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 Bella & Edward
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bella & edward
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This serye ng takip-silim litrato might contain konsiyerto, sunog, apoy, and inferno.

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~~Chapter 1~~

I just walked into my house to see my dad lying on the couch, drunk!! I was used to it. I didn’t really care, all of this has been going on since I was 13. I got used to it in the 2 years. This was the daily routine. I got into my house to find dad lying on the couch. No doubt he was drunk. I just ignored him. Two years and it was so easy to think him dead. Think that my father never lived. I went into the kusina and took something to eat out of the fridge. Mom not tahanan again. I don’t blame her, I don’t like coming tahanan either. School...I loved school so much. Maybe because...
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I woke up this mourning feeling rather odd. Perhaps I thought to myself it was just some bad human pagkain I ate. Yet, most human foods are bad and smell foul. And why do people eat that foul stuff they call food? I decided to myself I would need to leave my calm, yet stuffy room and head off to vist my mother as I had promised her weeks ago.
"Hello, mother I'm back Jacobs out hunting so I decided to come here as promised.", I sinabi before I got a smallwhiff of animal blood and threw up something I had never done before.
"Renesmee, you must have the flu humans get it sometimes. Please come here...
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