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posted by babybell
"MORE than two hours after he had run the fastest 100 metres of all time, Usain Bolt walked back into a virtually empty stadium on Sunday night.

Gone was the victory lap, the flag-draping, finger-wagging celebration and the standing-room-only love-in at the after-race press conference. Gone was the 70,000-strong crowd that had come expecting to see a miracle and miraculously been ibingiay one. In front of just a handful of cleaners and a few journalists, Bolt returned to the track he had recently stamped his name all over and started going through his warm-down.

It was the act of a disciplined,...
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Text from Spike Magazine:

Usain Bolt to judge online dance competition
Thu 18/06/2009 16:55

Forget ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘The Bolt Factor’ is the new dance competition taking over in 2009, reports

The triple Olympic champion and double world record holder Usain Bolt has a new online dance competition named after him – but instead of employing the likes of Simon Cowell for the judging panel, the organisers have got the fastest-man-on-earth himself to pick the lucky winner.

Entrants for ‘The Bolt Factor’ are filming their best dance...
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