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Does an alpha order physically stop the mga asong lobo from breaking it. Like it Jacob literally unable to say he is a werewolf or is he just not allowed to???

 Halzek posted 4 months ago
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LowriLorenza89 said:
Yes, the Alpha order makes a werewolf physically unable to defy the order. The only exceptions would be if the order went against an imprint in some way, for example if the order would harm that imprint or if they were ordered to lie to the imprintee, and of course if the werewolf being ordered could fight against the order sa pamamagitan ng claiming Alpha status himself (but that's basically only Jacob).
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posted 4 months ago 
The mga asong lobo can also sometimes find loopholes in the order, like when Jacob was able to remind Bella of previously telling her the werewolf legends, even though he'd been ordered not to specifically tell her (or anyone else) that he was a werewolf now.
LowriLorenza89 posted 2 months ago
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