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posted by LILYLOVES1D
We pag-ibig a talented brother sister combination,Timomatic's little sister took to the stage on The X Factor Australia and blew us all away!

Timomatic was of course fully supportive of his little sis, tweeting earlier in the night with 'YO Oz , My sis will be on @TheXFactor tonight so make sure you tune in... #Soulsister'

23 taon old Tabitha Omaji was completely at tahanan on stage pag-awit 'American Boy' sa pamamagitan ng Estelle, and the judges loved it just as much as us!

Nat bass nagkomento 'I pag-ibig Timo and I pag-ibig you! You've got your own thing going on!'

Guy Sebastian chimed in also, joking 'What is your mum giving you guys? It's crazy... your voice is like a proper soul sister voice... really great'

Even Mel B was impressed, saying 'You kept my attention from the start to the end of the song, I absolutely loved it.'

I think we'd better get ready for 'Tabomatic' to take Australia sa pamamagitan ng storm -- Do you agree? Check out her performance on YouTube!
posted by LILYLOVES1D
Timomatic, who released his self-titled debut record on Friday, sinabi he suffered for his art while shooting the Incredible video in the Snowy Mountains recently.

"I did ask the video crew if they realised I am a warm-blooded man born in Africa when they told me we were going to somewhere called Guthega," he said.

"I didn't mind dancing on

the snowfields because the scenery was nothing short of incredible, but I was only wearing a dyaket and T-shirt so between takes I was putting on a trench, a scarf, a hat, gloves, anything I could wear."

The Incredible video also features his first on-screen pag-ibig interest, Texan model Breanna, who just happened to be in Australia for the casting call. But Timomatic's girlfriend Talia Fowler needn't worry about any on-set chemistry spilling over into real life - Breanna is already long gone.

"She's got a boyfriend, I've got a girlfriend - I was doing my job," he said.
posted by LILYLOVES1D
name: Tim Omaji
born: Nigira
siblings: A older brother and sister and younger sister, perents

Tim was born in Nigeria and moved to Sydny Australia when he was 10 months. His dad was a academic and was sent to Australia for academic reasons. His hole family moved over. His parents now live in Nigera.

Ar the age of 15 Tim was nikenamed Timomatic sa pamamagitan ng his mates because of his danceing skills. Timomatic stunned everyone when he showed his dance moves!

Timomatic has been on So you think you can dance and was a fine list. He didn't win!

Timomatic was on Australia's got talant 2011 and was singer dancer, he performed LMFAO Party rock anthem and that was it strait to tuktok 3! The tuktok 3 were Jack Viden, Cosentiono and Timomatic. he came 3rd!