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Chapter 4 - Discoveries

    When the final kampanilya rang and I drove home, I thought about my day. Wow. It had to be the strangest araw in the history of weird days. First, my angel from my dreams shows up at my school the susunod day. Plus, he has all my classes and sits near me in every one. And, he asks me on a petsa when I’ve only known him for a day. Oh, I almost forgot about his mind pagbaba sister. I am SO taking a bubble bath tonight.
    I got tahanan and did the little homework I had before starting dinner. I made fried venison and when my mother got tahanan I could hear her stomach growling. “How was your day, baby?”, my mama asked. “Pretty good. I got a date.”
“Oh really?”, she sounded skeptical. “Yeah with the new kid.”, I replied, hoping she wouldn’t object. “OK, that’s fine. When? I expect to meet him.”, she sinabi sternly.
“Saturday night at six thirty. And of course, Mama.”, I sinabi in a patronizing tone. I loved my patronizing tone.
“This is delicious, Wendi.”
After dinner, I went up to take my shower. I turned on the hot water and jumped in. The heat felt great after a cold day. I washed my hair and stood under the water for a good twenty minutos before the hot water began to run out. Then I finished washing and dried off. I went to my room in my silky pajamas and crawled under the covers on my twin sized bed.
    I fell asleep quickly and woke up thirsty. I went to the kusina to get some water and when I came back, Stefan was standing in my doorway. He winked and lunged again, fangs bared. I screamed and jerked upright in bed. Another dream, another sleepless night.
    I was excited to go to school the susunod araw and I knew I shouldn’t be. I hardly knew him. It was silly. I arrived at school early thanks to my irrational rush. I saw an ice blue Volvo pull into the parking spot beside me. Colleen looked out the passenger side window and grinned at me. To my intense surprise, I grinned back. I was really happy to have a friend. I was a loner who didn’t like too much company.
    Colleen got out of the car and threw my door open. “Good morning!”, she squealed excitedly. “ Hi!”, was all I could say. Colleen walked Stefan and I to our first class and hugged me when she left. Her skin was like ice. It shocked me and she noticed. She mumbled something apologetically and walked swiftly, too swiftly, away.
     I began noticing things about them. They were cold, beautiful, graceful, and had fangs. What were they? My imagination got away from me often and when I was near Carmen, she would act weird. They couldn’t be. Could they? No, Bampira didn’t exist. But then what? They were too different to be normal humans.

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