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posted by islandgirl02468
Tina turner is a name we all recoginze beautiful person and singer.But what does tina yurner really feel inside hurt and abuse.From 1960 to 1976 she was married to ike turner.She had kids with him.They were really happy at first they made songs and everything together.But Ike had a problem he would abuse her beat her and multiple of things.Tina had enough of it she got a divorce.All she wanted to keep was her name Tina Turner because her real first name was anna something i don`t know what her last name was.When she was just a kid her mom took her sister and left her with her granmother.But when her grandmother died her mom took her back.And if you guys know her songs the song What`s pag-ibig got to do with it is based on how she was beaten how sad wright.Well there you have it TINA TURNER.