smashed to the concrete by the
other guy that was hit by the pipe. Then he was punched
around the face and got a nose bleed. A kid, about 15 or 16
came round and wanted to cap David. But then was stopped
by another man. Around his late 30s. He glanced at David
And asked if he is one of Negan's men. David did not reply.
The man asked him again. What is your name while lending
his hand to David saying "How are we supposed to take
you if you don't even reply to me." David. He r eplied
Great. My name is Rick , the guy that you hit is Glenn
This is my son, Carl. He is Daryl, he is Abraham. And she is
Evans..He said with an motivated tone.
David Evans..As he looked up and shooked hands up a new order began to
take shape.

I hope you enjoyed my characters "Bio" it was more like
a goddamn story. I made few mistakes. Feel free to
express your opinion. Safe.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas PrincessMystic said…
Hello! So this is my character!

Name: Neive Hyland

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Fire arms: hand gun

Close range: Machete

Clothes: a maroon long sleeved shirt, black leggings, jean
Shorts over the leggings, and turquoise converse. She also
Wears a blue bracelet with her name on it.

Looks: really pale, red hair, blue eyes, a few freckles, and
Usually has her hair in a French braid

Family: Kate Hyland(Mom,Dead); Joel Hyland(Dad,Dead);
Glenn Rhee(Adoptive dad,Dead);
Maggie Greene(Adoptive mom,Alive)

Friends: Carl,Enid, and Sophia(Dead)

Allies: Everyone else in the group

Enemies: Negan

Her story: Neive and her parents were at the Atlanta group.
Just kinda there until her dad gets bit and turns at night and
Bites Amy. Her mom gets instantly broken. Then, when they
Are on the high way she goes under the same car as Sophia
And runs into the woods to escape a walker. But, unlike
Sophia, she screams when a walker is on top of her and
Survives. When at the farm, her mom is scared that when
She dies Neive will have no one and die to. So, she asked
Glenn(who they new before the apocalypse) to look after
Neive if she dies. He says he will. Then, when the farm
Is invaded with walkers her mom dies. She is grabbed by
Glenn when her leg is almost bitten by a walker. (Random
Note) At the prison Neive shares a cell with Carl. Carl asks
Neive to go help him get the medical supplies when Hershel's
Leg is cut off. She goes and when Carl gives them to his mom
And he runs off because his mom says he shouldn't have gone
He head Glenn tell me," I have to know where you are? Ok?"
Neive says ok and Glenn doesn't get that mad about it. Carl
Then says to me "your lucky" Neive asks why she's lucky and
Carl says that she's lucky that she doesn't have parents
Bossing her around. Neive get really sad because her parents
Are dead. She responds and says " your lucky they are alive"
Neive started to dislike lizzie because she called her stupid for
Killing walkers.Skipping to the flu outbreak, Neive does
parol with Carl Because she thinks she can handle it just as
good as he can. She goes with Carl and Hershel to the
woods to get the leafs For the tea. When Carl and Hershel
just say to pass the walker Because there is no need to kill it,
she still kills it. Her reason Being "no one should be left like
that if possible". Then when the prison is completely attacked
Maggie puts her and Glenn on the bus as she goes back.
Then Glenn gets off the bus to look for Maggie. When the
bus is about to leave she goes off because Maggie and Glenn
still weren't back. She is left at the prison. When Glenn wakes
up at the prison he finds Neive alive on the other side. They
go out and find Abraham, Rosita, Tara, and Eugene. When
Abraham says that Glenn will never find Maggie Neive says
"You won't get to Washington" Abraham says "we are going
there right now" she says "we are going to find Maggie now
So we will get there to". Skipping more and just saying some
details, Neives bracelet is seen on someone at terminus and
Maggie and Glenn officially adopt Neive in the tunnel where
Glenn and Maggie met up. Skipping to Negan, Neive sneaks
Out over the wall and is captured by a savior. She is broken
Even more when she sees Glenn beaten with Lucille. She is
Then upset when Maggie tells her to stay with the group when
She goes to hilltop. She eventually goes to hilltop to be with
Maggie who is her only family member or closest thing to a
family member she has.

