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posted by DxCisCute
Tyler:Married Lindsay but diforced her when Lindsay fell in pag-ibig with Edward Cullen.
Lindsay:Married Edward Cullen and her and Bella fight alot
Geoff:Married Bridgette and is a math teacher.
Bridgette:Married Geoff and owns a surf shop.
Gwen:Married Trent and is a artist,is mga kaibigan with Duncan and Courtney.
Trent:Married Gwen and is a rock star. Hates Duncan but is mga kaibigan with Courtney.
Duncan:Married Courtney and is a cop.
Courtney:Married Duncan and is the host of Family Feud.
Owen:Is boyfriend and girlfriend with Izzy and owns a meat shop.
Izzy:Is not crazy anymore and is a lawer.
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