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amazondebs posted on Dec 18, 2007 at 05:13AM
i was wondering if any fans on here had experianced anything of the supernatural?

mahirap paniwalaan 11 ang sumagot

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas TheCountess said…
sorry... I just cut & paste out of one of my Picks responses. I think it qualifies though...
I've had 2 premonitions (as a child, which is when I've heard it be said that you're more open to such things).
I also had a strange incident, that I'm not sure what it would be classified as, but I think it was some sort of protection by a spirit that appeared as a large black dog. I was walking home late at night, and feeling really paranoid (don't live in a really good neighborhood, so there's reason for that - example: a couple of months before this happened, a woman's body was discovered in a trash can about 3 blocks from where I live). Anyways, as I was looking back, I noticed a large black dog about 3 feet behind me. That made me feel nervous, and kind of comforted at the same time. I still had about a half a mile to walk, and it followed me all the way onto my front porch. It felt almost like I was in some kind of dream, because as soon as I put my key in the door, the dog just disappeared. After that, I tried to find information about appearances of large black dogs, but they are generally for something bad. ...and no, I wasn't dreaming.
(or on medication, or anything else like that)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas amazondebs said…
i've told this Ztara before but

i once had a weird dream one night and the one thing that i remember was these pencils falling in this specific way and the next day i notice the same pencil cup on one of my teachers desk and as i notice it he knocked it with his arm but i caught it cause i remembered it falling like that in the dream

that night i had a dream that i left the door unlocked and someone robbed my house so the next day i got don't to the bottom of my road after leaving my house and i remembered the pencil dream coming true and the the dream the night before about the robbers so i ran back to my house to check the lock (which was locked) so i ignored the dream and went back to go to school and when i got to the bottom of my road again i saw a car crash further down the road where i would probably have gotten to by that time if i hadn't of gone back to the house to check the lock

may seem like a bunch of coincidences but it just felt surreal to me
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas slytherin360 said…
Well i got really mad at my aunt once for yelling at my mom, and i remember thinking in my head "i wish you would just die and leave us all alone"

That night I remember vagly having this dream about having to choose between my family and my aunt, and i remember my aunt being burned to death in my dream. I woke up feeling really horrible and kinda forgave my aunt.

A week or more later i had another dream about my aunt dying ( i dont remember how she died that time) Anyways, i got up feeling really creeped out and i told my mom about these dreams. She said i shouldnt worry about it because it would bring bad luck.

I kinda forgot about these dreams until like monthes later i had another one. This time it was me that pushed my aunt off a building, only i ended up grabbing her before she fell. I woke up and found out my aunt had been diagnosed with cancer.

A few days before she died (doctor warned her that she was going to die soon), she told me loved me alot and that she was being optimistic about dying peacefully from cancer. I asked her why she was grateful of dying from cancer, and she said because while in the hospital she had a dream that she was being burned to death, and that cancer wasnt the most painful way to die.

I really feel guilty about the fact that if i hadnt gotten mad at my aunt, i wouldnt have had those dreams about her dying and she might not have gotten cancer.

But everytime i got one of those dreams,my guilt made me forgive her more and more.

And maybe my aunt had to die, and me forgiving her ment she died a less painfully death.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas doonis said…
This wasn't really me but it's still weird. It's about my grandmother.

My grandmother was taking a business trip to somewhere far (I'm not sure where). The night before, her best friend told her not to go, because she had had a dream where my grandmother went and died.

My grandmother ignored her friend and got ready to go. But she had forgotten to pack something, and by the time she got everything together, she had missed her flight.

The next day in the news she saw that the plane had crashed, and there were no survivors.

I bet she trusted her friend from then on.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas hsm123 said…
Well here it is

I dont know if this is "supernatural" but ya.

Me and my friend have thisd thing called the cross everything. we cross everything to get good luck when my mom says we are going to buy something that i want. so we cross our finger we corss our eyes we cross our toes and we double cross our fingers and cross our hair. lol ok one time we went to burger king. we heard on the TV that they sell i-dogs and icys we wanted a icy really badly! so we crossed everything and then when our meal came we got the icy. it was a major suprise to me. cause sometimes i dont get lucky. then one time we were at wal-mart. and there were none of my favorite DS games. i wanted nintneodgs so we picked up my friend to go check target we crossed everything we can! then when we arrived to target. IT WAS THERE! suprised the 2nd time. i have it now. i guess when me and my friend cross everything we get it. OH I HOPE MY FRIEND COMES SO I CAN CROSS EVERYTHING FOR A WEBKINZ!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas hsm123 said…
ok I have another one!

ok. one time i had a dream about my friend comeing over and playing scene it. the next day i asked my friend to come over and she decided to play scene it. it was really weird cause i never had this before. then i had a dream that i would almost get hit by a bus cause a dog barked (i used to get scared of dogs) then the next day on my way to school a dog barked at me and i was running to my scool whom a bus was racing by i ran faster. at least i survived cause that was a nightmare! i dont know but when i sometimes dream about something it comes true
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas meeee said…
Whenever my friend's appendix acts up she gets in trouble like an hour or two later does that count?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas aholic said…
Ok. this probably does'nt count, but you will get the story anyway.

I once had these dreams about me dying in a box filled with smoke, because someone locked me in, and I kept having this dream over and over, and then one time when I had it again, I was'nt the one dying, but the one killing the other person. I can remember everything about the dream, even how my hair looked like, it was so scary... it was like a past life or something.

I also once had a dream about a yellow taxi. Everytime I crossed the road, I saw this yellow taxi, but then one time it ran me over. I remember me falling down on the ground and just seeing these faces.

Then about two weeks later, I got this homework, but then I saw a picture of the same taxi(cab, whatever) and it was a part of my homework! It was so scary. I was totally freaked out, and I could'nt sleep at night.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas adavila said…
ok here´s my story, I dont believe in all that supernatural thing, but my family does and a lot, and the reason for that is that they say my grandma, my aunt and my sister have the ability to do things with their minds.

For example, my sister "predicts things that are going to happen in the future" like this one time she was taking a nap and when she woke up she told us that she dream the school was burning and the next day the school was on fire.

Also, there´s this story my mom always tell us but she never wants to tell it completelly.

She says that when my sister was like a month old my mom and her were alone in the house. My mom was in the living room and my sister was in her room. So my mom says that she heard my sister laughing very loudly and when she went to check on her there were 4 dogs around her cradle...

and than she gets all nervous and she doesn´t want to tell the whole story

Also my mom told us that this one night she and my sister were alone again; by the way they were always alone because my dad use to travel a lot and I still wasn´t born, so anyways they were alone in house and this time my sister was crying so my mom went to check on her so when she went into her room my sister suddenly stopped crying and started laughing hysterically and than out of the sudden this mickey mouse lamp shattered into very little small pieces.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas hellgirl223 said…
omg these stories are creepy *shivers*
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas deathnote said…
OMG!!!!! this happened today!! We had a sub in our class because the teacher's mother-in law was in the hospital, and we were just talking on how dramatic the situaton was.... on one poit in that combersation I say joking "I bet she's dead"
But Omg!!! next thing you notice is that a kid jells "OMG!! read the board" we all look at him and read it, the board said "MR. Louch's mother in law passed away this morning"