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(Ok, so, in my mind, when Duncan kissed Gwen, he cheated on Rikki (and/or me), so, basically, this is Rikki's post break-up song that she wrote for Duncan. I hope you like it. :) )

I Just Want You To Know

I never knew what it was like to really be in pag-ibig until

I found you...

To put a smile on your face, I would go any place, and you

Know that's true...

When I first looked in your eyes, I knew you were the one

Even when it starts a'rainin', your smile brings back the Sun

I know we were meant to be... Won't you please come back to me....

You've always been my star...

You've always had my heart...

I might...
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Hollow: Isnt this ipakita PG?
Chris:Not anymore!!
Hollow: Then FUCK YOU!!
* They all get up and dress*
Chris:Ok Now its time to make the teams!! The Killer Compueters are Jared,Lisa,Hollow,Annie,Alice,Karen,Duncan,Courtney,Trent,Lindsay,Katie and Sierra!!
Catie:The Screaming users are Rayven,Natalie,Jade,Ava,Dawn,Gabby,Noah,DJ,Harold,Izzy,Heather, and Alejrandoe!
Chris: SO get ready ur First challenge will start soon!!
*At the Killer Computers cabin*
Hollow: *Hops on a bed*
Courtney: ilipat THATS MY BED!!
Hollow: TOBAD!!!
Courtney: *slaps her and they start fighting*
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posted by swiddlewiddle
"I, too, pag-ibig a good cat fight, but one with real Pusa who wear tiny boxing gloves." - Harold (2008: A puwang Owen)
"Oooh, your face, in my glands. Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, it's you and meeeee! And you and me makes weeeee! You. And me-e-e-e-e-e-eee, like butterknives we're free! We're freeeee!" - Lindsay (Rock n' Rule)
"Everybody knows that madami wars have been won with a shovel than a sword. Give a man a hole and what does he have? Nothing, but give a man a shovel and he can dig a hole to contain the nothing." - Harold (The Chefshank Redemption)
(in confessional) "I got some! Courtney's...
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posted by gwentrentever
 Gwen x Cody
Gwen x Cody
*plane lands*
Trent:hey Gwen
Gwen:ummm ugh, gotta run *runs away*
Trent:what the hell?
Gwen:*accendentaly runs into Cody and kisses him*
Cody:i never new u liked me
Gwen:I DONT! it was an accedent
Cody:so since u and Trent are yesterdays news, what do ya say we go out?
Cody:on monday?
Gwen:NO! IM NOT GOING OUT WITH YOU! *secretly blushing*
Gwen:FINE! 1 petsa and thats it!

Cody:YES YES YES!! IT IS SO ON!!!,...
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Yeah.. I made a tuktok 5 lest paborito couples. But I have nothing better to do so I decided to do this while I have nothing to do with my life. And here's the rules:
1:It has to be canon
2:You can't assume that your paborito couples would be on here.
3:You have to respect my opinion as it's.
ok we good now? Good! Let's get started!

5.Bridgette and Geoff
In season one they were great but as the series went on they were a snooze fest. I'm mean what happened you two used to be the best couple of the series why are you guys so boring now? Why are you guys so boring in tda it doesn't make since. In...
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Click Here For Episode 1: link

Click Here For Episode 2:link

Click Here For Episode 3:link

Click Here For Episode 4:link

Click Here For Episode 5:link

Click Here For Episode 6:link

It was the early morning when the campers had to wake up for the susunod episode. They walked to the meeting area and were startled to find Chris dressed as a Roman Soldier.

"Welcome to the susunod challenge. Can anybody guess what today's theme is?" Chris asked.

"Fashion?" Lindsay asked.

"Close, fighting." Chris replied. "Everyone pair up."

The campers obliviously paired up with their friends.

"You guys will be fighting each-other."...
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Chris was standing on the dock of shame. He was introducing the show; "Last time, on Total Drama Letters, the campers were ibingiay a dare each. The lousy thing was, only five people accepted it. With two people on their team who accepted it the Hunters won." Chris sad, "will Duncan lose it? Will Cody convince me that he didn't graffiti my caravan? What will the Hunters' reward be? Find out next, on Total Drama Letters.

Author's Note: do you like this format better?

The campers were peacefully sleeping when Chris got a blow horn and some earmuffs. He went inside each cabin and sounded it, waking...
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(I chose Gwen to interview Bridgh b cuz Courtney just got interviewed. Ya..... Just thought I should tell y'all that....ENJOY!!!!)

