TV Couples paborito dance scene?(plz add & comment) plz don't add clana or logan & rory or gizzi plz

Pick one:
pacey & joey first real dance s3 e23 (dc)
elena & damon (tvd)
pacey & joey last dance scene s6 e22 (dc)
brooke&lucas (oth)
Added by Jessica4695
Added by beeibe
plz also don&# 39; t add marissa & amp; ryan because i hate...
plz also don't add marissa & ryan because i hate that .... so plz don't
Chuck& Blair {Gossip Girl}
Added by NCISLuverjk93
Mulder & Scully {The X-Files}
Added by cicino1
Seth & Summer (OC)
Added by AnaHallam
Buffy & Angel (BtVS)
Added by jemgrl323
Lucas and Peyton (OTH)
Sydney and Vaughn (Alias)
Tony and Ziva (NCIS)
Added by tonyziva1234
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