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Chapter 26: I spent the susunod few hours desperately trying to claw and rip my way through the coffin lid and dig to the surface. All I could think of was how I had to get back to Alex. I could only imagine what Antonio would do to him, chain him up, torture him? I had only turned out so tuff because of Antonio...

Summer of 1850:

"Antonio I swear I won't hesitate susunod time but please don't lock me up again" I begged. He grabbed me sa pamamagitan ng the hair, my red locks entwined in his gloved hand. I fought and fought, my heeled shoes catching on my black domed palda and bodice.
"Your disappointing me Fang, you...
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posted by gossipdanii
Today Robert films “Remember Me” in Central Park with his adorable onscreen sister, Ruby Jerins, and his co-star Emilie de Ravin. madami pictures are on the way so keep checking back! Yesterday’s album was also updated with multiple new additions.

i think he shouldn't be ion this movie. That emelie GIRL is killing robenstens relationship. We don't care thaT YOUR GETTING DIVORCED.go FIND ANOTHER BOYTOY. she needs to go get laid. rob and kristen need to be togerther!!!!!!!! rob and kristen 4 ever!!!
posted by Kimi4312
Chapter five:Sinful sins

After Alucard, Altair and Aly made it to america to find Dracula, Alucard and the others went in a old kastilyo that used to belong to Becca's werewolf grandparents, Alucard looks around pulling out his gun slowly as Aly and Altair pull their swords out and Becca pulls out her father's shotgun, "Father I know you're here stop hiding like a god damn coward like you used to be!" Alucard yells "Ah my dear son's been so long and now look at you all grown up" he says to Alucard "I know what you did to this girl's uncle you f******* punk!" Alucard yells "Son you...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
 Undying pag-ibig
Undying Love
Okay here's my segundo story and I hope everyone will read and like it. It's not a Twilight saga fanfiction - it's something I totally created. I got the inspiration to write it from pagbaba asesandwine's Forbidden Love, and she so kindly let me use "Lovers..." for the preface. pag-ibig you!


Embraced in the middle of nowhere... Nothing but themselves, surrounded sa pamamagitan ng the unknown, sa pamamagitan ng forgotten fear and overthrown grief...
The forgotten pain waiting in the distance (not as fair as it should be) for a new opportunity, awaiting for an inopportune moment that makes it come back! There's no change,...
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posted by EBRCBrit
OK so im Pagsulat a story in my journal aboyt two people that fall in pag-ibig and one of them is a vampire...I cannot copywrite i can't use popular names from twilight or vampire diaries...You should see my delema!!! I need a girl name and i need a guy name.they guy is the vampire and he has 1 brother and 1 sister that is also a vamp...i need names..Ok so another probleme is i want them to go together...the two people that fall in love,their names need to go together...

Edward and Bella

Elena and Stephan

Alice and jasper

Rosalie and emmett

they go together. Oh and if you have any ideas for what i should name the story that would be agreat help to me please!!! If you can be my life saver then i will pag-ibig you forever and i will send you a message sying wheather or not i use what you sinabi to me. :) :)
posted by SarBear1579

Chapter 4

I was dumbstruck
“Vampires? Your kidding me right?”OK,I was getting an idea about how much sanity is REALLY in this kid's noggin'
“No Miss”He said,I was starting to get stressed. I drew in a deep breath
“OK,you have a lot of explaining to do”As we walked on in the forest,I noticed that the trees where becoming thicker and thicker “Do you know where where going?”
“Just another few minutos and we will reach a house,we will stay there tonight and go to the station tomorrow”

Shortly after that,we reached an old wood house with looked like...
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Chapter 3- Family Secrets