Ok so this is what I have so far! It's more of a story though. If
You want to her more than just ask! Ok thanks and bye!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Skeletongirl98 said…
NAME: Zoe Hanson

AGE: 14

LOOKS: short blond hair, blue eyes, glasses

WEAPONS: bow&arrow, shotgun, handgun, hunting knife, machete

CLOTHES: black tank-top, leather jacket, black skin-tight pants, long black boots

GROUP: Father(Curt)-40, fought with her for control of the group, but backed down, crush on Nicelle, wife died from walker attack, Zoe shot her
Nicelle-35, mother of JJ, husband died of cancer before outbreak
JJ(James Jonathan)-8, son of Nicelle
Dylan- 8, parents died during a walker attack, Leif saved her by killing them when they came back, crush on Leif
Leif-11, Zoe's brother

BACKSTORY: Zoe was at home for the outbreak, with her Father, Mother, and Brother. They ran and found a camp, met Nicelle, JJ, Dylan and her parents. Walkers attaked, and her mom died along with Dylan's parents. After she shot her own mom, Zoe challenged her father for leader of the group. He backed down eventually. Now the group is in a safe house in the outskirtsof Quartz Hill.
PrincessMystic commented…
Like it! Your character seems really interesting! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gillibean201x said…
Name: Kiyah knight

Look: average sized (6,1) blonde hair, skinny,

Weapons: machete or handgun or dagger

Group: her and her sister ( Avianna knight) or, green community

Family: father, jaydon knight (dead, eaten by walkers)
Mother, Mary knight ( dead, raped then thrown out the window to get eaten
Sister, Avianna knight (dead, shot threw head by survivors of green community attack

Dreams: (before Avianna's death; make Avianna survive the apocalypse to see the world)
After: make the rest of the group she knows survive

How she was found: she was scavenging for weapons for green community with 4 others then a herd showed up and she ran and found ricks group then went to green community for a partial home for the group.

Backstory(right before to begginging of apocalypse) from doing almost 8 surgeries in one week , she went home to her family to relax a little bit and have a vacation. When the outbreak occurred(Avianna is about 15) Kiyah protected Avianna with all her life. When things got worse, her family decided to go to Atlanta for a safe haven, while there they got out of the car only for her dad to get ambushed and eaten alive by walkers while screaming; " GO GO NIW! I LOVE YOU GOOO!" Her family jumped into the car and Kiyah drove out of Atlanta towards a house where her mom got raped almost everyday then threatened to race her and Avianna then during a herd, the guys threw her mom out the window to get eaten. The next morning to protect herself and Avvianna decides to drive away to scavenge. Then at a house they were slapping at, Green community found them and took them in.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gillibean201x said…
Oh I forgot,

Age: 37

Clothes: ripped jeans (covered in blood all the time) tattoo plus jean jacket on cold days/ nights hair always in a ponytail or messy bun. Converse high tops.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Nightcreed said…
Name: Damien
Was before apocolypse: Forensics Assistant,Detective,Technician
Weapon of Choice:Bow,Katanna,and throwing knives
Skill:Stealth,Strategy,Martial Arts,Escape artist,and hunter
Armor:Motorcycle Gear with tinted helmet
Transportation: Four wheeler
Back story:i lived in a city in atlanta that was overrun the army came over with tanks and firepower but
failed to kill all the undead including my mother and father the survivers went into battleships
that brought us to a stranded island that wasn't to far from another city to build a shelter and survive
now we have a a whole camp with a steel wall around it we have more than enough
fire power to survive in a couple of years but now it's my time to go back and find my mother and father
although they failed to get on the battle ship they might still be alive so I'm gonna head to the place they told me they might end up and that place is called Terminus and I'm going alone with all the things I've learned and studied I can survive I snuck a motor boat to the city every night and trained ways to escape and fight the undead and I know I'm ready
Camp name: Prisma island
Parents:Emily and Warden
Siblings: Andy(younger brother age 13)
Agenda: Finding Emily and Warden
Race:Asain American
Friends:None Yet (I mean he needs to meet Rick)
Walkers killed:unknown
People killed: 0
Damien will meet Rick saving his life from the inside of a totally different city then
Damien will take off his helmet and Rick starts to trust him because he has alot in
common with Glen
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rosie1232 said…
Create your own character in the TTG Walking Dead.
Here is the blank you need to fill in.

