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A Youtube Script:
Episode Three:
*Dead Soon*
(Jasper’s P.O.V):
I never thought about how short a life span is.
And Bella’s was very short.
Mine was everlasting.
I couldn’t be trampled.
I wished I could.
And I certainly do not blame Edward for wanting me dead.
I would want me dead too.

(Black Screen)
*Reminder: this is two days after the accident*
Alice’s P.O.V:
Bella: Ever since the accident Edward’s been freaking out.
Alice: Well I’ve been *vomits*
Bella: Ali what’s wrong with you? *worried*
Alice: I’m not sure but *vomits*
Bella: You have got to Carlisle. *pats her back*
Alice: *crying*
Bella: Ali, come on we’re going to Carlisle.
Alice: I can’t because if I do *pukes*
Bella: *helps her up* If you don’t you’ll die.
Alice: *kicks and screams* NO!!! I AM NOT!!! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME SWAN!
Bella: *sits on the floor beside her* Ali. Calm down. I’m going to get Carlisle.
Alice: *gets mad and bares teeth* Isabella…you will regret that.
Bella: *runs toward the door*
Alice: *bites Bella’s neck* I told you-now you’re dead.
Bella: *screaming* EDWARD!!!!! CARLISLE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Black Screen)
Edward’s P.O.V:
(Before the Bella incident)
I loved this.
This was so going to work.
I was going to make it up to her.
I had to.
I would always have to.
And I would-somehow…
(Done thinking; he’s with Emmett now):
Edward: This is awesome.
Emmett: What?
Edward: If you know what I mean-I get to make “it” up to Bella!
Emmett: *confused* No, I really don’t know what you mean.
Edward: *groans* you idiot.
Emmett: *gets frustrated* what does it mean!?!?!?
Edward: *pats his back* its okay little guy.
Emmett: *whining* what does it mean?!?!?!?
Edward: *stands up* let it go, Em. Bye.
(Goes to the susunod room)
Esme: uy Sweetheart. *kisses his forehead*
Edward: Hi, Esme.
Esme: I think Jazz is looking for you.
Edward: *nods* Thanks, Esme.
Esme: Sure thing, hon. *leaves and Jasper comes out*
Jasper: I’m sorry, Ed.
Edward: *smiles* I know.
Jasper: Are you mad at me?
Edward: Nah, I get to make it up to Bella.
Jasper: *smiles* Cool.
Edward: *sighs* you do know what I mean sa pamamagitan ng making it up right?
Jasper: Yes, I do…unlike Em.
Edward: Yeah, I mean get a clue, dude.
Emmett: *from the other room* I CAN HEAR YOU!
Edward: *laughs* Can you hear my thoughts?
Emmett: *walks out to them* No, but let me guess, ‘Is Bella okay?’
Edward: *gets worried* No! She’s not-can you hear that?
(A clawing noise and faint screaming)
Emmett: It’s just my video game, Edward-speaking of that I have to get back to that. Bye *leaves*
Edward: *sigh of relief* Good-glad that’s not Bella.
Jasper: *gulps* Are you sure? I’m pretty sure that’s not Em’s video game.
Edward: *face of horror* Oh-no! *runs out of the room*
Jasper: *runs out*
(Black Screen)
Emmett’s P.O.V:
I was pretty sure that noise wasn’t my video game.
But it wasn’t like the girls were killing each other.
I mean at least not Alice and Bella.
And plus I didn’t want to have to leave my video game.
I was just getting to the good part!
I couldn’t stop now.
I just couldn’t take any madami interruptions.
I hope god didn’t “bless” me with any madami either.
But luckily he did…
*done thinking*
Emmett: Yes! YES! *playing video games*
Rosalie: *walks in and leans against the doorway* Hey, Baby.
Emmett: I’m busy Rosalie!!!
Rosalie: *frowns* Do you want to know?
Emmett: I don’t have time for this Rose.
Rosalie: You…don’t…have time…for me…*about to cry*
Emmett: No. *still playing*
(Emmett is now thinking):
Yes, I know.
I am an idiot.
But I was playing a video game!
I mean c’mon they seduce me!
I should’ve listened to her.
Not fought zombie squids.
I could’ve done something different.
But I didn’t.
And all I really did was fight apoy with gasoline.
They don’t repel.
They attract.

*Black Screen; ending*

News on “A Youtube story”:
To all fans of “A Youtube story” this is of high importance!
“A Youtube Story” is becoming a Youtube series very soon!!
Consulting with my team the trailer will be airing very soon.
Leave your comments to see what “A Youtube Story” should be called and I will give you pagpaparangal for that answer!
Any questions?
Contact me on
For the name of the “A Youtube story” their will most likely be a poll on in the Haley <3 club (my club).
Thanks for the awesome comments on the trailer and first episode (and hopefully the second).

Other Features:
Song for this episode?
A poll is coming soon! I will give all who comments about the song a link prop-you HAVE to vote then.
Thanks for listening to me gab for a while-again-look out for the new Youtube show!!!

My Parents for encouraging me to write about things I love.
And a good friend of mine on who is helping me with my video-I’m very excited just like you!
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