The susunod day, I woke up to a knock at the door. I quickly pulled my strait, black hair into the perfect ponytail. "Just a minute!" I shouted as I sprinted over my kama and to the door. "Willie! Why are you awake so early?" I shouted as I pointed to a wooden chair for him to sit in. His honey colored eyes were now black and he seemed really angry. "Brittney, we gotta talk." He sinabi not looking at me. "What is it?" I asked scared at his reaction. He turned around, his back facing me. "Ready? He asked, "What you are about to see will frighten you." "Yes,I'm ready I said...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter six:Forget about memories

Alucard sits on a bantayan with his blood red dyaket on with two of the collars of his dyaket is around his neck and he sits there with his arms around his knees Becca climbs up the tower "Alucard?" she asked "What is it now?" he asks angry "Listen to me...Aly is worried about you she has been telling me that since you left...I know you still loved your father but you have to let them go" she tells him feeling guilt " can I trust you when you kill people?" he asks feeling hurt sa pamamagitan ng her "Listen I know what's like my dad hated my grandfather because...
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posted by vampiregrrl999
I’m sure all of us have been driven crazy sa pamamagitan ng our family at some point, but probably not crazy enough to kill them (at least I hope not), like today’s vampire. Yup, today’s vampire is the nachzehrer, a vampire that isn’t too fond of its family members, hence the killing bit. Vampire folklore time!

The nachzehrer is a species of vampire found among the Kashubes of northern Europa and in some parts of Germany, mostly in Silesia and Bavaria. If you happen to be looking for a nachzehrer, also known as nachtzehrer, check out the coffin. You can recognize this vampire sa pamamagitan ng the weird way it lays...
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As long as there have been legends of vampires, there have been methods sa pamamagitan ng which to either kill them, or protect oneself and family from them. Before there was Christianity, however, there was still legends of vampires; what then of the use of holy symbols and idols to stave off the visits of a hungry undead individual? Before kristyanismo it was believed among the Balkans, Slavs, and other cultures indigenous to Europa that Bampira were practically obsessive compulsive in their need for order. Some ways to deter Bampira would be hanging a Gusot net on a gatepost, or sprinkling tiny seeds,...
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posted by ICEhanica
2nd part of story

...“Oh my God, I’m late in the school!!!”
I fell I need something red, red like blood…

I feel I need to run away, away from everybody, away from city in the dark forest.
Don’t know why but I don’t want to drink human blood, something something drew me deeper and deeper into the forest.

I was hungry, hungry for the blood. I was looking for any animal, I came upon a wolf, I thought I would collapse, but no it just bounced off me. So I found my first power. I simply pulled cut them off his head without looking at him, I could see that sad face. Pain in my head has finally...
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posted by kim4312
In New York, a Young Beautiful Girl Named Ember,
Lives In New York, Her Parents Had Spilted, She Is
Staying With Her Mother, She Went To Middle School
She's Only 15-years-old, She Was At Her Locker &
She Feels Like a Outsider Because The Students Are
Treating Her Like a Outsider, Then Someone Caught,
Her Eye, She Sees a Tall Pale Man At His Locker He
Dressed In Black & His Hair Is Black, She Throught
He Was Treated Horrble Like She Was, He Stares At
Her With His Red Snake-Like Eyes, She Begins To Stare At Him, They Both Stare Into Each Other's Eyes, He Throught Her Beautiful Blue Eyes Are So...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Seven:Lust of the vampire

The susunod morning at Becca's apartment, Alucard opens his kahel eyes and sees Becca asleep susunod to him, he slowly gently rubs her arm with his fingertips which woke her up with his cold touch, "Hey" Becca whispers "Becca...I never felt this much pleasure or this kind of pag-ibig from any women in years until I met you" he tells her "I told you I'am in pag-ibig with you" she says "I know....I feel the same way with you" he says to her as he gently kisses the wound on her neck with his arm wrapped around her then Becca hears a knock on her door "Wait" Becca says and gets...
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*This is taken from my blog. Just thought I would share it because it deals with FanPop & Vampires*
*You can access my blog at link but the other ones will be lacking vampire references

*Begin Blog:

So we all have our flaws and silly things we’re into. I’ll admit that I am semi-addicted to sites such as FailBlog, Lamebook and FanPop. I think this is due to my curiosity about online culture and sometimes to the humor found on these sites.

