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uy its Brooke!!! im back at juvy for doing something very incredible!!!! i broke into Total Drama Action!!!!
after i last wrote about my missing Duncan, i was so miserable. my parents were happy that i wasn't going to juvy. then i came up with an idea. why not go to TDA!!! i checked to see where it was located & saw that it was located way far from where i was. plus they didn't make tours. so at 3:00a.m. i sneaked out of the house with couple hundreds in my hand. i estola my mom's car even though i am underage to drive & drove to the airport. i left the car in an illegal parking spot...
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I woke up and who did I see?
Look it's chris and he's pointing at me!

I turned my head to the right and who did I see?
Look it's Duncan and he's cursing at me!

I looked to the left and who did I see?
Look it's Courtney and she's frowning at me!

I turned around and look who's there?
Look it's Heather and she's playing with lindsey's hair!

Look it's Bridgette and Geoff!
And they're makin out!

And Chef palataw is cookin trout!
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