serye ng takip-silim Robert Pattinson licks Anna Kendrick(Jessica) in the face???

Pick one:
Lol! Lick me too! :P
Eww... I don't want Rob's slime on my face!
(O.o) Wow. That's a rather long tongue you have there.
Urgh... Why is he licking Anna?
Is there a reason why you&# 39; re licking her face?
Is there a reason why you're licking her face?
Okay... * scoots away*
Okay... *scoots away*
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I think it's cute... as long as it's not me!
w... t... f... is going on?
w...t...f... is going on?
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 rachaelwsz posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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