So I will describe some of my activity on FanPop. I like FanPop quite a bit because it’s usually light-hearted and involves fans talking about similar...
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 Lesson One: Bats Drink Blood. You Do Not.
Lesson One: Bats Drink Blood. You Do Not.
There are several pagtitip. posts and opinions voiced sa pamamagitan ng people who have claimed to be real vampires. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you are not a real vampire. Or, at least, you are not a vampire in the sense of mythology (which includes Twilight).

Biologically, you are a human. You cannot ever change that, sorry. This is because there is no other humanoid species in existence today other than Homo sapiens. The closest a human being can come to a "vampire" is forcing themselves to drink blood, which is a very bad idea (I'll get to why later).

Some species do feed off blood, because that's...
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Is he there?
He is isn’t he?
Ellie what’s happening?
Answer me
Ellie I sreaw if you don’t answer me I’m coming over
Ellie Danny called he asked why you wasn’t answering I sinabi it was because you were asleep
Ellie phone me when you’re awake

“Wow he is so possessive” I hadn’t realised Ryan was pagbaba over my shoulder until he spoke making my phone fly against the wall
“Ryan ugh you scared me”
“Sorry but it’s still true”
“No it isn’t” it took me a while to answer and even when I did it still felt wrong. Like he was possessive. “Let’s just go sleep ok?”
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posted by LovableXNerd
In the night we will play
In the araw we will lay
Hold you close bleeding red
Hold you close in our bed
Darkness surrounds us
Death bounds us
Our immortal pag-ibig you pray to keep
But to us you all are only sheep
To be tricked and played
To be cut and slayed
We Are Vampires

segundo Poem

Vampire, Vampire eys glowing red
Vampire, Vampire Humen being bled
Vampire, Vampire Evil sa pamamagitan ng nature
Vampire, Vampire what a wicked creature
Vampire, vampire Holding me close
Vampire,Vampire pag-ibig me the most
Vampire, Vampire making me shiver
Vampire, Vampire Feeling me quiver
Vampire, Vampire givning me deaths kiss
Vampire, Vampire oh what bliss
posted by dimitrirocks
I hope you guys like this poem. I didn't write it.

Red is a bloodthirsty

poison teeth gleaming,

stalking slowly,

claws unsheathing.

Eyes keep following,

body stays still,

such beautiful evil

was made to kill.

Voice of honey

laced in death,

sweet smelling vapors

in poisonous breath.

Mythical eyes

of ages past,

the most beautiful promises

never last.

The final kiss

beneath the lie,

the halik of a vampire

before you die.

By: Sammy Anderson
posted by Kimi4312
Several weeks had passed as Ezio and Gabe grew into bodies of teenagers and Aly and Alstair got married as husband and wife in a vampire wedding as Alucard keeps waking up screaming from his nightmare in battle with his former lover Kayako who did threaten to take Gabe's and Becca's lives
as Alucard sits up in coffin from his nightmare, he sees Dracula standing in front of his coffin "YOU!" Alucard shouts in anger and pulls out his gun on him "What do you want maggot?!" Alucard asks already full of anger and hate to him "Son...I want to say I'am sorry..." Dracula says as his blue eyes fill up...
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posted by BiteMeCullen107
“Somebody turn the lights on, Somebody tell me what’s wrong I’d be lying if I told you losing you was something I could handle…” I had been driving for about two and a half hours the highways were clear I had the windows all the way done pag-awit along with my I-pod.
In a matter of segundos I could see cars slowing down on the highway in Kansas and as the cars started to stop I could see a long line of cars in front of me. I can’t believe this I was finally going to make it to the susunod state before the traffic started happening.
“Whoa” I jumped at the vibrating in my right pants...
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