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Texts are created for mass consumption sa pamamagitan ng the producers, but the text and its ideas and storylines are disemminated, perceived and interpreted differently sa pamamagitan ng us- the audience or be it consumers. This leads us onto Stuart hall's encoding/decoding model.

For Hall, the encoding/decoding model is a concept he originally devised where he explains that through the transmission of ideas and messages in the texts, Hall proposed three ways of pagbaba and decoding texts: dominant, negotiated and oppositional. The dominant reading is where the viewer takes away that meaning from the TV ipakita and accept...
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*NB: For those of you who haven't seen the third season in its entirety, I would refrain from pagbaba this, as it might contain potential spoilers- Waiching*[b]

[b](US DVD release date: 22 September 2009)

(UK DVD release date: 7 December 2009)

Season 3 Synopsis -'The fashionable world of Ugly Betty continues to evolve in the complete third season that takes Betty to another life change as she grows up, moves into Manhattan and embraces her independence.'

With Ugly Betty there appears to be a different theme occuring in each season. Season 1 was mainly about Betty and her friendships with Daniel,...
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Ugly is in is the last Ugly Betty fansite to dissapear online for good, which dissapointed many fans of the show, as they enquire about other places to find stuff on the show. Therefore, I thought I would put together a listahan of 10 alternative websites and fansites, in no ascending order that are worth checking out.

*NB: If there is a website that isn't mentioned on the list, then please feel free to share and add it on here and to let every other tagahanga know about it :).

The Ugly Betty club on Fanpop- My favourite overall. The amount of fans it has is just staggering and it keeps on growing each...
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NB: *this review was originally posted on the michael urie online site last taon and to coincide with the UK release of season 2 on dvd. since then the final mark has changed. btw, I re-submitted this review as it appears as if the original version appears to be Nawawala on this site and that i could not retrieve it*

Ok, here it goes: personally speaking, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first season; for a dramedy, there was too much drama and not enough comedy and humour. The Betty/Henry/Gio storyline, whilst it provided much needed interest and drama for those benry and getty 'shippers, to an...
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I ventured out on this fanfiction, which is still in progress...its Betty/Connor :)

A/N: Okay so this tagahanga fiction is a little walang tiyak na layunin and I know it would never happen, but I always wanted to read a Connor/Betty fanfic and since nobody else would write it I decided to…hope you enjoy!

Funny Seeing You Here

“Mija, I just don’t feel like it is ligtas for you to go off to Paris sa pamamagitan ng yourself, even if it is for work.” Ignacio stated still worried that she would be alone.

“Papi, you worry too much. I will be fine, and I will only be alone for the first two weeks, because that is my vacation time,...
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