Unofficial Tv Couples Who should Manny Santos [Degrassi] be with?

Pick one:
Ryan Atwood [ The OC]
Ryan Atwood [The OC]
Lucas Scott [ One puno Hill]
Lucas Scott [One puno Hill]
Dean Winchester [ Supernatural]
Dean Winchester [Supernatural]
Jess Mariano [ Gilmore Girls]
Jess Mariano [Gilmore Girls]
Chuck bass [ Gossip Girl]
Chuck bass [Gossip Girl]
Pacey Witter [ Dawson&# 39; s Creek]
Pacey Witter [Dawson's Creek]
Ethan [ 90210]
Ethan [90210]
Clark Kent [ Smallville]
Clark Kent [Smallville]
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 Seddie4Ever posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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