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 Heather in old age
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Stefani's audition-
"Oh um, hi. I'm Stefani. I'm here to explain why I would be great for Total Drama. Well um... Number one, I pag-ibig to compete, but I'm also very nice at the same time. and the other reason is... well I'm kind of a loner without choice. I have no mga kaibigan and I think this would be a great opportunity for me to finally make friends! I hope you take me into consideration!"

Serenity's audition-
"K, Chris. You got not choice here. You're gonna put me on the show, and you are just simply handing me the million dollars so I don't have to run through dirt and mutant crap. Got it? K, thanks, bye."

Jason's audition-
"Hi, I'm Jason. I think I'll be really good on Total Drama because I'm really athletic and a good teammate."
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Zanna:Today is a special episode to celebrate the tuktok 8 so here is Courtney,Beth,Bridgette,Gwen,and Izzy to do the cell block tango link
Isabella:Oh my god Courtney we have got to do a song together
Courtney:Um sure
they get on stage and sing link
Duncan and Zack clap
Camielle comes up
Camielle:Oh my god Duncan sign my stomach!
Courtney:Oh no you don't Duncan leads him to another location
Zanna:Duncan and Zack and Jack want to do a song
they get up and sing link
Courtney makes googly eyes (lol)
then a suprised guess comes
Zanna:Welcome Jason Mayhem Miller!
Duncan's eyes widen:Huh
Jason:What's up
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One, two, three, four, five, everybody in the car so come on let's ride.....

To the liquor store around the corner.

The boys say they want some alak and juice but I really don't wanna.

Beerbust like I had last week.

I must stay deep 'cause talk is cheap.

I like Gwen, Courtney, Gwen and Courtney.

And as I continue, you know they're getting bor-ey-ng.

So what can I do? I really beg you my Lord.

To me flirting is just like a sport.

Anything fly, it's all good let me dump it.

Please set it in the trumpet.

A little bit of Courtney in my life,

A little bit of Gweny sa pamamagitan ng my side.

A little bit of Courtney's all I...
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chey:last time the cast went to antartica then katie got votted of because she got 4th we spilt up team birds & lindsay got 1st class
*losers part*
dj:okay i,m the team leader for this episode
justin:what ya gonna do halik a egg
bridgette:um...okay why am i the only girl on this team
*winners part*
lindsay & leshawna:first class eeeeeeehhhhh
duncan:shut up and as for you courtney i,ll go back out with you if you stay longer then gwen
gwen:what was that
alejandro:i didn`t say anything
gwen:not you
chey:this time you don`t sing
courtney:yes finnaly
chey:because where going back to newyork...
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Chris: tsk tsk tsk....Smart Cookies! You guys are total LOSERS!
Lisa:*puts her head down is shame* Yep losers!
Chris: Ok so all the ppl who weren't mga hayop are safe! Soooo Kyoya,Brittani,Gena,Carly,Lauren,Bridgette,Geoff,Gwen,Beth,Harold,Heather,Ezekial,Honey,Kaoru,and Haruhi!
*all get a apple*
Chris:Ok now for the rest...Lisa,Izzy,Karen, and...............Mori!
Mori:*gets an apple*
*Girls gasp*
Chris:Sorry Owen, you have been eleminated!
Owen:Awwww..well Bye guys!!
Geoff:See ya dude!
Carly:*hugs owen* Bye big guy!!
Owen:*squezes carly*Bye Carly!
Carly:O-Owen....your crushing...
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DUNCNEY!!!!!!! 😍 I own nothing!!!!
MatthewAllMighty's propiety duncan as stewie harold as brian lol
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This is NOT mine, I found it on youtube. Yes it is poor quality, but it is better than nothing.
island message from tahanan heather parents