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This serye ng takip-silim litrato contains portrait, headshot, and closeup. There might also be pagiging kaakit-akit, apila, and hotness.

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WARNING due to content of story please read at your own discretion (preferably those who are 16 yrs and over) and please leave some comments.

The honeymoon
Edward's POV
I'm the happiest man or should I say vampire in the world, Today Bella and I exchanged our vows in a beautiful ceremony, everything went according to plan. From the first dance through to the cutting of the cake (which I have to say I manfully swallowed ugh human food) and finally the removal of the garter with my teeth(much to the embarrassment of my wife, I'll never get enough of saying "my wife").

It was our final dance together,...
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posted by Kroshka09
I have seen one some websites and i think youtube.... that people think Bella is a bad influence....They say that she turned into a bad girl....that she doesnt follow what{obey*} Edward and her father say. Well sometimes she has to lie. I mean we all lie! So why are those people acuse her of being a bad influence????

I think Bella is a wonderfull girl and people should be madami like her. She is relly nice and only wants good for the others....

Remember in Twilight she sinabi to Edward that she came to Forks , even thogh she doesnt like it,just to make her mother happy with Phil. After that how can you say she is a bad girl? These people just dont read the book carefully, probably flip throught the pages!

Well this is what i think....please leave a comment on what you think.


*before i had obay...but people asked why.. so i changed it :D
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