Bridgette waits in her seat. Her interviewer seemed to be late. She laughs to herself a little. Predictable Geoff.

Someone then runs into the room. Bridgette frowns seeing that it's not Geoff. Instead it was Gwen.

"I'm So sorry I'm late! I had to go get-" Gwen was cut off sa pamamagitan ng Bridgette. "Where's my Geoffy-poo?" she asks. Gwen rolled her eyes. "Nice to see you to." Gwen says sarcastically. 

Bridgette's eyes widen when she realises what she said. She then gives Gwen...
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posted by TDIlover4ever
Fay: Okay, Team Lollipops, go vote for who you want to get kicked off!

*after everyone votes*

Fay: If you do not recieve a lollipop, you must walk down the Dock of Shame, get on the bangka of Losers, and leave!

Fay: Kylie!

Kylie: *takes a lollipop*

Fay: Zoey!

Zoey: YAY! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: Lucy!

Lucy: Whoo! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: Kierra!

Kierra: Cool! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: ...Jar3d!

Jar3d: Yay! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: This is the final lollipop tonight...and it goes to...........................................................................ERICA!

Erica: YES!

Alex: What?! Why'd you guys vote...
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posted by KataraLover
 Bridgette as Sinderella one of the fanfics we had fun with
Bridgette as Cinderella one of the fanfics we had fun with
Me and my best friend Courtney did IM's it's something she made it'e where you do a story and act it out with a friend at first I thought it was wierd but then I started to have fun and loved them we made several like Heather and Bridgette, Lindsey Bridgette and the raper, Gwen and Trent, Bridgette as a mermaid princess, Bridgette as Sinderella and others one araw we were doing one of mine and then your mom got on while you were gone and it was wierd and then you left fanpop and I prayed to god every night that you would come back and I got you to come back and I hoped you would go online so...
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posted by Duncan-superfan
*Sakura Kiss*

AT 6:00AM:

*Karen is the first to wake up*

Karen:*gets out of kama and takes a shower* "2 min later" *yawns* Ok gotta get ready for school. *puts on uniform* *walks over to Sofies bed* Sofie wake up.
Karen:Sofie. *shakes her*
Sofie:*turns over*
Karen:SOFIE!! *shakes her harder*
Sofie:*still sleeping* mommy plz leave me alone. *rubs nose*
Karen: SOFIE WAKE THE F*** UP!! *pushes her off the kama into the hottub*
Sofie:Karen WHAT THE HELL! *swims over to the edge of the hottub and gets out*
Karen:Im sorry. BUt its your fault you picked the kama RIGHT beside the hottub!! *wakes to...
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posted by mississippigril
it was a cool spring araw when the worst araw of my life happend to me but im ahead of myself this started 3 weeks nakaraan when me and goeff were at a party for duncan and courtney and since goeff was a cop courtney ask to pretend to arest duncan as a prank well it went over good till duncan cursed him out .well susunod thing i know i got a call from some dude named Tylen Jeanice who asked to speck to goeff bouht 5 min. later geoff was packing his bags i sinabi "were do u think ur going" "i got a job offering"i didnt have time to think before i found myself cying my eyes out that pretty much all i did...
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posted by Duncan_Courtney
I have SO MANY DAMN PICUTRES! so here's a few. Just tell me if you need more, ;D I got tons!

don't mind all this crap I juat have 2 make it longer

If you were soooooo ticked off at Harold when he switched the mga boto to vote off Courtney, just to get back at Duncan, copy and paste this onto your profile.
If you're getting anxious to see the TDA episode when Courtney comes back so there'll be madami D/C drama, copy and paste this onto your profile.
If you pag-ibig FanFiction or YouTube, copy and paste this onto your profile.
!eliforp ruoy otni siht etsap dna ypoc ,sdrawkcab siht daer ot hguone trams era...
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Total Drama Action
Chris: How is Duncan cheating? Does he have X-Ray vision?
Don: Duncan, I did some investigation. You actually cheated. So, you are penalized.

Total Drama World Tour
Chris: (allows Sierra to make the final four, despite her stalker status.)
Don: (gets annoyed with Sierra and sends her to jail.)

Chris: (Lets his interns get eaten sa pamamagitan ng scarabs.)
Don: (never uses his interns as objects or footstools.)