Name- Kayla Stewart

Age- 17

Gender- female

Pre-apocalypse job - Wendy’s

Firearm - assault rifle

Meelee weapon - knife

Clothes - oversized pink hoodie, jeans, black runners

Personality- kind, out-going, dense, likeable, determined

Likes - cheesecake, oversized clothes, children, her friends,

Dislikes - walkers, being provoked, being teased, being alone,
Bugs, the dark

Walker kills - 198

Human kills - 13

Days in the apocalypse - been in the apocalypse since she
Was young, one year younger than Carl when it first started
Currently 17

Friends- Ricks group. Best friend- Carl

How Rick found her- she was in the forest when she came
Across Rick and Carl going on a run she followed them and
She accidentally stepped in a trap which caused her to scream
Carl came running in her direction and he saw Kayla, Rick chased
After Carl, than seeing Kayla with her leg injured cause it got
Stuck in a bear trap, Rick agreed to take her back with them
And got her all healed up soon Kayla and Carl were best friends
And she started to have feelings for him, Rick totally new about it
To cause Kayla was so obvious, she loves to talk to Beth about
You know girly things and she is settled down with them now
She plans to be forever .

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas kirils266 said…
Name: valeri

Middle-name: monov

Surname: Blazkovich

Gender: male

Age: 37 born on aprill the 26th

Weapon of Choice: an russian made AK-47

Occupation: artist/boxer for ufc. won 23 belts

Family:sergei blazkovich(father) anna blazkovich(dead mother) andrei blazkovich (brother) daina merislov (crazy ex girlfriend)

Friends: no one but his family, and his ex.

Allies: the secret russian group no ones ever heard of.

Enemies: the frontier

Fears: being born in ukraine

Dreams: he wanted to become the best ufc boxer until hes armed broke. he was in hospital and found out his arm was disconnected from his whole body.

backstory!!! The crazy killer was born in the middle of russian and ukrainianborder, or say chernobyl. he after got evicted from there and had a lot of injuries from the mutated dogs. he went on to purue and boxing career and then had a very bad injury where his whole arm was disconnected ftom the brain, hell it was disconnected from everything. its like his arm was gonna fall off. lots of implants wereput in his arm. but then. his mother died. she *dead* for 2 weeks straight! when she woke up she attacked his father. to this day his father is infected.

zombie kills: 69320
human kills:nearly the whole new frontier

days in apocalypse: since his mother got infected!
4 months ago kj376 said…



look: tall blond blue eyed


age:14 born august 28th 2005

pre-Apocalypse job:McDonald's

fire weapon:carbine repeater two sawed off shotguns and two pistols

melee weapon:sword

clothes:brown boots blue jeans black leather gloves and a plague doctor mask and cloak

family: father john Jackson age 40 deceased mother Amelia Jackson age 38 deceased sister Kara Jackson age 18 alive brother Seth Jackson age 16 alive

nickname:the black death

friends:Dan mills and mike Johnson

allies:family Dan mills and mike Johnson


fears:death him turning in to a zombie the world not turning how it used to be

personality:shy stealthy strong if someone hurts his family or friends they will pay

likes:food good loot and giving

dislikes:zombies or bandits

days in they apocalypse:since the start

walker kills:12,9879

human kills:136

backstory:him and his parents were once kidnapped then him and his parents were shot three times in the head and left for dead but he survived and is presumed dead and now he wants his revenge

dreams:he hopes the world will be a better place and him and the rest of his family will live through it