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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Seven
    "JEREK!" I yelled, jumping to my feet and running out of the room, I ran to the front door, and I watched his car speed out of the driveway as he made his way to wherever he was going. "UGH!" I ran downstairs, going for Tabra and Shropee.
    "TABRA!" I called. "SHROPEE!" I ran down the secret basement's stairs, and ran into Tabra. Literally.
    "What's wrong?" Shropee's voice asked from behind Tabra.
    "It's Jerek. He pulled this wicked blade Verona made him long nakaraan from beneath his bed, and went after Zoos. I tried stopping him, but he threw me aside like an old chicken bone!"
    "I say let him." Verona's voice called from her room.
    "He'll die unless we stop him." I sinabi through gritted teeth.
    "Come on, let's go." Shropee grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs, Tabra following shortly after.
    "Cyd, you drive, Tabra, backseat." Shropee ordered once we got into her car. "We have to hurry, so speed!"
    "Gotchya'." I said, and slammed my foot on the pedal, and started off after Jerek's car.
    "He has a pretty good headstart." Shropee pointed out while pulling a gun out from her pocket.
    "Yea." I replied.
    "Do you even know where he went?" Tabra asked.
    "No." I answered.
    "I do." Shropee looked around her.
    "Where?" Tabra and I asked in unison.
    Shropee looked at me, then Tabra, and started looking around again. "He's going back to the castle."
At first ther was only the pain of her razor-sharp teeth. It was very painful, but I could handle it without screaming. Then I felt the venom start creeping into my system, and I fell back on the bed, screaming in agony. I tried to push her off me, not in my right mind enough to know it was usless. A moment later she released me, but it didn't matter much. It was already in my system, and I continued to scream at tuktok volume. It did no good. It brought not even the tiniest bit of relief. I tried to squirm and writhe, but Alice's hands held me down. I didn't even know what I was seeing. I couldn't...
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