Chris: (lets everyone freeze their butts off.)
Don: (pack your snowgear for cold adventures.)

Chris: (drinks the water, leaving little to none for Bridgette.)
Don: (offers Bridgette some of...
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As you may of have guessed sa pamamagitan ng the title, you can already tell how much i hate Total Drama All Stars.
1. Do i even need to explain? This season is anything but worthy of being called a season!
2. Lightning is still the same as he was in season 4: putting sha in every sentence and still dumb as a rock
3. How is Sam even remotely considered an all star? Seriously! Wouldn't someone like Brick be a better choice? I'm not disputing Christian Potenza's choices for who he picked to be in season 5, but still, wouldn't Brick of have been a better option?
4. The cast in general is disappointing. I know i'm going to get a lot hate for this, but hear me out. This is the reason that this season did not meet any of my exceptations.
5. Not only has nothing changed about Lightning, but the same can be sinabi for Scott. What i mean is his fear of Fang remains unchanged.
That concludes part 1. Stay tuned for part 2.
posted by DemigodsRock
Okies, so here I am. Hello!

Um... you might not know me. I'm Demigods-Rock, and even though I am "too old to like Total Drama" I still go on here - you know why? For you guys! You're all awesome and friendly so how could I let you go. Anyways there may be some newcomers so, consider yourself my friend from now on if you read this.


This is Total Drama Half-Blood and Oooh sa pamamagitan ng the way, my name: Demigod means Half-blood. A half-blood is someone who has a human / mortal parent, but the other parent is a Greek God! *dun dun dun*

So if you were a half blood who's daddy was named Jim and mummy names...
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Author's Note: 1. Shout out to Noahnstar1616 for still pagbaba this and giving me ideas. 2. This was typed at 10 o'clock at night on my iPad so don't expect it to be like Charles Dickens.

Chris: Welcome Back! Last time on Total Drama Letters, the campers had to compete in a looove contest. He he he. Duncan quit, Eva left, and we are down to 18.


In: Bridgette, Cody, DJ, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, James, Katie, Lindsay, May, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Sierra, Trent, Tyler

Eliminated: Alejandro, Beth, Courtney, Duncan, Eva, Harold, Justin, Leshawna.

Chris assembled the remaining eighteen...
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Author's Note: I'm back! It's been 4 months! Oh gee! Okay, I had to have a romantic challenge. And I already have an epic challenge prepared for "L", so yeah.

Chris woke up the campers that remained asleep after he threw a fire-extinguisher bomb in each cabin.

The campers all looked like Wedding cakes as they headed for the meeting area.

"Welcome campers, or should I say, lovebirds." Chris introduced. After a long silence, he added, "aren't you going to ask why?"

"No." Every camper sinabi in unison.

"Did you ask why, Noah? Well it's simple. H is for" Chris paused. After another long silence he...
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posted by boy123
 Erica Albahour
Erica Albahour
Name: Erica Albahour
Age: 18
Crush: Duncan
Bio: Erica Is 18 She was born in Rochester has 5 sisters and 4 brothers Crystal Jessica Ashely Jillian and Brooke and Jake Josh Daniel and John!
Her Family Is Rich But Not A Rude Rich Family a very nice one loves flowers!

Personality: Sweet Kind Nice Thoughtful Caring Loveable Smart

Likes: Being Rich Nice People Contests Games pag-awit dancing music drawing playing tsokolate tv computers birthdays holidays matagumpay Flowers!

Dislikes: Mean people

Audition: Hi im Erica I'm rich and a cheerleader and pag-ibig games here is a cheer Lets Go Dragons Lets Go!!! You...
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Here's the themes for every couple. I've included every canon couple (even the ones that have broken up) and three one-sided crushes.

TylerxLindsay: Hot sa pamamagitan ng Avril Lavigne

IzzyxOwen: Hot N' Cold sa pamamagitan ng Katy Perry

CodyxSierra (one-sided): Snow White reyna sa pamamagitan ng Evanescence (Most of the song is from Cody's point of view. The chorus is from Sierra's point of view.)

CodyxGwen (one-sided): High Above Me sa pamamagitan ng Tal Bachman

CourtneyxDuncan: I Hate Everything About You sa pamamagitan ng Three Days Grace

HaroldxLeShawna: White N' Nerdy sa pamamagitan ng Weird Al Yankovick

HaroldxHeather (one-sided): Just the Girl sa pamamagitan ng The Click...
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