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 Alex Tweets About Kstew
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Alex Tweets About Kstew
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uy everyone!
I would like to dedicate this artikulo to groovychicklisa! She gave me the wonderful idea, so thank you!
Everything is mga panipi were sinabi in the book.

I hope youe enjoy!

As I drove closer to the school, I could start hearing eveyone's thoughts. As of now it was at a soft roar of confused and ainxous voices, but as we edged closer they became louder. Jessica Stanly's thought cought my attetion almost imedietly. Woah. He's huge. I could see Jacob Black standing against his motorcycle. Waiting.
My grip on the steering wheel tightened and...
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posted by Tatti
So, I decided to continue Pagsulat about Alice but this time I added Jasper's point of view. Hope you liked, if you have any thoughts about it leave a comment.

September of 1945


So the war has been over... Too bad for me and others of my kind. It'll be harder to explain people deaths. I stopped for moment and watched clouds passing me by. What am I going to do in my life? The north would be heaven to me if I don't feel that strangling pain radiating from my victims. I can feel their fear, anger and desperation wherever I am going, it follows me to every city, every state, every country or...
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posted by a-jforever
Heres part Three. Hope you like it

“I......My mum....” I couldn’t even speak anymore. Jack, the chief of police, ran over putting his hands on my shoulders. “Your house Heidi?” I managed to nod. We got into his vehicle and drove full speed to my house. “The paramedics’ are coming too. That’s what you wanted right?” I nodded tears still spilling over. “Heidi, it will be ok. I promise.” Reaching my garden I heard one of the paramedics’ let out a low whistle which just made me cry harder. “Go wait in the kitchen” Jack sinabi pushing me in that direction. I saw Ben get...
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