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 kristen stewart photoshoot
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kristen stewart
twilight portrait
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This serye ng takip-silim litrato contains portrait, headshot, and closeup.

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Ok I know I chose a really weird character but o well. Please comment and please dont be to harsh this is my firts time at Pagsulat something like this.

On May 28th 1854 I opened my eyes to see my mother’s green eyes. My mahogany hair identical to hers. I had my dad’s blue eyes. I was the perfect baby girl they had always wanted.
6 Years later
My mum Jessica came tahanan with tears streaming down her face. I knew almost immediately what had happened. Last week my dad had been rushed into hospital. Into intensive care from a serious accident. He was only 33 my mum 32, so he had good survival...
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Regarding Kayla.....

Guys, I regret to inform you that my internet had committed technical suicide. I have stolen someone's laptop to write this and I hate to tell you that until someone revives my internet no further Kayla chapters can be posted.
This is an unforseen event and I will kick as many asses as I can to get the internet working agan.
I will continue to write the chapters and try to steal as many laptops and PCs as possible to post them.

I hate that I leave my story with you at such a critical point. Unfortunately this post is just a spur of the moment thing and I don't have my memory stick with me or I'd shove a chapter on at the end of this message.

Very sorry my peeps. You can verbally abuse me, my internet or BT broadband or all three!

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