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Maureen Reed

Chapter 1

The misunderstanding with the Volturi was something I could never forget. Unlike all the near death experiences that were fading from my memories left from my human life, this one would stick.
It made me sad; Nessie would put her hand to my cheek and replay when I told her she would have to run. No mater how many times I told her we would be together, she still seemed unsure.

"You ready to hunt Nessie?"
"A huh"
"Do you mind if I come.....Nessie?"
Jacob new she'd say yes but he wouldn't give it a rest that I was calling her after I had refused to use his nickname for my Renesmee.

"I think I'll come too...if you don't mind." sinabi Alice in her shrill voice.
"Then as will I." Esme said. Esme wouldn't let Alice or Jasper out of her sight (which was quite far seeing that we're vampires) since them leaving us.
"Edward are you coming?" I asked.
"No, I think I'll stay here with Carlisle.
See you later, love." he sinabi as he kissed me.

"Why's your dear bloodsucker not coming?" "Oh, and I'd thought you'd finally gotten over that." I sinabi referring to Jacob calling us bloodsuckers.
"I wouldn't get your hopes up. And about my question-"
"I...don't know."

Alice did a graceful flip over the river, we followed with Esme close behind. Now that Jacob mentioned it, I wasn't sure what Edward was up to. Usually he wanted to come with me to hunt.

There wasn’t much to hunt, only smaller deer. I was getting better at not making as much of a mess but not nearly as good as Edward.

Nessie and Jacob raced back to the house.
“I just let you win. I could have totally beaten you if I wanted to.”
“Sure you could.” sinabi Renesmee.

“Seth must be here.” I could hear his heartbeat. “Hey Bella.”
“Hi.” “Where’s Edward?” I asked.
“I think he’s in the kitchen.”

“Hi, love. Charlie called a little after you left, he sinabi he needs to talk to you.”
I rushed to the phone and dialed his number.
Was something wrong?
Was he hurt?
“Hi dad,it’s me,Bella.”
“Oh, uy Bells.”
“Edward sinabi you called, what’s wrong?”
“I didn’t know that there
had to be something
wrong for me to see
my grandaugter.”

“Oh. When would you like
to see her?”
“Is today possible? You could
come over here.”
“Alright, we’ll be there in about
ten minutes.”
“Ok. See you then. Bye.”
“Bye Charlie.”
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